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Matrix 1x30 Military Style Illuminated Red / Green Dot Sight Scope w/ QD Weaver Base

61 Customer Reviews

by Marques P. on 09/08/2008
"this scope is really nice the lens is 40mm complete with covers i recommend this to any one once you sight it you will shoot very precise on your shot and i recomend using a 5.98mm bb's is your shot will be more accurate.
by Tracy D. on 09/04/2008
"This red dot scope use CR2032 battery. They sell it here at really cheap, just type in CR2032 in the search. Two come with this red dot scope.
by chris m. on 07/21/2008
"verry nice sight. it has a clear, crisp dot with high ajustability and made of verry hi quality materials. if you want a red dot get this one!
by Justin M. on 06/22/2008
"1x means the magnification: this scope does not magnify or zoom-in when you look through it. this scope is meant for close quarters on a real gun or on almost any airsoft gun. great for assault rifles because you see what you normally see while shooting. only type of gun you wouldn't use this for is a sniper.
by Chris L. on 06/13/2008
"my friend has one of these, its a really good Red/Green dot scope, its full metal, and has no ghosting(leeks where you can see the light) it has 5 light settings for each color, as well as being able to fully adjust elevation and windage. Its a good buy, and i recommend it
by Richard S. on 11/21/2014
"I just got this sight yesterday. I have not used it yet, but it seems like a very sturdy sight. It feels and looks like it is all metal and the finish seems very durable. Unlike what the information said, mine came with a battery. The windage seems to be easy to adjust and the ability to change it from red dot to green dot is nice. The sight came nicly packed and included a cleaning cloth and two cheap lens covers. The one con is that the front of the sight is very reflective so it is easy to see if the sun hits it. Overall a great product it is worth the $30.
by Trevor M. on 11/21/2014
"this scope is decent, but beware that the lens covers barely fit, one of them just falls off the other is ridiculously tight.

and yes, i tried them each on both end..

also, with the weaver rail mount, one of the screws doesnt come out far enough to get it onto the rail. so you end up with only one of the clamps actually "clamping"

i tried it on 3 different rails, im going to mess around with it some more and try to figure out if im doing something wrong.

i may just have got a bad scope, but other than those defects its worth the money.
by Deniz S. on 11/21/2014
"I just received it today, first impression made me happy due to its metal casing lens very nicely and cleanly placed. the battery cover needs to be pushed in hardly to be placed but other then that its nicely positioned. adjusting the red dot is very very easy and extremely accurate. the only other thing that was a hassle was the weaver rail, it took me a good 10 min to position them nicely but its really sturdy. the one thing that really disappointed me was the source of the light, i think its an LED but you can see it looking through the scope so it gets really annoying. the best way i can describe it is like a small pinpoint glare on the lens below the actual "red dot" however its due-able, other then that i love this thing. great for the price!
by Patrick W. on 09/28/2009
"This scope isn't too bad, but I'm sure there's better ones out there. I got this about a month or so ago, and Ive used it on my JG G36C and my Classic Army SL-8. It's very easy to sight in, is full metal, has red and green dots, multiple brightnesses, mounts easily and sturdily, etc, etc.


1. Full metal and very sturdy
2. Easily and securely mounted
3. Red and green dots
4. Multiple brightnesses
5. Easy to sight in
6. Scope covers


1. There is no actual off position, at least on mine. At the spot where it is supposed to be off, you can still see that it is still slightly on.
2. The scope covers don't want to stay on the scope. Easily fixed by electrical taping inside of them.

For the money, it's a decent sight. I would just like to have seen the little things tended more attention.
by andrew k. on 10/15/2008
"Well I have an Echo 1 G36C and i REALLY want a Scope on it.

I am just wondering if this scope will fit on my G36C?

by michael e. on 10/04/2008
"is this 1x30 or 1x40 please respond.....................................................-
by Blake J. on 07/29/2008
"I just bought one of these and they are nice. The price isn't bad and I would recomend it to any one. Works really good with M4 and MP5 models. THANK YOU EVIKE!!!!!!
by Joshua W. on 06/07/2015
"this is a very nice well built scope but i can't use it because it is only made for indoors
by Jesse K. on 03/22/2009
"Overall an ok red dot. The first time I tried putting this on my KWA m4a1 one of the nuts stripped the bolt. I put threadlock on their to hold it for a game but will have to replace that bolt. The light is very dim in the day. In the heat of battle I dont even look for the dot really.

So I would like a brighter dot and higher quality mounting bolts.

But for 35 bucks its better than the iron sights.
by D-trick H. on 03/20/2009
"its ok, battery sucks, dies quick. nice when a good batt is in