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Swiss Arms Programmable Mosfet Burst Unit For AEG Rifles (Version II / Adjustable Power Source)

4 Customer Reviews

by Jasper B. on 08/08/2016
"This does its job. It was great for my DMR, I had it on 2 round burst for a while, and then put it on semi for milsim. it is very sturdy, fits into a buffer tube well, and has kept my wiring alive, with an 11.1v lipo. My only complaint is that on burst, you have to hold down the trigger through the entire burst.
by Dale R. on 12/05/2014
"So i have three of these in different guns. So far they have behaved perfectly.
Setup and programming is super easy, just make sure you have a fully charged battery or it wont have the power to program it. Also, make sure to unplug your battery when not in use, as these units do cause a constant drain.
I have been using them with a 7.4 volt lipo and they have all worked great.
They do not protect your trigger contacts like hard wired mosfets do, so if you are going to use an 11.1v lipo i can not guarantee your contacts still wont burn out.
For the price they can not be beat, if something does happen and it burns out, all you have to do is unplug it and plug your battery in as you normally would.
I have found that when you unplug your battery they go back to default setting, but programming only takes about 60 seconds or less.
When you figure that you get a mosfet that can handle any battery type, is fully programmable, is plug and play, and has active breaking, this is a deal that cant be beat.
These are obviously designed for the player who wants more control out of their guns without having to crack the gearbox and rewire. Lets face it, not everyone knows how to work on the guns, let alone use a soldering iron.
So if you want to have some fun trying out programming and have the protection of a mosfet, you wont be disappointment.
by Matthias R. on 02/18/2016
"Good quality and size, however it doesn't really run that great on 8.4 V batteries. I highly recommend a higher power battery than 8.4.

Works very well though and burst function is awesome, good price considering how expensive guns with this function are. No instructions are included but there are plenty of videos of how to set it up on youtube. Thanks Evike!
by Corey S. on 12/28/2014
"Just got it for Christmas to add to my G36 and I love it. Doesn't come with instructions but just look it up on YouTube. My field is CQB so no full-auto is allowed so now I can use something other then semi. Make sure you have room for it in your battery compartment or you may have to buy a mock PEQ or something to store your battery in