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by christopher f. on 2015-03-14 18:14:15
"OK, so, let me start by saying this is my first review of a plate carrier, though I have owned quite a few. I am putting up this review to hopefully nullify some of the uneducated assumptions and inquiries about this carrier.

To start, I run real plates, and will occasionally run my dummy plates, so the light weight vest is something that really strikes a chord with me. This is a real steel vest, made for people who are looking for something a cut above the rest. This carrier is VERY LIGHT WEIGHT, and has just enough molle to get the job done. I run a light CQB loadout for mobility. I do run a hydration carrier as well as a small map pack on the back of my carrier.

This is a fantastic plate carrier for people who are looking for the next step up. The laser cut molle pattern that they use is fantastic, and holds up significantly better to pulling and pushing compared to my LBX carriers. The light weight is great, and with only two clips holding the sides, removal is a breeze. You get a lot of personal mobility with this plate carrier as there is no side molle, or anything to hinder movement on the sides of your carrier. This is great to create a small target and to keep everything close to your body. Though because of the lack of side molle, it does make it difficult to run without a battle belt unless you are using a PDW setup without a sidearm.

-Light weight
-EXTREMELY durable. I have thrown a lot at this, and it still looks as good as new. No fraying or damage is visible, and I play on some very rugged outdoor courses.
-Light weight
-compact with nothing you don't need. (some may disagree)
-The material is water resistant and does not hold water weight which is awesome for rainy day games.
-lots of mobility. It is very easy to keep yourself compact when using this carrier

-not a whole lot of molle space (you will have to pick and choose your setup, or get a battle belt)

This is a must buy for the experienced airsoft player. This is a fantastic way to lighten your loadout and look good doing it.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)