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Matrix CIRAS Style Assault Vest with Pouches - Black

43 Customer Reviews

by James C. on 09/30/2008
"Each pouch can fit 1~2 M14 mag. If you want to fit two, its a very tight fit. The pouches are adjustable (the lid can be removed and velcros in at any length you wish for up to AK long mags.)
by evan b. on 09/28/2008
"i have a socom16 i heard it take 2 m14 mags an im scepitcal becaus i havent found 1 vest that takes m14 mags, cause if it does that would be great
by zach b. on 09/26/2008
"Michael read the description it says it hold 2 m4/m16 mags in each rifle mag pouch
by Andy H. on 09/21/2008
"Cindy, Yes, this vest will fit you. The back of the vest is a hydration carrier. You will need to buy a bladder for like $10, they sell it here on and at big 5. Or you can just use it as a backpack.

A Ciras type vest will fit nicely for 5 foot to 6 feet 3

Very nice vest with exactly the pouches I need included. (M4 mag pouch and hydration carrier.) Looks is perfect. Got places for my patches. What else can you ask for in an Airsoft vest.
by Cindy H. on 09/20/2008
"Hold on will it fit me im 5 foot 3inchs and do you have to buy the blatter and tube and wich one do i get if u do?
by Cindy H. on 09/20/2008
"will this fit me im 5 foot 3 and is that thr hydrotion on the back of it pls answer
by Charles V. on 09/20/2008
"These vests are now on display in evike super store now. They are so nice and the price is great considering it already have all the pouches, even the hydration carrier. I bet soon everyone at airsoft playground will be wearing this vest.
by Robert J. on 04/05/2017
"Overall, this is a very nice vest. The quality is very good and it comes with everything it needs. However, my only gripe is that the pouches are set in place with no way of moving them. I'm left handed, and so I generally configure my vests a little different to accommodate for how my weapon hangs and things of that nature. With the pouches set, the utility pouch tends to get in my way when trying to move my weapon to go to my sidearm. Otherwise, a fantastic piece of equipment.
by Anthony V. on 06/01/2012
"Hey Evike customers,

Let me mention first off that I am 6'1" currently at 250lbs. with a 38in waist sadly (I've got big glutes with thick legs). This vest is the best fitting vest that I have worn thus far. It is confortable, has the pouches you need to store gear, and molle ready on the back.

1) 4 pouches for M4/M16 preferred magazines
2) Side pouch for other material
3) Hydration pack availability
4) VERY VERY comfortable and snug
5) Patch read on the chest and back

1) I noticed that when I put it on and walked through some typical combat movement (walking, crouching, sprinting, etc.) I got hotter faster than normal. But I think that comes with all vests and gear. [Or I was just excited because this vest is awesome]
2) Since I am tall and have a taller upperbody than usual, it runs just a little bit shorter than what I would like but it's not too bad. The height is adjustable! (But wasn't the perfect amount I would like).

**Giving this a 4/5 for bigger guys but a 5/5 for everyone else!**

Final note:
I'm writing this quick review directed towards the bigger guys because I feel that we never get to experience much gear because of our size. This ves however is great and I am telling you that I approve it! Shout out and good luck to the guys who want to slim down. I'm right there with you!
by Brandon B. on 05/15/2010
"First off I am a huge fan of MGS and this vest absolutely takes the cake (WHICH IS A LIE!!) and to say the least the vest is very durable and very adjustable as the video clearly demonstrated. But, most importantly it looks extremely close to the CIRAS vest worn by Solid Snake in the 4th MGS. I am 5'6" and I was able to adjust the vest according to my needs. That being said it does leave alot of room around the waist which is both bad and good depending on any belt set up you may choose. The whole set up looks very professional despite the extremely light material. The downside of the set up is that it is molle ready but the rest of the pounches are sewn on making it difficult to custimize the vest to your tactical needs, trying to add anything to the vest just feels awkward. I had to really rely on a good belt set up for a dump pounch, pistol holster, and any other basic needs. The pounches are kind of small and being a righty the side mount pounch is just poorly placed. If your set up is a M4 type set up you will be fine but any long mag types like the p90 or Ak will find this vest to be lacking.


Looks epic
Easy adjustable straps
plenty of mag space
cost effective


small mags
sewn on pounches
lacks room to custimize
by Nathan P. on 04/19/2010
"This vest makes you look freakin sweet. I have owned it for about 4 months and have noticed almost nothing wrong but a very, very long strapish kinda thing were you would put a flashlight or a couple of speed loaders. The back of the vest has a nice pouch were you can put your water pouch the vest also has rings going along the shoulders of the vest so the tube of the water pouch is in easy access. The pouch flap has felcro( don't cirtercize my spelling I try my best) The vest has a very nice utility pouch that has a double zipper, though even with the double zipper it is still hard unzip and to get at. The vest also has M4 mag pouches witch is very handy. My ICS M4 mags do not fit that great though(mabey there larger or something I don't know). Anyways you can fit one ICS mag and two other brand mags in each pouch( four mag pouches do the math). On the vest there is M.O.L.L.E so you can put what ever else you want on there. There is a admin pouch in the front of the vest with velcro. So 4/5 stars because my mags don't fit that great.
by Michael R. on 09/23/2008
"Has anyone tried putting M16 mags in the pouches? If so, how many?
by Jeffrey P. on 11/04/2008
"should i get black or OD
pls tell me soon or else i might not buy from this site!!!