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Matrix CIRAS Style Assault Vest with Pouches - Black

43 Customer Reviews

by Seth G. on 03/27/2013
"Just got this vest so far very satisfied planning on using it this weekend light,cool,smooth,MOLLE,and just enough storage

by Jacob B. on 07/19/2012
"I just received this vest and can I already say I'm in love with it! Very light I think. I'm 6'1 and 190lbs and this adjusts VERY easily and quickly. The vest comes ready to go right out of the box so you don't have to take any time to place the mag pouches or any of that. I really dig the utility pouch on the side too, great if you wanna carry around some extra equipment. The vest itself feels very durable and constructed well. If there is only a couple things I have to complain about is that I own a WE G39E and the magazines JUST fit into the mag pouches on the vest, to the point that I'm worried the velcro is going to come undone when I lean over; the second is the SMELL! I don't know what it is, but this thing reeks something fierce! But aside from the little things its a solid piece of equipment and it breathes alright too though like most vests you get toasty fairly easily. Definitely get this vest!

Good Material
Adjustments are simple
Webbing and Velcro
Ready-to-Go out of the box

G36 mags are a tight fit
by Jakeb M. on 12/02/2011

I ordered the S.D.E.U. vest by matrix today. I saw this one later and LOVED it. I CANNOT wait for it to be here. The person who answered my call was polite and helpful, he immediately helped me! I had to text my dad for the order number because i didn't have it, the man, in the mean time asked me my address and orderers name and he switched it to the vest I wanted!!!!! Thanks again Evike, I've heard bad things about your service but this changed my mindset totally! I will recommend Evike for anyone who needs a great place to get their equipment and every time I need something for airsoft, Evike is where I'm shopping.
by Kathleen G. on 07/11/2011
"Ok where do I start I got this vest a few weeks ago and I was blown away. I didn't feel anything when I was hit all I heard was the sound. It holds 8 m4 mags. I put a dead rag in the front and all sorts of tools anything from batteries to tape and screwdrivers in the side pouch. Overall 10 out of 10
by Dan R. on 07/02/2011
"This vest is amazing, period. Very easy to adjust with the Velcro, there is no time wasted fidgeting with belt straps and loops. Everything needed will fit in this vest. In the field, it does not shake at all and you can sneak up quietly on your enemy, the mags will not fall out and even with all that storage space it still has a backpack style pouch which can be used for anything including a hydro-pack. It will take several minutes to figure out how to put it on so i recommend getting familiar with it b4 taking to the field and looking like an idiot(like i did)getting stuck trying to put on the vest. It does not dig in to your arms like others and distributes the weight on the body evenly so you don't kill your shoulders. This beats every vest out there for its price.. 10 out of 10!!!!
by Aaron B. on 06/12/2011
"Just amazing how this vest feels when you have it on. It isn't heavy or uncomfortable. You can adjust how tight or how loose you want the vest on you. The mag pouches can fit 2 Hi - cap or mid - cap mags in each pouch and there is so much room and pockets for you to have extra batteries, tools, and anything else you would need. Overall I recommend buying this vest because you can't go wrong buying this.
by Fahrudin B. on 06/01/2011
"This vest is amazing! Comfortable, sturdy, and most of all affordable!
by AJ S. on 01/25/2011
"this vest is very nice. i finaly have a place to hold mag, fits 8 M4 mags nicely, i use mostly mid caps so makes it alot easier to reload. built in hydropac carrier so just get a hydro bladder and slide it in you'll be set. the utility pouch can hold either more mags, a speedloader, or you can put what ever else you might need it for. vest is very comfy, no zipper tho, you throw it over your head velcro the first part then put the front part down on that, lil difficult by yourself at first. i got some patches for it which realy help add character to the vest. i got the black cuz black seems to go with any camo pattern, so ya this vest looks great feels great and makes matches alot more fun, theres not much bounce to it when you run with it and it realy can adjust to fit pretty much any size player, only downside i found is that theres no belt loops. if you use a tac belt then its not going to attach to this vest like some others might.
by Terry T. on 01/16/2011
"Upon seeing this vest, I was so impressed by the design that I personally drove all the to the evike store (a 45 minute drive) to pick it up since I couldn't wait for the time it takes for them to process. After trying this vest on, i fell in love with it, here's why:

1) It's extremely durable, thick threading, not flimsy
2) Has many convenient pockets, only the ones you really need!
3) Fits very snuggly, not alot of movement when running and it's fixed! I'm 5 foot 7, 155 pounds I'm have an athletic figure, having alot of chest muscles helps with the vest fitting tightly
4) Has a buillt in water pouch! It barely fits my camelbak 3.0L pouch!!!
5) Has addition molle webbings for any other accessories!
6) Alot of arm mobility!
7) The velcros on the vest is very strong, can be a hassle to take it off an on because of it, oh well a nice work out will come out of that.
8) Adjustable shoulder straps

I must advise, the magazine pouches are more likely suitable for the m4/m16 magazines, I doubt it will fit ak mags or other sorts well. If you plan to fit two magazines a pouch, loosen up the rope that tightens the pouches so it's easier to put it in!

A must buy!!!!
by Jesse G. on 12/09/2010
"This vest is great. I've owned it since July, and love the way this vest is designed. It's pouches are in the perfect position for quick access to magazines, and its lightweight design keeps its easy to move in and simple to store. I laugh when I hear how much people spend on vests that are bulky and uncomfortable, when I'm carrying the same amount of equipment much easier in a $70 Matrix vest.
I highly recommend this vest to any players who know that they like to keep a low profile in games and more specifically, players who use M4/ M16 magazines. I also highly recommend adding magpul magazine assists to your mags and carrying them upside down.
by Andrew C. on 10/04/2010
"This vest is one thing above all else, adjustable. I would say it fits almost any body type well. I'm 5'8" and 125lbs and it's perfect. Very well put together and comfortable, pouches have plenty of space.

tl;dr Buy this vest.
by Aaron S. on 08/31/2010
"This Vest is INCREDIBLE. Super Light, Super Comfortable, Can hold atleast 8 m4 mags in the pouches, and rteally easy to put on with no hastle at all. The vest is Molle ready on the front and back. The only downside is that the mag holders are non deteachable. They dont really need to be detached in the 1st Place or adjusted, but just an FYI. Looks incredible over my Red Urban camo unifrom!!!
by mehran h. on 06/12/2010
"this is a great vest. i am 5'8 and this vest is perfect. There is a lot of manuverbility, and it is easy to adjust unlike some other vests
by Rick S. on 06/10/2010
"This is an amazing vest. I'm 5'9" with a heavy build and it's very comfortable. Tons of adjustability to fit almost anyone and it has a lot of pouches to easily fit 8 M4 mags. High quality with an excellent price which makes it a tremendous value. A must buy in my book.
by luke z. on 06/06/2010
"this vest is one of the best things i have ever bought its lite,its a good price and it works great for long airsoft games the only down side is you have to buy a bladder for it witch is an extra $15 but still a good deal i cant recomend this vest enough BUY IT!