Reviews: BOL MK2 Grenade Shape Airsoft / RC Battery Discharger


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Model: DC-BOL-MK2

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by michael s. on 2013-09-02 23:40:43
"Great discharger for the price of $25. Just pair this up with a smart charger valued at the same price and you got yourself a 50$ smart charger and discharger. Much Much Much cheaper then some of the other smart chargers that come with a discharger in them. Not only that, but its fun to play with the grenade by pulling the pin and pretending its real :D I invited a few marine buds over to go to a party, and before we left I threw that at them and they all ran away screaming HAHAHA. Lets keep up with the review though!!!


-Gets the job done!
-Comes with small and large battery connectors (deans on the side that connects to the grenade, and large/small type connectors for the battery itself to connect to)
-Functions like a real grenade without the BOOM

-Heats up after 5-10 minutes, to the point where I disconnect it to make sure nothing catches on fire!!
-Impossible to change wires on this once you install one(almost to the point where you should just buy another one for the other style battery)---BBUUUUTT you can remove it with needle nose pliers, it just takes a while


Great for the price, 4/5 just because it literally heats up hotter then the surface of the sun if you leave the battery connected longer then like 7 minutes or so. I like how it comes with two types of connectors (large and small) but its really hard, even for my marine buddies to pry it off. I had to use pliers just to get it off. I also do believe its a deans connector on the actual grenade, so if you really wanted to, these connectors it comes with can be used for a deans connector to large/small type battery packs. All in all 4/5. Don't hesitate buy this!!
by Deann R. on 2013-01-05 16:54:46
"this is very usefull. it decharges batteries fast. it is very usefull if u have a halfway charged battery and want to drain it before fully charging it to save the battery life. WARNING: it gets very hot when decharging my 9.6 2300 mah battery, so you probably shouldnt leave it unatended or on carpet if you have a high mah battery. if you have a good battery, get this, it will extend your batteries life and save money in the long run.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)