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Super Multi-Functional All Battery Type Charger / Balancer / Discharger by UFC

2 Customer Reviews

by Wesley J. on 08/14/2012
"Way better than your average wall charger. Especially if you traded for an awesome new gun but don't have the recommended charger for the new battery. Never once have had a problem with it even charging quickly at higher amps. This charger is really handy for playing outdoors. You don't need a converter in your car to use a plug because you can just connect it straight to your car battery.

Temperature sensor
All automatic
connects to car battery
Can do speed charges and slow charges

If you don't read carefully it will be hard to figure out
by Justin B. on 04/02/2012
"Great Charger. Works like a dream.
It really does do it all, from NiCd & NiMH to LiPoly and everywhere between.
Auto cut-off by multiple controllable factors with smart technology.
Expensive but DEFINITELY gets the job done.

works will all battery types, formulas, sizes, capacities, and voltages.
handles all connection types, (small Tamiya, large Tamiya, Deans, & alligator if needed)
auto-shut off
overall smart little bugger

price... that is all