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AIM Tactical Red Dot Sight and Laser System with QR Weaver Style Mount

5 Customer Reviews

by Hank P. on 12/22/2011
"I've had this sight for about a year and it is amazing! The only problem is that when I bought it, it cost $90 dollars!!! Other than that it has an locking lever for easy installing. It has a bunch of brightness settings which I dont care about or have much use of. I see now that the same company came out with a newer model that has red and green settings for the same price. Also if you get this sight buy a cover for it so that if a bb hits it you won't loose your precious red dot. So I would definately recoment this for any airsofter tired of using their iron sights.
by John W. on 10/18/2011
"This red dot scope is perfect for a M4 with a fixed front sight and rear fold down sight.

I didn't have to sight it in at all. Who knows why...maybe they have a M4 at the factory. When I look through the rear iron aperture the red dot sits right on top of the front sight.

It's great when you look down the sight's 40mm tube because the front sight (the entire thing not just the front sight post) gives you a sight picture that matches the sight picture of the front sight post as viewed through the rear iron aperture...just larger. Both of these sight pictures have the same point of aim. It's beautiful really. You don't even have to turn on the red dot to aim. Of course, it's better to have the red dot on so you can aim with both eyes open.

And as a bonus you have the laser sight. Shoot from the problemo.

The quick detach mount has a lock nut on the adjustment screw which is nice.

All in all for $60, quite a bargain!
by Alfred A. on 12/27/2010
"This is a really great scope. I have it mounted on a tokyo marui g36c and at night the laser is amazing. During the day the red dot is easily visable and accurate. Quick and easy to sight in and attach its a must have if your looking for an inexpensive red dot/laser sight
by Janet S. on 09/29/2010
"This sight is easy to adust and the brightness levels are great. It is also easy to attach. The laser is great. Get this sight!
by Timothy B. on 03/17/2009
"I picked this up elsewhere- but since it's here, might as well post up some stuff. This is a 40 mm red dot. The laser is controlled by the same dial as the red do, there is a setting "L" for laser and a setting "B" for both. The laser and red dot are adjusted individually. The lever lock has adjustable tension, so it is sure to fit some of those under- and over-sized rails out there.

40mm is a lot of glass- this thing adds considerable weight to your gun, but the field of view is nice. I recomend this as a sight on a SAW- or, with similar looks to a SUSAT, an SA-80. There are no covers provided