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Matrix S.D.E.U. Ultra Light Weight Airsoft Tactical Vest - (Black)

67 Customer Reviews

by Chip S. on 09/14/2008
"if in pretty small like 5'7 and pretty skinny is this going to be super loose?
by connor e. on 08/24/2008
"Definitely a great vest, an ideal CQB vest, holds alot for an 'ultra light vest', there actually a small pouch behind the velcro on the chest
There's also a crotch protector flap. (not really sure why this sight doesnt say it does.. but okay?) shoulder pads are also a great part of the vest. just plain awesome.
by John W. on 08/16/2008
"This is a great vest! Most vest don't include patches anyways. But the fact that it has Velcro where you want it, patches can go on the admin pouch, shoulder pad making it great! Our team have the team patch on the left and flag at the right. On the admin pouch we have the evike patch and a skull!
by Jeffrey K. on 07/19/2008
"this vest is very light weight and is padded very well. the neck guard saved my neck from bloody welts during a CQB game. Very comfortable and great for any user.
by Kevin m. on 06/28/2008
"This vest is very light. Was afraid it is going to be bulky because it looks like a samurai armor. But its quite light with very good padding. Pretty good material. Love the neck guard, my girlfriend won't scream at me anymore for getting shot in the neck. This vest is standard size. If you are under 6 feet you should be alright. The waist is adjustable.
by George W. on 06/28/2008
"Very useful vest with all the useful pouches. Love the built in admin pouch with Velcro. It is very patch ready. THe shoulder pad has velcro on it too! The magazine pouches can hold plenty of magazines. Love the grenade strap. The shoulder pad is removable if you don't like it, but it looks like a samurai armor.
by William L. on 06/28/2008
"I think the shoulder are lame, but for those who play FEAR...looks like Replica armor, just need a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and a camo uniform to complete your FEAR look
by Devon O. on 04/07/2016
"I've Had This vest for a little over two years now, And i must say It's lasted the test of time.
It's Always been a staple of my loadout, but it's lifetime in my loadout is coming to an end, and I felt obligated to reccomend this to any who read this. I'm 5'11, 245 Lbs, And it's always been comfy Despite my stomach size. The Mag pouches get the job done, and depending on how you use them, you can hold at most 6 STANAG Magazines. The admin pouch comes with three pockets, 1 smaller open pocket in front, one velcro-closed pocket in the middle, And one Open pocket in the back. While it's meant to hold a 40mm grenade shell, I always used the elastic strap to hold a speed loader for on-field refills. While the back is meant for a Camelbak bladder, I always had a foam insert i custom cut to help dull back-shots. There is foam padding in the front, But the rear is only fabric, so I advise you to do the same. The Arm covers, In my opinion, Are useless and will only restrict your movement. The neck protector comes off, But only the front portion. the rear is stitched int, so you have to cut it off if you want only a vest. There's not much else to say, other than I can't help but appreciate It.
by Blake T. on 04/02/2016
"This vest is very very awesome! I've had this vest for 5 months and I love this vest to death but it does come with some cons however...
Very nice fitting
Very protective
Neck guard is a huge plus
Good for keeping warm in cold weather and staying cool in warm weather

Neck guard if you have a mask instead of a standard helmet and goggles (Cant look down, but it is removable)
Buckles are fragile (One broke yesterday and im very sad it happened, looking to see if they can be replaced)
The pistol mag pouch on the chest is very loose, put a pistol mag into it and test it out before going onto the field and losing a mag like me...
The shoulder guards buckle on and they look like flaps, they dont wrap around arm

I still love this vest to bits and I highly recommend it to a friend, just be a little gentle with the buckles! I wish I could rate this 4.5 stars!
by Patrick P. on 02/09/2013
"I got this vest a while ago and could make a few games with it. This vest is very nice, but is not flawless.

Pros :
- Well padded. Protects well. Excellent for users who doesn't like pain!
- Built rather small. I feel a bit loose in it while only wearing a T-shirt (I weigh 140 pounds). I think wearing a bit more thick clothes would do the trick.
- Velcro patches are a nice addition.

Cons :
- I could hardly fit 2 PMAGs in a single pouch. They aren't easy to fit in AND to take out. I wonder how they perform with ranger plates though.
- You cannot configure it the way you want. You can't add or remove pouches. It has enough room for smaller fights, but you are limited in what you can carry.
- A bit expensive, but if you compare it to a chest rig, which you have to buy pouches, this vest has the advantage for its protection ability.

I'd recommend this vest for CQBs because you're not affected by its capacity limit and its excellent protection. I'd also recommend this for smaller people.
by cheryl a. on 05/15/2012
"this vest is awesome just got it yesterday and it fits perfect.... the only problem i have is the shoulder protectors i cant figure out how they go on and stay on


highly recommended!!!!
by Jong C. on 02/21/2011
"It is very nice for medium range skirmish and indoor. The arm pads seems alittle out of place, the three pouches can fit many type of magazines and the neck guard and the groin guards are great for CQB

looks nice
high level protections
well made Velcro easy to adjust
nice pouches
extra location apparently for a grenade

no camoflauge AT ALL
weak materials so it can rip from high powered guns or during close range
by Kevin R. on 01/21/2010
"this vest is would be perfect if they made it in MARPAT or Desert MARPAT cause in these colors you stick out like a sore thumb. but overall this vist ROCKS!

nice and snug (on me at least)
great for CQB
neck/shoulder pads are removable
built-in hydration carrier (saves you money)
great price for a vest like this

crappy fabric colors to chose from. no camo! bad for outdoors!
by gabe s. on 09/14/2008
"nahh im 5' and it fits me pretty well. it doesnt come with the patch or a crotch protector but is very lightweight and its great that it comes with a neck guard
by jonathan c. on 08/03/2008
"this is a great vest over all its light and comfy. the reason that i gave it a 4/5 is because that the flag shown in the picture is not included. I also recommend that you go buy one of those "Matrix Velcro U.S. Flag Patch" or the vest looks very ugly without it