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Avengers Tactical Spec. OPS MOLLE Plate Carrier / Load Bearing Vest (Color: Black)

35 Customer Reviews

by vincent N. on 12/25/2016
light weight
comes with an m4 mag pouch
comes with admin pouch
easy to put on & take off
very very affordable

a bit too light
doesn't feel real

[My Personal Thoughts}
this vest is a very affordable vest, that comes with some great stuff and is a great form of protection and mag storage. I would highly recommend getting this vest if you use woodland BDUs and if you need a vest

5 stars would highly recommend
by josh L. on 02/26/2016
"love this vest it caries what i need it to and has the option for improvement great job on something so affordable.
by Chris V. on 12/01/2015
"As I am new to airsoft, I really don't have any basis to judge it on. That being said, I can still say this is a great vest for the price

Fits me well, Im 6'2", 150 lbs, and built like a stick
Everything is high quality, the MOLLE seems like its high quality

Only fits 1 mag in a pouch, 2 if you have skinny ones and squeeze them in there.
Can't fit Lonex Polymer flash mags, too long

Overall I'm happy I got this vest, its a great starter vest
by Andrew N. on 05/29/2015
Material is durable
Accessories are MOLLE
Plenty of room for plates
Front and Back plate can be detached
The M4 pouches only has 3 pouches instead of 4
MOLLE webbing is a bit tight on the edges of the front and back vest
by Devon S. on 04/18/2015
"Honestly didn't what to expect with it but I was very happy once I got it. It's verily durable and weight is nice. All the molle piece are great and if you don't like them they are easily removed. The Velcro front is nice sense my group have a team patch and I can show it off to my foes. Overall very happy with the purchase.
by Jason G. on 02/21/2015
"Very solid vest. I've been rocking it for about 6 months and it has survived most everything I put it through.
-good stiching
-comes with pouches
-cheap (compared to other platecarriers)
-Molle is misaligned slightly (doesn't affect the vest in any way)
Over all it is a good vest for the money its a step up from the tactical vests but not as expensive as other plate carriers.
by Connor W. on 12/15/2014
"just got this vest today, and i'm satisfied with it! It has a durable feel to it, the mag pouches will hold anything up to the size of one AK mag (tight fit), and the bag in the bag is very helpful for toting around miscellaneous junk...

tight mag pouches
comfy :)

SMALLER THAN WHAT IS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE! however, i am a small guy so it fits me perfectly (6ft tall, 150 lbs.)
also, it didn't come with the patch shown on the front :('s a great buy for the price and would recommend it to anyone looking to buying a lightweight and durable plate carrier! :)
by Troy R. on 12/06/2014
"This vest is made of some good quality stuff. I ordered it months ago, and the first time I wrote a review it somehow got screwed up and the servers didn't connect so it didn't post, but whatever. I'm doing it now.

I have now had this vest for roughly 6 months, and love it. It has a wide range of sizes, but if you're like me, or smaller, 5'8 and 125 pounds, it won't fit you very well. If you're smaller than me, find another vest, because this one isn't for you. I tightened both straps completely, and still had a small amount of play. Too much for my taste because I run around a lot and don't like my gear moving around. So I made my own SAPI plates out of wood, stuck em in the plate carriers, and it works great. I loosened the straps a little with the plates in and it fits a lot better.

The over all quality of the vest isn't bad, but it isn't the best. I would say higher end for the money. The material is nice and durable. The only real down side I found, is a couple strands that are hanging off cuz they didn't get cut. Easy fix, just cut em and melt the area to prevent it from happening again. I also found one strand that ran crossways somewhere it shouldn't have, so I cut that too. Overall, the material and build quality was pretty good. The MOLLE is also JUST alright. The webbing isn't off too much, but if you're mounting something that has more than 3 slots, you'll notice it.

The pouches included WILL NOT FIT 2 MAGAZINES WITH THE POUCH COVERS IN. With two magazines in, you won't need the pouch covers in anyways. They're nice and snug and won't fall out unless you jump from somewhere and land on your hands upside down so they fall out. Lol. I've played all my matches without them in and haven't had an issue. I only suggest the pouch covers if you play with 3 mags instead of 6. As long as there is always 2 mags in the pouch, you won't have an issue.

-Good quality for the price
-Lots of MOLLE real estate for pouches and such
-Wide range of adjustability

-Some loose strands; not an issue unless you have OCD
-With pouch cover, pouches with 2 mags is extremely tight and impractical
-Doesn't fit guys 5'8 and 125 pounds and smaller very well if at all
-PALS webbing isn't the greatest

All in all, I would say this vest is a pretty good starter/minimalist vest/chest rig/plate carrier. I like the small and light profile, as well as the ability to add plates to help rigidify the vest. Worth the money.
by Everett A. on 11/16/2014
"I love this vest! Great buy! Get it, your get more than what its worth.
by andrew j. on 09/30/2014
"Now I gave this plate carrier a 5 out of 5 but I'm really like a 4.8. I've taken this vest through countless battles, including airsoft nation and op fallout. I slide in it, hit cover hard with it. I hold five mags (got a new pouch, even though the one it comes with is good....:p) a hydro pack, and I even carried a 1911 on the front. It held up like a beast.

Nice size.
Very sturdy
Lots of space to customize
Lots of patch space ( I fit 4!)
Light weight

The side straps could have been bigger
During fallout, my shoulders were very sore( no padding on shoulders)
When u run, if you have weight on the front, the vest will "bounce" on you.
The only other con is that you don't have one. Can't beat this quality for this price.
by Jay E. on 08/01/2014
"Highly recommend this for a beginner! it has a good price and gets the job done as well light weight if your looking for some for holding your mags and protection and something not bulky this is what you want.
by jason f. on 07/30/2014
"This is a very good vest I would not hesitate to buy it.

cons:only holds 3 mags, not six
by Seth G. on 07/12/2014
"it is a amazing vest for the price
by Arash A. on 07/11/2014
"I got this a week ago and it really is a good price for suck a good quality vest i got it on sale for $35 as of July 4 2014 and it has a lot of space and works great
by Christian L. on 02/25/2014
"Alright so I got this thing for christmas since I got tired of my old Tactical vest that didn't have the wide range of use that I was looking for. When I put it on it required some adjustments but nothing too major. I went up to SC Viper. first thing to fail on me was the M4 pouches. the stitching is crap and fell apart on me. The vest itself was solid and very reliable. I had no issues with it and even though some of the MOLLE was misalighned it wasnt enough to throw me off.

Overall review
Great Platecarrier
Solid construction
Very reliable
Takes Polarstar hits and brushes them off
Extremely Breathable

Crappy M4 pouches
Very very slightly misaligned MOLLE

I say buy this for it's very reasonable price and solid construction.