Reviews: Flash-Kill for Action, Samurai, G&P Type 1x30 Red Dot Scope.


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Model: Flashkill-AC

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by DeSean W. on 2010-10-14 09:23:34
"i bought the G&P version, which is shorter, but it makes for an awesome sight setup.
i've been shot once due to the glare on my old holographic sight, so i switched to an aimpoint replica sight and got flash-kill for it. With flash-kill, there is 0 chance of getting spotted due to the glare on your sight, and you never have to worry about the sight getting damaged from bb's

bottom line: if you get an aimpoint/acog sight, get this.
by Logan H. on 2010-09-14 17:33:16
"What scopes does this fit onto? Im looking at a Matrix scope and I want it to be protected but I dont know if it will fit.
by mike g. on 2009-01-25 18:48:30
"What does it do?

Webmaster: It screws infront of our AP/ACOG type scope and the wire mesh protects your lens. And it blocks the sun (sun shade) for better visibility.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)