Reviews: Matrix Medium Assault Plate Carrier Vest w/ Cummerbund & Pouches - Tan

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Model: Vest-002-T
Location: D5-084 U3-M02 U3-M08 U7-M15

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by Jennifer R. on 2015-03-10 15:10:22
"This Is my first plate carrier and is very well made and good. One con is that it does sit a little high on me but most of them are like that anyways I guess. It was hard to figure out how to adjust the cummerbund to fit me but I found out how by looking at similar plate carrier on YouTube to do so, know it fits like a dream. Some pros are is that it is very comfortable in my opinion, very adjustable, tough, and lots of mag space. I do wish there was more pistol mags and Velcro on the utility pouch because I'm using it as a medic pouch so I wanted to put a patch on it but awell. Overall it was a great vest 5 star and worth the 1 week and 2 day wait on ground shipping.
by Walter M. on 2014-05-06 18:52:30
"Very good plate carrier, all the pouches come off so you can put your own and move the ones on it. The three mag pouches on the front are really nice, especially for the fact that you can remove the flaps so they're easier to use in a CQB environment, one little flaw and most likely my fault one of the little buttons stuck to the other piece of the button and came off the vest I think I pulled it too hard but nonetheless GREAT CARRIER, I use a Polarstar and the line can be run through the shoulders of the vest and the hydration carrier is very secure on my vest! 5/5 MUST BUY
by Pat C. on 2014-04-30 12:44:39
"Great vest, fits all 5 M4 mags well with a little room for anything I need, I wished the velcro was a bit larger on the front for my name tape but that's just my preference.

Tight fit once adjusted
Able to take it off quickly in an emergency, -Don't know how? watch a review on how to wear carriers/ vests-.
Very VERY similar to an actual plate carrier, (In terms of putting it on and taking it off).
Not too tightened MOLLE, so it's easier to weave (Personal Preference).
A little tight and high (But that's normal for many carriers, I just have to get used to it).
by Justin L. on 2014-03-18 00:41:38
"This a pretty good plate carrier, maybe not as protective as others but it's very adjustble, I'm 6'0ft 280lbs and it adjusts to my size, it's pretty tight but I like my vest to be tight. The pouch's hold two mags very tight and never fallout. One draw back might be that there's not as much molle space as other plate carriers. Also if you're someone that is really small, this vest will fit, it can adjust to the smallest of people. Overall its a great product for the price.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)