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Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig (Color: Tan)

5 Customer Reviews

by Michael G. on 03/14/2015
"Had for over a year great product!

6 built in mag pouches
kangaroo pouch on the inside to store small items like maps or keys
4 rows of molle webbing
molle on shoulders

Big buckles (could break if hit with bbs)
Elastic retention is annoying (just remove)
adjustment system is annoying (long straps)
by Justin A. on 01/08/2015
"For the price of $32, this chest rig is probably the best you can get. It has 6 integrated mag pouches, and 2 elastic straps on the sides for holding flashlights or pistol mags, or other things around that size. It has 2 admin pouches, a mesh one and a main one. The main one has tons of Velcro and will make lots of sound when ripped open. For some reason, there is Velcro inside the pouch. (I guess if you really like patches you ca have them in your admin pouch) The pouches fit about 1 m4 mag each, so you can probably fit 2 mp5 mags. It will not fit anything larger than an m4 mag, so g36 mags and ak mags are out. There is tons of molle, and to take the rig off, you only have to remove one strap buckle and one belt buckle. To put it on, you can keep the straps on and remove one belt buckle, then slide it over your head, which makes it fast to take off and put on. There is 4 whole rows of molle to mount any other pouches you could want. It can be worn h harness or x back. The straps are very long, and if you are skinny or medium sized, there will probably be lots of excess strap. Condor has acknowledged this, and added Velcro close things to wrap up the excess strap. The elastic top for the mags are a little hard to take off, but if you want them on, the fastest way is to slide it to the side. The tan color is also lighter.

Tons of molle
Holds 6 m4 mags or 12 mp5 mags
Fast to put on and take off
2 admin pouches
Can be worn h harness or x back
Metal d rings
Doesn't sag under weight
Straps are comfortable and will not scratch your neck even in x back
If you're skinny, the excess straps will wrap up with build in securing straps
Look like a total oper8tor

Elastic mag retention things are hard to remove unless you slide it to the side
Main admin pouch is very loud when opened (tons of Velcro)
Mag pouches won't fit anything more than a m4 mag
Biggest con: not enough cons to make my review look better!

Overall, I give this rig a 5/5. You won't find anything better for the price of $32. This rig is high quality (unlike condor plate carriers) and mine had no stitching mistakes. It's basically the mcr4 with slim integrated pouches, unlike the mcr5 (a mcr4 with huge pouches). Plus this one has the same amount of molle as the mcr4. So, go ahead and buy it.
by patrick t. on 07/29/2014
"I love this chest rig! I've had some vests in the past that were nice/expensive vests, but this beats them by far. The rapid assault chest rig, or "R.A.C.R." as Matt at Evike likes to call it, is a lightweight, comfortable, and highly adjustable solution for holding your magazines, and a few select things. Whenever I wear my "R.A.C.R." I feel like running, and jumping, and well, like superman! Never underestimate the power of a good chest rig. I would say one of my only complaints is not having any storage space on the back, but I remedied that with by running a condor pouch on the horizontal strap for some extra storage, and I wear a Condor hydration carrier/backpack. I did remove the bungee cords because they got in the way.

Makes me feel like Superman
Highly adjustable
Mags fit in nicely

Not too much storage
by Jacob B. on 01/31/2014
Strong and lightweight
Strong clips that won't shatter if shot
Four rows of MOLLE
Very maneuverable
Removable ties on mag pouches (I prefer to take them off for faster reloads)
6 M4 mag pouches, 2 Pistol mag pouches (on the left and right side, also good for holding flashlights, tools, ect)
Extremely adjustable, fits anywhere from pencil thin to morbidly obese.
Two large pouches on the backside of the rig (facing your body), good for phone, wallet, dead rag
Very comfortable

I'm decently skinny, like a size 32 pants size, and I had to adjust the bottom belt a ridiculous amount. The strap comes about 3 feet long, and I had to adjust it to about 8 inches.
You have to disconnect a minimum of 3 clips to take the rig off, and it's semi difficult to get back on
No velcro panels on front for patches (not a big deal though, I just stitched mine on)

This rig is awesome, and the cons aren't bad at all. I would definitely recommend this vest to any airsoft player.
by Mason L. on 11/15/2013
"After two outings with this rig I must admit I'm quite baffled as to why I didn't get one sooner! The rig is light weight, low profile and highly adjustable. I have a 32" waist, narrow chest, 6'2", built like a twig and it fits me with the waist cinched all the way in. There's still room to tighten it up if you're under 6'. Adjusted all the way out, this rig could fit three of me in it!

Everything on this rig is easily adjusted and kept very close to the wearer's body. The trade-off is that there isn't a lot of molle space and once the magazine pouches are empty, things attached on the outside tend to get a little floppy, so I wouldn't mount a pistol on it, but you could and it wouldn't be a game-breaker.

The stitching and material are quite good for what you're paying. As with all Condor products, being budget products, the molle webbing isn't super precise but it is manageable. The buckles are very sturdy and the velcro is more than adequate. The keepers on the adjustments straps are a very nice touch and work wonderfully.

The mag pouches hold the magazines securely when worn, even without the use of the bungee cords. I ended up taking the bungee cords off for ease of use. The pouches are deep enough that your mags won't go flying, even during extreme maneuvers like tactical back-flips. The pouches are so deep, in fact, that extraction without a Magpul magazine assist can be difficult, as the magazines tend to hang up on the very top row of molle webbing. With a Magpul magazine assist, however, this is a non-issue.

The other pockets are functional, big enough for cell phones, maps, extra mags,, batteries, snacks, anything slim, really. The center pouch has drainage grommets and a large velcro panel on the inside, perfect for attaching some other piece of gear like an organizer, or even that triple mag pouch they sell with the velcro on it.

The shoulder straps are adequately padded without being bulky, and overall this rig is quite comfortable. Since it is open in the back there's no ventilation issues and I don't feel restricted in movement whatsoever. The swivel fast-release buckles play a key role in how well this rig fits. They allow quick doffing of the rig and a comfortable, customized fit for the wearer.

Everything on this rig is made for trim, unencumbered movement. It is very well designed, highly adjustable, and has functionality to match durability. Mostly geared for CQB, It carries more than enough mags for quick skirmishes and a simple addition of another row of pouches will give you a rig fit for longer game types.

Other airsofters admire this rig, and have even dropped their $500+ plate carrier set-ups for this very same platform. Bottom line: it works well in the role for which it was made. And for such a low price!