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Model: Vest-001-B

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by Evan F. on 2012-06-27 00:17:19
"Great vest very durable. 6 mag pouches. great for attaching things to the back. holds lots of things, and its a great deal for $35.
by clint c. on 2012-06-05 11:50:01
"i baught this vest off of the reviews i will say now its a nice vest for the money

but in alot of reviews they say you can hold 2 m4 mags in each slot mine you can NOT, alot of reviews also say that it comes with 2 extra m4 mag pouches that can go where the pistol holder is mine did not, everything on the front of my vest is stiched on there is no removing items

but other than that all in all its a nice vest for $35
by Susan B. on 2012-05-02 16:53:20
"This VEST is GREAT!
I've had the vest for 6 months so far and let me say this. This is a high quality vest for a low cost. Its a must BUY! Its a cross draw vest so its adjustable for just about anyone's size. Its easy to adjust and operate. Carries alot of mags and is very lightweight. It also comes with a belt that attaches to the vest to keep it tight. Very nice Vest.
Carries alot of mags
easily adjustable
looks awesome
Protects your chest and back

by Daniel S. on 2012-03-30 11:16:02
"i just got this vest and had several wars in it. no big complaints but it hard to adjust the shoulders.

light weight
holds everything i need
stand up to close range shots
mesh is very strong
doesn't hurt when shot
comes with tactical belt
doesn't limit mobility

a little loose (can be adjusted)
mag pouch on side is hard to reach (not a big deal)
not enough pouches
straps are confusing

overall i give this vest a 5/5 stars because it stands up to everything
by Tristan D. on 2012-03-23 17:03:29
"This vest can NOT take too much of a beating. My zipper broke and won't come down. the holster was ripped off and i can't get it back on. also none of the pouches can be customized. All in all, i'd give it a 4/5 since it takes away all pain from impact. i got shot by my friend's spring M99 barrett and it only felt like a flick through the mesh. weird sounding but its protective. So if you want it for protection and the fact it comes with many pouches order it but if you want customizability then look somewhere else.
by Michael H. on 2012-03-13 17:46:24
"Very great for the price! Trust me it was worth every penny! This vest is very customizable and very comfortable, after running around a while it was not that heavy at all, shipping was quick and on time, definitely buy if your on a low budget!!
by kyle g. on 2012-02-11 21:56:39
"Ive had this vest for 3 years ever since i started playing. Sure its not the best vest but it works. Im looking for a new vest but if u dnt have much money buy it. I still use mine. It still works fine. I have trouble fitting 2 mags in each pouch but i only use flash mags and i have 1 for each pouch and 1 in my gun when i begin a match. Took off pistol holster (velcro not molle) when i did use it yes sometimes my mag wuld fall out of my gun. But dnt keep mag in pistol. Theres like 6 pistol mag holsters. The molle on back is great for hydration pouch. Comfortness id rate itba 6/10 its not bad like what others say. Afterv3 years of running through manzanita bushes crawling on rocks/dirt/grass my zipper has yet to break. Basically pros: works, cheap cons: pistol holster isnt very good: no molle on front. All in all i rate it 4/5 cuz u get what u pay for and ididnt pay much wasnt expecting much but still works
by Ryan G. on 2012-02-06 15:10:53
"The vest is very snug on your body, and is cheap for a very good tac vest. It does hold a decent amount and the only con is the mag holder on the belt and on the side of the holster doesnt even fit speed loaders.
by Richie W. on 2012-01-13 22:18:31
"i got this vest about a month ago and im a small guy and it fit me well and also fit my dad whos bigger so doesn't matter on size and has plenty of mag pouches there is actually two mag pouches on the vest were it shows the pistol holster but they come right off so its not a problem its a great vest and for the price its a must buy
by Susan B. on 2011-12-28 22:23:09

i'm a big guy 230lbs and 6ft1in. and this vest fits perfectly. if u dont have a pistol, u can use 2 more primary mag spots that come included with the vest. everything is easy as pie to adjust. the belt was easy also. holds upto 12 primary mags. 2 in each pocket. i have a dboys scar-L and an extended 500 rd. high cap mag for it nd it fits perfectly in the vest so yes, this vest fits ak47 mags s well. plenty of storage. comfy as can be.

Good luck airsofting PURCHASE THIS VEST!!! great price. $30 amazing.
by Zachary L. on 2011-12-14 20:54:55
"Before I start my review, the style of the vest is most similar to the last picture on the right. (the OD one, with the velcro on the pistol holster)

This vest is my first non "mil surp" vest I've used. (I used a woodland Enhanced Load Bearing Vest before)

The zipper feels cheap, while the rest of the vest is light but sturdy
Mine came with an additional dual mag pouch already on the vest where the pistol holster is, which is removable by velcro and straps, Its not MOLLE :/

Placing the pistol holster on is a bit awkward at times because the horizontal strap has velcro on it but no where to velcro onto.

I also find the dual mag pouches on the belt to be gaudy and distracting, but they are removable so it's no big deal.

The belt is adjustable but only so far because there is a section of pistol belt thats to big for the slide so you can only make it so tight.

- Lots of space for mags (each pouch holds two m4/m16 type mags, so if you dont run a pistol you can hold 12 mags)

- Light.

- comfortable fit

- comes with optional pistol holster and pouch for shotgun/misc


- Cheap feeling zipper

- pistol holster / additional mag pouch are not MOLLE they are velcro with straps to secure it in place.

- Pistol belt prohibits you from tightening it due to a size difference in the belt and the slide.

- Pistol when holstered some times snags my 2 point sling.

In conclusion it's not bad for the price I got it ($30) but if you want something sturdy and overall better quality pay up the extra cash. But if you want something that works and you are on a budget, this isn't a bad option.
by Jose G. on 2011-12-13 20:37:31
"I got this vest for airsoft wars and it is really great! Thanks evike.

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