Reviews: Element zISM-V Integrated Red Dot w/ Visible Laser Sighting Module


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Model: Scope-ZISM-Red

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by Dave L. on 2010-10-10 12:15:57
"I ordered this scope about a month ago for my classic amy m4 expecting the highest quality scope. I was wrong this scope is AMMAZING!!! It turnes any plain old m4 into a sharp looking weapon suited for the battle feild. Just like the video said it comes with a nice carrying case and the optic is made of extreamly durrable thick plastic and i havent had any problems with it yet and a doubt i will any time soon.

_ realy durable
_ realistic weight
_ nice addition to any m4
_ built in laiser
_ pressure sensor
_ brightness buttons are in a real handy spot (easy to reach)
_ ruby tinted lense
_ laiser was off center inside the scope when
i recieved it no real big problem though
_ nothing else
by Peter C. on 2010-05-06 00:45:14
"so psyched on getting this scope, had it on pre-order and its going to come! i will write a review soon once i test its abilities in combat. I will go over:
brightness (day and night)
battery life
different functionsI
any problems i encountered
steadiness of the red dot (won't wobble all over kind of thing)

recommend buying m4/m16 carrying handle with a rail adapter for it to act as a rail raiser and a carrying handle! works great except for screw in middle of handle(for rail to get on). I use that and sometimes a cheek raiser on the crane stock of my gun.
This sight is amazing so far 5/5. i like to see a good deal on optics for once, this is a laser AND a red dot scope, this thing could be worth a lot more.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)