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Matrix S.D.E.U. Ultra Light Weight Airsoft Tactical Vest (Color: Tan)

32 Customer Reviews

by Eric A. on 01/01/2011
"After recieving this armor and wearing it for a few hours, I must say this is one of the best looking, and best vestments I have ever bought. Alot of things on it are adjustable and I'm kind of on the skinnier side, but it still fit perfectly. The quality of the build is superb and you'll be using this for a long time. I've even found interesting ways to use some of the pouches for the non-intended uses. This vest has it all. I bought this for the main purposes of going along with my custom made Army of Two mask, but after playing with it on the field, it can be used for any gear set! I highly recommend this and it's worth the $80.
by Anthony W. on 03/10/2010
"This vest is perfect.
I got it in the mail yestarday and started shooting up my neighborhood w/ my firends scouting at night. Basically this vest is super comfortable and is perfect for ppl who are tall.
im 6'3" and this vest fits me like a charm.
Plus it comes with everything You need.
It can hold 6 clips of any size
and you can use one of the mag holsters as a Pistol Holster. it works nice when you clip it in, wont fall out. This vest ALSO HAS A CROTCH PLATE that velcros into the vest.
To bad you dont see one in the picture above =\

has everything you need
built in hydration carrier
enough room for 4-6 mags
map pocket
room from walkie talkie
Has velcro room around neck and sholders including the velcro spot for a clan patch

Doesnt come with hysration bladder, but it doesnt matter. Buy one from evike for $15
could be a tad bigger, not much though
by Mathew D. on 01/31/2009
"Um Chris I have this vest in OD but have no idea what you just reviewed but it wasn't this vest. Mags fit great and slide out great, Um lack of belt loops is a perk to me and actually helps. Oh and its not hard to get on the shoulder pads at all i do it all the time unless your "not flexible". Overall its amazing light weight best and should actually cost more for the quality but that's Evikes call.

Oh and OD green is the way to go i got that color and i love it. :-)
by Ryan H. on 10/06/2008
"does this vest come with the bladder? , and, im 6'1" is this going to fit?
by Dylan B. on 08/03/2008
"I am 6' and it fits me good. Yes it is a bit small but not to the point were its uncomfortable and looks like a belly shirt, but if you are 6'3" like you say then you might want to look at other vests, but i think you might like it. (idk if you can, but try to go to the store and try it on if you live near it)
by Kevin m. on 06/28/2008
"This vest is very light. Was afraid it is going to be bulky because it looks like a samurai armor. But its quite light with very good padding. Pretty good material. Love the neck guard, my girlfriend won't scream at me anymore for getting shot in the neck. This vest is standard size. If you are under 6 feet you should be alright. The waist is adjustable.
by George W. on 06/28/2008
"Very useful vest with all the useful pouches. Love the built in admin pouch with Velcro. It is very patch ready. THe shoulder pad has velcro on it too! The magazine pouches can hold plenty of magazines. Love the grenade strap. The shoulder pad is removable if you don't like it, but it looks like a samurai armor.
by William L. on 06/28/2008
"I think the shoulder are lame, but for those who play FEAR...looks like Replica armor, just need a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and a camo uniform to complete your FEAR look
by Jonathan H. on 10/30/2012
"I really like this vest, but it does have it's cons and pros:

-Light desert tan, to bright for the woods
Installed pouches and lots of velcro
40mm grenade bandolier style pouch (also fits bayonets)
Lot's of protection
-IT ALSO COMES WITH GROIN PAD. You can flip if inside the vest if you want it too, it stays with velcro. Non removable though, but it's no trouble when you conceal it inside the vest
-The front neck brace piece is also removable
Hydration carrier in the back (I use it as a backpack sometimes)
Easy adjustment
-BEST FOR NOT-VERY-TALL PEOPLE if you want to you use the groin pad
Worth more than what your buying it for
-The vest+pouches would normally cost around $100
Very nice feel
-Feel cushiony on the inside, very thick armor
-Soft armor=more flexibility, easier on your back
SUPER lightweight
-My baby brother weighs more!

I wish there were more pouches and MOLLE weavings for more customization
The rifle pouches on the bottom aren't too universal
-Difficult to pull out a magazine if you dual stack it, best to use only one magazine in each pouch.
-Magpul's/magazine assists won't fit if you put two magazines
by David A. on 11/28/2011
"This vest is rugged, reliable, and aggressive-looking. The whole platform is incredibly lightweight, has excellent padding where it counts and is well-constructed. However, it's very difficult for a person with a larger frame to secure the velcro attachments on the sides; I've solved this problem. I have sewn on large loop velcro panels to the sides of the vest, filling in the open spaces where velcro was not originally placed, allowing the vest to be secured in place on a larger, taller individual. The fasteners on the upper arm pads were more like lanyard clips than buckle snaps, this was a little disappointing but still very workable. I removed the clips and looped the webbing through the vest's shoulder D-rings, eliminating potential damage to the clips (which are currently being recycled into light-load lanyards).

A word on functionality... I paired this vest off with a Condor H-harness with rigger's belt and MOLLE platform, it sits comfortably above the whole affair and the rigs do not interfere with one another, however, the groin panel cannot be deployed in this configuration. Since the vest's front pouches only hold a total of three magazines, the Condor rig with its increased storage is the perfect complement to it. The entire vest rig is quite intimidating when first encountered; some players will be awestruck, others will be startled. Used correctly, it is a very streamlined system, providing storage and hydration, and a fair shake of badass factor thrown in.

4/5 awarded, only because it's a liiiittle on the small side.


Lightweight, breathable, full range of motion
Velcro panels for ID and morale patches
Built-in admin panel, built-in hydration carrier
Built-in groin protection panel
Intimidation factor: Resembles heavy level-III armor


Requires modification for larger builds
Arm pad clips seem quite fragile
Tactical spork sold separately (dejected facial expression)
by Shawn K. on 03/08/2010
"This vest is good but maybe slightly over priced, The shoulder pads are not designed very well and after playing can move around making arm movement cumbersome. The look is a deff. A+ giving off a "negotiator" or "Juggernaut" look. Very lightweight and really form fits the body making it very comfortable.

Note: there are not a lot of ways to expand this to hold extra mags or gear what you see is pretty much what you get.
by Ian B. on 10/10/2008
"I just got this vest and I love the intimidation factor of it. The only thing that is wrong with it is that I'm 6'2" and it is a little short but the picture doesnt show the crotch protector that is hidden inside the vest. With this down it fits me fine. All in all a good buy for anyone that wants to have the "badass" look on the batlefield or if you just want to carry alot of ammo and take alot of punishment
by jonathan c. on 08/03/2008
"this is a great vest over all its light and comfy. the reason that i gave it a 4/5 is because that the flag shown in the picture is not included. I also recommend that you go buy one of those "Matrix Velcro U.S. Flag Patch" or the vest looks very ugly without it
by Tyler H. on 07/21/2016
"Great vest. Really is. Light wight and easy to store/travel with. Part of the reason too I got it is because it looks really cool, especially with those sleeves. Wrong. It doesn't come with sleeves nor is it compatible with sleeves because it has no velcro to store it on. It was a bit of a let down but otherwise great vest and if your shot in the torso with this thing on you cant feel it at all!
by Christopher K. on 12/01/2008
"Well I ordered this hoping it would be a half decent vest....Bottom line...this vest is decent. Is it worth $80 dollars....deffintely not.

-Upon receiving the vest the first thing I noticed was the cloth piping on the edges of the pockets. Now this may not seem like a big deal but it will end up being a nightmare in a rapid magazine change. The magazine will snag and get caught....eventually the piping will bust out of the stitching and now you have a slowly decaying pocket. Being that the name of the label is "Matrix Tactical..." I would think they would have done a few magazine changes and immediately realized....this is a problem.

-After getting over the pocket issue I noticed the lack of belt loops. Any proper vest will have belt loops. Although this vest does include a Body wrap which velcroes on before the vest actually velcroes together; this will not stop the vest from that irritating "slow creep". It will slowly creep up your body until it's sitting 6" too high and now you have a problem. The body wrap fits perfectly around my chest and under my arm pits so chest ride is minimal. Anyone under 6' may have a problem with "Rig Ride".

-The shoulder pads are completely annoying. You need a buddy to properly put them on, or you can look like an idiot try to flip and grip an elastic velcro strap. An elastic clip style strap would be better suited and allow for easy on and off.


This vest fits incredible and looks amazing. I have to say that with the shoulder pads on and geared up it looks great. If those minor things were tweaked it would make for an outstanding piece of gear to ones closet. I reccomend this vest if you are between 5" 11" and 6' 2" and have a medium to average build. If you are a small guy or a big guy this will not work out very well for you. The lack of belt loops and rig adjustment will make this a poor buy.