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Firefox / Intellect Lipoly Battery Smart Charger + BMS Unit (Standard / Universal Type)

15 Customer Reviews

by Brett T. on 12/17/2014
"The Good:
I've charged my batteries almost a dozen times, one of them being a 2S 7.4 and a 3S 11.1, and so far no issues. It charges at a good pace and I keep my eye on both it and the batteries like a hawk. It usually gets the job done in a couple hours or less for each battery. It gets a little warm, which worries me, so I only plug it in when I am ready to charge a LiPo. Great product so far.

The Bad:

The Ugly:
Safety Orange? Really?
by Sierra R. on 07/01/2014
"Good lipo charger that gets the job done. High quality, and is identical to the Valken charger with different sticker.
by Robert N. on 01/13/2014
"Very nice charger. Easy to use. The instructions are on one page and one page only. If you need to charge LiPos and can handle the fact that this thing does not discharge your battery, the only con, buy it. This charger is cheep in cost and will keep your bats juicy. The feature that stops the battery from over charging is a MEGA plus. Thanks to Evike's USPS shipping I got this thing in less than 3 days after it was shipped for 5$....Oh look at that, as I got done typing this review the charger went from red to green! My Lipo is ready for CQB.
by Andrew R. on 11/30/2012
"I bought this for my Matrix 7.4v 2000mAh pack. Charged it up and was ready to go in an hour. The info on this page states "Output Connector: 3 pin and 4 pin JST Connector", but the one I got (the gray one) has a 2 pin and 5 pin as well for the single lipo/li-ion batteries and the 4 cell packs. Highly recommended.
by Sean T. on 09/09/2012
"What can I say? four different battery plug charging ports (Don't try to charge different batteries at the same time as per instructions)

Fast charger (I felt like it charged my Li-Poly a little TOO fast. Battery was Firefox 11.1V 1600mAh 15C)

Tells you when your battery is done charging by switching to a green light AND won't charge your battery any further. (Take comfort in knowing you CAN accidentally forget you had it on charge for a little too long, But don't forget to check your batteries, people!)

Although, My instruction pamphlet wasn't in a foreign language, but I detected a LITTLE bit of engrish. Kudos on a overall great translation attempt.

For 25 dollars, and the ability to QUICKLY charge FOUR different types of batteries, You can't beat a $25.00 Price tag. If you have Li-Poly and need a charger? Don't even hesitate, just toss this in your cart now, you won't regret it.

5 Stars
by Jacob B. on 03/27/2012
"Awesome charger! Got it for my 11.1v - 1200mAh - 25c - 3 cell battery and it charged it in about 40min. I would definitely recommend this charger to anybody. Instructions are in Japanese though.
by Christopher S. on 02/08/2012
"I just got this charger today along with the 1800 mah 11.1 15c nunchuck lipo; plugged it into the wall and no more than 45 minutes later the green light was on and it was done! I got the gray one which happens to be made of some type of metal which is very nice. Also it came with another cord with two alligator clips on one side and a plug on the other side which I had no idea what it was for.

All in all if you have a lipo then get this charger instead of something even more then this...because this works great and its cheap!!
by John P. on 10/10/2011
"Received this with my order today and I was surprised.

I'm one of those guys who is alllll about metal, but I never expected my charger to be constructed of metal.

My standard smart charger was made of cheap plastic, and so was my old Li-Poly charger....but this one is made of what appears to be aluminum.

It pictures it on here with only two charging ports...but mine actually has four. Another awesome surprise.

Charges my Li-Poly quickly, and doesn't over heat it.

If you have a need this charger.
by Nason C. on 08/08/2013
"Its good but the only bad thing about it is that it does not Discharge the lipo so you have to do it by using the battery fully because if you dont and try to charge it it can potentionally damage the battery.
by Zach P. on 11/20/2015
"I bought this charger a couple months ago and it worked perfect but just recently the metal plugs that you would use to plug the charger into the wall came out and shocked me. You get what you pay for I guess...
by tommy h. on 11/05/2016
"I got this charger for my stick type lipo and when i came in it only gave me the wall plug in and thats it.
by Brandon P. on 03/01/2016
"Honestly this charger sucks. It died on me the second i pluged in a battery because it doesn't charge anything. Dont believe the 5 stars trust in the 1 stars because those are the problems with this charger. Dont waste your money on this, get a better charger
by Ryan S. on 05/18/2015
"Well i'll be! This battery is AMAZING....LY awful ok for starters I bought this for an 11.1 lipo and when it charged the first time it did fine but when the battery died in my Honey Badger I thought ok, time to I plugged it in and this magical thing would not pick up my battery so I tried several things to make it work...nothing now i'm unable to use my honey badger until I fork over like $60 for a new smart charger.....BEWARE BUYERS!

Pros : Cheap

Cons : Cheap quality

Bottom line is this - you get what you pay for!
by Jennifer P. on 03/22/2015
"I bought this at the evike store expecting it to work...i charged it for 8 hours plugged it into a gun and nothing. It isn't the gun my friend has the exact same battery and it worked with the gun (custom m4) I set it up correctly..very disappointed in this charger
by Jay Y. on 04/15/2014
"Pros: Inexpensive, speedy LiPo smart charger.

Cons: Melty. While charging a new Matrix 7.4v 2000MaH Li-Po I smelled melting plastic. The bottom of the charger had started melting due to the internal heat buildup. I have had the charger for a few years but only used it about twenty times (with similar capacity LiPos). Another reason to charge on non-flammable surfaces, I suppose.