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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) Deluxe Tactical Vest / Gear Organizer / Display Mannequin w/ Twist-on Head

2 Customer Reviews

by Elijah S. on 07/07/2013
"Hopefully my vocabulary doesn't fail me... If it does, please pardon my French.

So I was seriously not expecting much when I got this, i'll be honest. I actually thought it was pointless to buy it but when it came in, my entire perspective changed. It has actually helped quite a lot in holding my gear because I was running out of places to hang everything and then this guy came in and changed all that. He is currently holding my Helmet w/ goggles, vest, M249 pouch, a triple stacker, hydration pouch, MOLLE belt, and even my back pack. I was not expecting so much for this thing and needless to say I am happy now that I have it. Since there is a platform at the foot of my bed, that was the only place I could put him on and later when I woke up in the morning he scared the tar out of me... Now I am used to it lol.

Carries EVERYTHING! (well guess not pants and boots...)
Saves you a lot of space to put other stuff
Great Companion
Fun target practice
Durable for target practice

He'll slaughter you if you wake up in morning and see him (I thought he would anyway)
He is not your companion yet!
by Joseph G. on 09/02/2012
"ha ha, got this mannequin at home and they are great for storing all my gear, i can put my tactil vest on itput a sling on my guns and put it round its neck, it wears my maskand all my pouches an gear, (apart from gloves and boots).

when i'm bored I can put all my gear on take the manniquin outside and shoot it like its actually a real guy pointing a gun at me, until everntually i get bored or it falls over because my grenede hit it sqaure in the face,

over all i give it a 8.5/10, it would be better with legs and feet so i can put my boots on it and i wouldn't have to put it on top of a box.

but you really should get one, they great from storing gear and for shooting at