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USMC Style C.I.R.A.S. Type Force Recon Tactical Vest (w/ Full Pouch System) - OD Green

14 Customer Reviews

by Sidney R. on 08/03/2014
"I love this vest!! I have had it for a long time, it is a great starter vest. It comes with everything you need I just added a rolly dump pouch and I was set. I am a tall and skinny guy and it fits me well. I wove 550 cord through the MOLLE on the sides to keep it snug to my body. This vest is great, I haven't had any problems with the material. It is very durable, I have had zero rips/tears. This is a must have for any airsofter that wants a MOLLE vest with all the pouches included!
by Bryan C. on 09/26/2013
"it a good starter vest if you ask me so you don't have to worry about buy pouches and im pretty tall im 6,2 it fit alright and it save u alot of money just saying
by Alex D. on 08/10/2013
"what a great vest ive bean rocking it for awhile now and im loving it. im a pretty skinny person at 5'11" and 130 pounds so i did have to put custom holes in the system to make it tight enough but its the first vest that ive found that at-least had that ability only con personally was that my two pistol mag pouches were connected and not separate. also the pouches hadn't been properly woven on but that was a quick fix
by Nate O. on 08/05/2012
"Best vest I've ever warn. Wore it in a huge game, and with a couple extra pouches, I was the running depot for most of my crew. After that, wasn't hard to rig it up for close quarters. Only thing I recommend is purchasing a good dump pouch and probably investing in one of the phantom ciras slings. The one I bought even came with dummy plates (cheap foam plates), so if you're worried about the sting of being hit, you probably won't feel it if it hits anywhere on the chest or back.
by Jason V. on 01/14/2011
"This vest is absolutely amazing. It carries anything I could ever think of. You can do as much rearranging as you want (which I did) and the vest doesn't lose any integrity. I switched out the mag pouches that it comes with (with the stupid flaps) for some double-stacked kangaroo pouches and I added a dump pouch and the Condor Modular MOLLE ready Pistol Holster. The plate armor is removable but I usually leave it in unless it gets outrageously hot.

Note: If you get this vest make sure that it comes with every pouch listed above. Mine did not come with the utility/medical pouch.

BEST VEST I'VE EVER OWNED and I have owned a lot!!!
Absolutely, without a doubt, worth the money!!!
by Dan k. on 10/28/2010
"amazing vest!! so much bang for your buck with this, material is great quality no defects fits great im 6' 3" 180 pounds, the adjustment system is sweet too
by Robert M. on 04/18/2010
"this vest is amazing i got it 4 days ago and i love it its comfortable not very restricting and has a lot of storage for extra mags and whatever else you may need. I highly recommend this vest. 5 stars
by Cory B. on 01/27/2010
"this is a great vest, but it didn't come with the same pouches as shown. Im not mad, it'll still work just fine, on a positive note, fully adjustable and comfy. Im a bigger guy and it fits me well. 6' 1" 220lbs oh came with a single dual pistol mag holder, a ton of M4 pouches, and a camel back type deal. all in all totally worth it.
by Ken J. on 09/19/2009
"Awsome vest this is a must buy i use it with my digital woodland BDU'S and it looks and feels great it is resonable priced and is fully adjustable i love it im surre if you buy it you will to it is worth the cost in the End! it has tons of storage on it and its not to heavy but has a weight to it!
by Brandon K. on 06/24/2013
"Ive had this plate carrier since March and have used it just about every weekend and through 2 Lion Claws events. Overall it has been fantastic. The first thing your going to want to do to it is take out the rip cord that keeps it all together and replace it with zip ties it will save you so much time and anger. Also it is pretty heavy but you will get used to it. The materials and stitching are also not the best but they will do. Im a bigger guy 6'4" 290 pounds and it can still go bigger so it can fit a very wide range of people.
by Nick M. on 04/29/2013
"Got this vest today and my first impression is that this thing is pretty heavy. Overall for 90$ this is a good vest for beginners or experienced players. It does not have the best quality material though, When i was looking at the molle on the side M4 pouches i tried to take it of and one of the buttons broke. i'm about 5'10 185 pounds and this this doesnt fit all that well so i dont suggest getting it if your under the height/weight. Maybe because i got it today but the mag pouches do not fit 2 mags and it doesnt seem like it will get better overtime. overall a pretty good vest for 90$ considering it comes with all the pouches you need.
by ken j. on 08/14/2012
"first of great vest. works great and pleanty of molle space
comes with pleanty of pouches.
the only problem I had was the face that im kind of a small dude so it doesnt fit as tight as i would like it that is the only con to it buy it
by Jake Y. on 04/17/2012
"For the money, it's a good deal. Buying a plate carrier and then all the pouches that come with this would be more expensive. I'm using all the pouches on it except for the radio pouch (which can be used as a holster if you want).If you jam 'em in there, you can double stack mags in the pouches. So the triple can hold six and the double can hold four. It's a decent plate carrier too. It feels oh so much better with plates in it, so I would recommend making them out of cardboard and sticking 'em in there. However, there are some negatives. A part of the quick release system on mine broke, so now I can't use that anymore. I fixed it with a zip tie, but no more quick releasing for me. It is also not the best quality plate carrier. There are loose strings all over the thing, so take a lighter to it to stop them from fraying.

Functions as it should
Comes with all the pouches you will need

Not the best quality, but it could be worse

PS: Watch Evike's review on this so you know how to wear it. I didn't know what to do with the two longer straps, but they wrap around your body underneath the vest.
by Christian S. on 06/13/2013
"This is a good plate carrier for the price, and it comes with most all the pouches you'll need. A major con is that it is VERY loose for a skinny person. I'm 6'0 and wear a 30" waist, and on the smallest setting for the outer adjustment it was still way too loose. Custom holes were put in there, took about 5 minutes to do and now it fits perfect.

comes with pouches
It's a functioning CIRAS
It doesn't cost an arm and a leg

Poor stitching, threads come off everywhere
Pouches and MOLLE could definitely be better quality
I am really skinny so I had to cut holes in the adjustments to make it fit