Reviews: Matrix Tactical Systems High Speed Combat Simulation Vest "Metal Gear Ciras". (Tan)


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Model: Vest-MTX-CRAS-T
Location: V8-013

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by Reed H. on 2011-10-27 13:01:15
"wow... this vest is great!
1.Has FOUR mag pouches that can hold two mags each (for an m4 check out video above) The magazine flap is adjustable

2. Admin pouch can fit a carrying handle, screw drivers, pocket knives, bb's, really anything you need

3. Adjustable

4. Looks awesome

5. Tan velcro not od

6.Flashlight pouch which can be used as a pistol mag pouch

7. Built in hydration carrier

8. Looks good!

9. Not to heavy


1. Havnt found any...
by kasey K. on 2011-10-11 13:26:54
"This vest is awesome. looks good, performs good, overall good.
Im a little over 5'8, and 120lbs and this vest fits relly good. The adjustment is so good, the range is probobly anywhere from 5'3-6'2.

hold 8 mags m4 mags.
built in accesory pouch
built in admin pouch
looks crazy nice
seems to be durable (only played one skirmish, so only time will tell)
build in hydration carrier
lots of room for patches

none for me so far

P.S, the vest i got in the mail had a tan velcro instead of the O.D green shown in the picture, i personally like the tan look more, but thats just me.
by Nathan M. on 2011-04-24 10:39:23
"This review is given from a 34 year old ex United States Army soldier. It has been through 3 major events. 1 24 hour and 2 12 hour events.

The vest is built for work. I have lowcrawled, slipped into logs and debris and the stiching is still intact.
I havent tried the drag handle because I am 6' 2" 220Lbs. I dont really know too many that could drag me. But I am willing to say it would stay secure for teenage kids/ young guns.

The vest is a little small for someone built like me but I have added straps to lower everything.
The pouches hold the mags quite well. the velcro is sewn in nicely. Alot of fuzzy for adding patches. It has a nice right side bag for carrying a first aid kit, BB's, radio etc(that is what I carry in mine).

Its got a nice pouch for holding a map.
I has a nice flare/smoke,flashbang holder.
Overall I love this vest. I have had zero problems with the vest and If I had the extra cash i would buy the tan model as well.

It has a nice back pouch for adding a camelpack, plastic back plate.

For this price its really a deal you cant pass up.
Good luck and happy hunting.

by kyle k. on 2010-12-26 11:32:29
"Got this vest yesterday and it is freakin awesome the m4 pouches are perfect for 2 mags and the admin pouch is HUGE good or bad I like it and the other thing is that I'm 12 years old 5 foot 3 and it fits so good but I let my 6 foot 4 16 year old brother try it fit him 2 after adjusting
by dominique p. on 2010-12-25 03:08:24
"I just go the vest today and I'm loving it so far! It looks very nice. It fits comfortably and I can move pretty well! I can't wait to try this out on the field!

Pros- Adjustable velcro for mag pouches
-comes witha hydration pouch for water
Fully adjustable to fit your height and weight

by cameron s. on 2010-10-29 15:39:36
"So i just recieved my vest an all i can say is its AWSOME!!!! This vest is light weight, very durable and fully adjustable. Im 5'5'' and not very thin an im able to make it fit me perfict! One thing i dont care for is the mag pouches are kinda small but i dont use a lot of mags so its ok for me. the vest fits snug an able to function with ease. This vest is the best you can get for the price!
by dave w. on 2010-09-27 12:49:55
"This vest rocks . I just got this today and it awesome its light and theirs a lot of room on the back for other pouches that you put on it !
by Gerald M. on 2010-09-14 20:38:18
"great vest can carry 8 m4/m16 mags there is a utility pouch which has alot of space. there is a hydration pouch in the back but you need to purchase the bladder seperatley. feels good when you wear it but it does feel kind of thin and might hurt when you get shot but overall i recommend this to anyone and i love it.
by Nolan S. on 2010-09-08 22:32:00
"love this vest. just came in the mail. evike was very quick with the shipping. the vest just gives you the feel of a real "CIRAS" vest. although it is not a true CIRAS vest, it sure gives comfort mobility and feel of the real deal. i give this thing a 10 out of 10. and the pouch on the side is great for my shotgun shells. great velcro for patches that i bought. highly recommend this vest.
by Griffin T. on 2010-06-21 13:11:51
"I lOVE this vest!!!

I got this about a year back, its absolutely great for the smaller airsoft players out there. im 5'3 and it fits me like a glove it can easily adjust to fit my 6'3 friend. the vest its self is very well constructed and its very light weight. the adjustment straps on the shoulder are very comfortable and dont dig into my shoulder like some of the previous vests ive had. the elastic on the mag pouches is so useful and the admin pouch can hold SO much, i have my leatherman, first aid pack, gloves (when im not using them), comps, some bb's and tweezers. the built in hydration carrier is more than useful, it can carry a 100 ounce camelbak bladder.

over all an extremely great vest. I highly recommend this to any player!
by phillip w. on 2010-05-26 19:58:10
"This vest is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have $80 you should totally buy this vest! It might look like there's not much on it but c'mon, 4 mag pouches that can each hold 2 mags, a zipper pouch, a three pocket admin pouch with that small pouch on the side for a flashlight or something, a high quality hydration pouch which is a huge plus and the whole thing is made of that water resistant military grade fabric.

Everything you need
fully adustable
pretty much everything on the vest.

I'm 13 years old and the vest is a little big for me even when fully adjusted
It's a little stiff when you first get it so I recomend breaking it in before you crouch.
by Crew K. on 2010-05-19 12:58:19
"This vest has a great quality although after receiving the vest I found that the pouches that come with it are not MOLLE. This was not posted in the specifications. It is rather small, I am six foot two and this vest rides just a little higher than my preference. It is a very modifiable vest when it comes to sizes. It's fitting is very comfortable and the vest overall is lightweight yet very durable. It does not have much room for extra MOLLE pouches that you may be wishing to add. I will be buying a new MOLLE vest soon because of the disability to say that the vest does indeed have fixed pouches and not MOLLE pouches. This vest would be a great addition to a beginners stockpile of gear, but for an advanced player such as me, (I do feel slightly immature by not researching the vest more in the past but there is no turning back) this vest does not meet my needs. I will, however wear this vest in the future because of it's sleek and professional look. The pouches are very nice. I can fit a whole tool kit in the utility pouch (monkey wrench, hammer, utility knife, and a 40 piece screwdriver set), M4 or one AK-47 magazine in the mag pouch, two M1911 magazines in the pistol mag pouch, and multiple maps and papers in the admin pouch, and the velcro section of the admin pouch is very nice, I can hold a shot shell holster and a U.S. ARMY patch on it at the same time. Overall the vest is decent (beginner-intermediate) and durable, I have indeed played many swamp/heavy rain skirmishes using this replica CIRAS.

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