Reviews: PV1010 2X Magnification Airsoft Night Vision Scope


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Model: NV-PV1010
Location: U1-212

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by Zach H. on 2015-02-15 11:20:40
"Ok guys! I know that no one has written a review on this yet, so I'm going to be the first one! First off, let me say that this is an awesome product! I was kind of skeptical about it because of the price, but it is so worth it. Only problem is that mine came with the IR illuminator broken, but its not really a big deal to me because where I play there is a lot of ambient like that it uses instead. An awesome thing about this is that you can use it as a digital zoom sight in the daytime. When the sight is being used in daylight or bright light, it converts the image to color image. When it is using the night vision, it switches over to black and white. When focused right, images are super clear! I was able to to see into an area that was really dark to the naked eye and far away. It allows me to see people before they see me!

Focus for your eye prescription, and focus for distance
super clear!
can use in the daytime
comes with mounts and a case
cool looking!

May come with IR iluminator not working
never in stock
mounts are a polymer but seem sturdy

If you are wanting a cheap price but good night vision for airsoft, get this! If Evike does not have it in stock, the company who makes this is called Canis Latrans Night Vision. Just google that and the sight will show up so you can buy it from other places!

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)