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Flip-up QD Scope Lens / Sight Shield Protector (Weaver / Rail Mounted) by Matrix (2 lens) - Black

40 Customer Reviews

by Ethan E. on 10/07/2009
"Its great. I got it too save my new Red/Green Dot Acog Scope. The lenses come with protective clear plastic film over both sided, however my clear lens still had a knick on it through the film. It looks like it happened in shipping where it rubbed the frame its on.

Pros: 1. Saves your scope!
2. Looks cool!
3. Folds Down!

Cons: I'll get back too ya on that one.
by max m. on 09/17/2009
"ok, i just got this and i love it, it protects my expensive acog and it looks kinda cool. it comes with a clear and a yellow sheild. it also flips down so you dont have to take it off everytime you dont wanna use it. i dont know what kind of material it is but it is nice and thick and strong. dont take any chances with your optics, buy one of these.
by Mason R. on 03/02/2017
"Works great. It's a little wobbly when flipped up, but it get's the job done. Came with an extra clear lens, and a clear lens on it. So that's nice. Survived 5 hours of skirmishes, so we'll see how it holds up over time, and in some rougher ops.
by Hyunjoong H. on 07/06/2016
"Works the way it is supposed to. Very nice. But the mount is not as solid as some other ones I have used.
by Carrie M. on 04/18/2016
"It is worth noting that the foggy look is because of a plastic protector on the lens that can be removed so it's clear. It does its job but the lens broke on me pretty quickly. It may have been caught on something, i don't know, but its worth it to protect your sight.
by John S. on 07/11/2015
"This product does what it was intended to do: absorb some bb shots and eventually break. I think this product would work more efficiently with lexan instead of acrylic, though. Since this is the only cheap scope protector I have found on the market, I advise you buy this to protect your scope instead of finding out you should have got it beforehand.
by Zach F. on 01/03/2015
"Its a very well put together BB shield, the part that attaches to the rail is FULL MATAL, it feels really well put together. The glass However is GLASS and not plastic, However it does come with a clear and a yellow one so when one gets shot out you can replace with the other one. I do recomend this, However I more-so recomend you get the SPEED B shield, it is pricey but TOATALLY worth it. By the way this fits most sights like my replica Eotech.
by Bradley B. on 06/06/2014
"So far, I have not had a BB hit this yet. So I really can't tell you if it works as it is supposed to or not. BUT, I use it every game and It makes me feel a hell of a lot better that it's on as I really don't want to pay $80 for a new red dot site. I would recommend to anyone to get one of these.
by Steve M. on 02/08/2014
"Definitely recommend this to protect your optics! But as mentioned the stock acrylic lens aren't the best. My first game a hit from about 30 feet cracked the lens, it did it's job but wouldn't stand up to repeated hits. You can find polycarbonate replacements online or attempt to make them yourself, they are 30x stronger then the stock lens!
by Steve W. on 09/28/2013
"Could save your scope, (I'm sure it would), but when I received mine BOTH pieces (clear and yellow) were broken in half.
by Hansel B. on 08/16/2013
"The RIS attachment that holds the protective plastic is great, but the plastic lens itself isn't very tough. I broke my protective lens and decided to make some replacement lenses myself. You can buy clear polycarbonate sheets at home depot and make them yourself too, it isn't hard at all. I tested the stock lens vs the polycarbonate lens and the stock ones don't hold up at all. I shot the stock lens from about 50 feet at about 380fps and the lens cracked on the first hit. I shot the polycarbonate lens from same distance and it didn't even budge. I even shot the polycarbonate lens from point blank and it still didn't even budge. I highly recommend making your own lenses. Overall the ideas is awesome, but the stock lenses are fragile.
by ryan q. on 02/01/2012
"This is probably the best red dot sight protector you can find online, but out of the 1 game i had it for i dont think it protected my holographic replica sight. This thing broke on my my first game because i was crawling through a tunnel ,pretty roughly, and when i got out i found that the protector snapped in half. Not sure if it was the guy on the other side of the tunnel shooting near my gun, or the fact that i was crawling pretty fast and the amount of pressure i had put on it caused it to snap, but it did indeed break. So if you wish to purchase this then just don't be rough with your gun because the actual screen protector may be wider than your gun, so if you drop your gun on the floor, the protector will take some of the fall too.

-i shot the extra yellow screen protector far range and close range and it snapped in 3 shots ,with the barrel of my gun being right up to it. So this protector will indeed protect your rds from 180 degree hits.

-if the person shooting you is at an acute angle from your rds, if it does reflect off the protector it can ricochet off and hit your rds. The odds of that are slim to none though.
-also being gentle was a con for me because i am a fast pace airsoft player.
by David H. on 11/17/2011
"Product is as advertised. Easy to install on rail and looks solid enough to deflect any shots that might have hit your optics. Came with clear and yellow shields.

Clear lens had a protective plastic film attached, but was still covered with small scratches. It's still clear enough to look through without much distortion. I'm going to get some type of plastic polish for plexiglass or lexan and see if I can clean up the scratches.
by Scott S. on 10/28/2010
"It's design is simple and effective. Since you most likely already know what it is, let's move onto the pros and cons.

-Does what it was intended to do.
-Somewhat universal, as long as your sight/scope doesn't extend past the rails, you can attach this to protect just about anything.
-2 different shields (clear and amber)
-Thick and sturdy

-Price, $16 for two pieces of "plastic" and a rail mount. You don't feel like you get what you paid for. I must admit, it is better than sending your broken sight in for warranty or buying a new one altogether.
-Thin plastic that is slightly difficult to get off placed on both sides of the shield (can be a pro as it protects from scratches before use). I would have preferred the plastic had been easier to get off.
-Not perfect protection. BB's can still by the areas it doesn't protect, although the angle of the shot needs to be around 85 degrees. Similar to how most airsoft field require full seal goggles. These are like wearing shooting glasses, safe, but at the same time slightly risky.

Conclusion: Worth the money if you have even a decent reflex sight like I have. Mine has already been hit near dead center at the last airsoft scenario I went to (160 vs 160). The shot would have hit my sight for sure.
by Joe S. on 03/07/2016
"This product isn't worth it for the actual protectors. You are really only paying for a mount to put your own protective lenses in. I used the lenses it came with and they are so foggy that you can't make out anything on the other side, whether it be the front sight or a target 30m away. The picatinny clamp is strong and sturdy though. I'd recommend this for the clamp, not the lenses.