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USMC Style C.I.R.A.S. Type Force Recon Tactical Vest (Color: Tan)

82 Customer Reviews

by Bruce M. on 09/18/2016
"I bought two of these for about $64 a piece recently. Now the price is $85 again. I agree the adjustment system is kind of funky, but all in all, a good vest. It will fit big folks. This is all MOLE. The options are limitless with how you can set this vest up, and the pouches that come with it give you a great start on your carrying ability. Very comfortable. I wear MARPAT which makes me invisible in the woods and this is a nice addition to my camo scheme. Even at $85 this is a good investment.
by Christopher C. on 04/09/2016
"Just got this the other day. Ill do pros and cons in just a sec vut first imma talk about it. The vest has an amazingly good ammount of molle space. I of course added my own personal touch to it because who wouldnt. I have managed to rearange all the pouches to fit in good "tactical" locations. The I.F.A.K. (induvidual first aid kit) Is a really good addition to the vest as well. Ive managed to put it to good use. Its not really a med pack persay but it fits my nvg camera really well. Ive added a hydration pouch to the back and removed the two shingle mag pouches. I kept the three shingle ser on the front. Basically this thing has unlimited customization ability which i have found hard to come by.
on to the pros and cons

really large molle space
lots of pouches
very good build material
very very comfortable
full customuzation

only issues ive had with the vest are being able to adjust the size because of how many size tabs are on it and that not ALL the molle is the same width. Most of it is the propper one inch width but on the edges ive noticed the loops are a bit smaller leaving you unable to fit stuff on.

Thats all for this review and i highly recomend this vest to all of you airsofters working on a USMC impression
by Jack S. on 04/03/2016
"I have had this plate carrier for almost 2 years. It fits well, has plenty of MOLLE real estate, and provides good padding. For those wondering if it will fit them, I'm 5'10 and 220lb. It works especially well with the condor hydro back panel as a MapPack. My only gripe is that some patches of MOLLE are too small; this is remedied by cutting the stitching.
by Roger H. on 03/27/2016
"One of the best vest out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a solid vest. You do not need to worry about the stitching coming undone on the molle straps because they are sewed on really good, and it displaces the weight really well.

-it has a waist strap that secures the vest so it is not bouncing all over the place
-the velcro side straps give it a wide range fitting sizes( I am 5.6 and weight 150lbs and it fits me no problem)
-comes with all the essential pouches you need so you do not have to spend extra money getting some
-the pouch quality is phenomenal (they have been abused and beaten and no fraying or cuts in the stitching what so ever)
-you can put real or imitation sap plate in it if you like
-The vest quality is superb (the areas that are sewed on the vest stayed sewed, I have put a total of 30lbs of stuff on it and the stitching
did not rip or show signs of strain)
-It carries weight well ( your shoulders will not be aching after wearing this all day because the waist strap distributes the weight off your
-it has a lot of molle space

-None really it is a great vest

For the money you pay for this vest, you get the most bang for your buck! You will not get ripped off like other cheaper vest that have the same thing but made with shoddy quality. I would save up your money and invest in this vest if you are starting out and do not want to spend a fortune on a vest with out pouches but want that mil-spec look or you have been airsofting for a long time and need a good strong vest.
by Matthew B. on 02/20/2016
"Bought this vest last summer, I waited to review it because I wanted to give a true review after some time in the vest. First of all, for the price, you cannot beat this thing. Comes with multiple pouches for many uses. I read a review for this vest that stated that the MOLLE was terrible and not spaced correctly, making it hard for you attach other MOLLE pouches. Must have been a bad vest. Because mine is spot on. I added a nice MOLLE camel back to the back of my vest and it fit and looks awesome. The ONLY down side to this vest that I have noticed is that the stitching where the Velcro panels connect around your waste came undone in a few spots from pulling the Velcro apart. But it has not failed on me or came apart yet after multiple times playing in it and countless times taking it on and off.

-good price
-very customizable
-adjustable size to fit pretty much everyone
-looks awesome

-can be a pain to adjust the size, but not to bad
-stitching could be better
by Josh B. on 11/10/2015
"Ok, I been running this vest for the last few months and wanted to finally write a review.

For the price, I dont think you can beat it. This vest comes with TONS of pouches to hold everything & anything you can think of.

Im 5'11, 212lbs & this vest in XL fit pretty great. I adjusted the the size just so it sat a little lower on me, but this was easy to adjust by just accessing the cord in the back inside of the vest. The vest is pretty light to wear and gives plenty of protection to your body.

plenty of pouches.
Not heavy to wear.
Fake Styrofoam ballistic plates included in vest

It says DUAL m4 mag pouches, hahah good luck with that. I have standard Elite force M4 mags and i cant get 2 in a pouch. Maybe they have to be broken in more, but so far i can only get one in.

The Molle webbing isnt sewn on the best. Its not coming apart or anything, its just that the spacing isn't perfect or as nice as the expensive vests from a sizing stand point. So as you add the pouches, some of the straps will feed very easily through while other straps you will have to force through other parts of the molle webbing.

Stitching. There was a lot of stitching frayed ends everywhere. I had to take scissors to cut and these loose ends. I havent had any issues with anything falling off or coming undone, but it should be noted

Overall I would still definitely recommend this Vest setup because of what you get for the price
by Charlie b. on 09/24/2015
"great vest! comes with everything as shown. I was worried about the stitching because others had problems with it. The stitching is fine and the only problem is that there are loose strings everywhere. just cut them off and if worse comes to worse and the stitching goes bad its not going to be hard to sew it back on. it holds 5 m4 mags or more if you get more pouches are put it in other pouches. It looks great and the molle makes everything fit tight.
Looks awesome
nice color. dark earth as advertised (looks great with navy seal Emerson fast helmet)
Has a CIRAS cord to quick release at a moments notice. (can be a con but dont tell your friends it exist)

Cons: The rear flap to access the side pads and cord is small. (
by derek k. on 08/04/2015
"This vest is awsome, every thing is removable and it has mock bullet plates
by Christine B. on 06/30/2015
"This is an amazing and cheap product. Comes with tons of pouches but a odd way to adjust the size but compatible with every one
by David N. on 06/04/2015
"This vest is great for the price. It feels like it won't fall apart on me. The stitching on actual vest is good but it looks like the manufacturer did not clean up the stitching, there are long threads in some of the areas. I had some trouble getting the pouches in because not all of the pouches were aligned with the molle so on the triple m4 pouch and the utility pouch I had to not weave one of the straps because it did not align properly but that may have been due to me swapping the side the utility pouch was on. The mag pouches are awesome for gripping your mag and keeping it secured, but they are way to small to fit two mags in one pouch so this can really only hold 5 mags overall. This is a great vest with minimal flaws, for the price there is no reason you shouldn't pick this up.
by jennifer n. on 02/25/2015
"I loved this vest! Soon as I got it I was like a kid on cheistmas. There are some ups and downs to it so far but I'm sure you'll see past them. The good things: very durable fabric. Strong velcro and stitching looks professional and does its job well. The downputs: some of the webbing was stitched over and didn't fit some of the pouches. Hard to situate the pouches it comes with and when you do its extremely bunched up. And extremely difficult to adjust. I'd still recommend this to anyone beginning on airsoft or whatever you apply it to but I'll have some getting used to. And though the colors are very defined, I'll be breaking it in over the spring into the summer. good product and definitely would buy again
by Cynthia B. on 02/02/2015
"First off I would like to say this is a great vest/plate carrier. I took a gamble and got this vest using a g36 and the double m4 pouches fit the g36 mags perfectly I am also 5'8 and 208 pounds and this vest was able to go smaller and bigger if needed be. I personally like my plate carrier or vest snug on me so this was great. The stitching isn't t best in the world, the vest isn't compromised by this it just seems they left a little extra stitching on. Also anyone who is adjusting this vest, to get it to stay the perfect size, I used zip ties for a great fit. All in all great product and I'm very pleased with my purchase
by Dakota D. on 01/09/2015
"I have owned this PC for over a year now and love it. It feels great, works, great and its molle so really no reason for a complaint about usage. It can be used for anything. I have tried many different PC and have had some or played with some higher dollar PC. This was right on par with the others. It is comfortable even with your gun strapped to the shoulders. I run 12 mags, a hydration kit, radio, gun sling with gun, utility pouch, admins pouch, the two pistol pouches, a knife and speed loader. Every pouch on the PC is full or at least has something i feel is needed in a milsim under 20 hours. The vest is comfortable with all this gear and i was still able to go after a 16 hour op. For the price and quality or the PC its a must have.
by Charlie A. on 01/05/2015
"This vest is built well and is ready to go right out of the box

-Easy to take on and off
-Has everything you would need: Admin pouch, MOLLY space, Med bag, magazine holders
-Ability to run radio wires/ water tubes

-No ability to put plates inside
-Magazine pouches are only able to hold one magazine each
by Sidney R. on 08/03/2014
"I love this vest!! I have had it for a long time, it is a great starter vest. It comes with everything you need I just added a rolly dump pouch and I was set. I am a tall and skinny guy and it fits me well. I wove 550 cord through the MOLLE on the sides to keep it snug to my body. This vest is great, I haven't had any problems with the material. It is very durable, I have had zero rips/tears. This is a must have for any airsofter that wants a MOLLE vest with all the pouches included!