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Condor Plate Carrier MOLLE System Ready Body Armor Vest - OD Green

23 Customer Reviews

by patrick t. on 10/13/2013
"I bought this vest on sale for 30$, which really allowed me to costomize it. I realized me being 5' and 120 pounds at the time made it a little big on me; but I made in work. First off the mag pouches on the side were a total waste. they were in a akward position, and the vest uses velcro to atach on the side, so they would always pull it down. However I was using real deal fully loaded P-mags. I did though find the spot very useful for a medic pouch, and a dump pouch. So my recomendation is,if you buy this vest get mag pouches. But, DO NOT stack them! If you are running around in the wood, or indoors, they are heavy, and do not allow you to go prone. the vest itself is very comfy, it get a little warm, but it is suprisingly well ventilated for a full vest. it does have a LOT of molle space. I weaved a OD condor backpack/bladder into the back; and it ballanced it out nicely. I loved the vest, but I traded a freind for a matrix. I would deffinitly reccomend this for a team gunner. you could put big saw mags on each side, and it would distribute the weight very well.
by Alaric H. on 09/17/2013
"10/10 This is a really good purchase. There is more than enough MOLLE, and the built in mag pouches on the sides saves from having to add extra pouches for mags. Carries plates comfortably and the straps that grab around your waist are very nice, keeps the vest from bouncing around. Only problem is that putting on and taking it off takes more time than usual, and loud with all the velcro. I'm tall and somewhat thin, and this looks and fits great. Slightly adjustable for larger people. Again, amazing vest, NO PROBLEMS
by Samuel E. on 05/25/2013
"One word..... AMAZING

This vest Hauls!!! It is just... Indescribeable!
The material its made of is VERY high quality and will Definately wistand ANYTHING you throw at it.
The color is great and the MOLLE... HOLY SHOOT! I couldnt ask for more!

Heavy duty
Great Finish
MOLLE real-estate
Velcro for Morale Patches (GUNS N COFFEE BABY!)
Plate carrier

A little big for a large size plate, you'll need to put some cardboard in there to hold it in place...
The supposed M4A1 mag pouches integrated to the sides dont quite fit an M4A1 Mag.
(I use them as a pistol holster and a pistol mag pouch cuz im cheap XD)
Possibly more velcro faced MOLLE

Overall, The nicest vest ive ever seen!
by Jack Z. on 05/07/2013
"Very nice plate carrier. Made of nice high quality materials. The only thing is that the integrated M4 mag pouches probably can't fit a single mag, they are very tight. But I run a G36 so I'm not worried about that. Its a very secure vest and is recommended greatly.
by Spencer Y. on 01/29/2013
"This vest is great. I recommend it to any range of airsofters, from new to professional. It has a VERY intimidating look. Although it has SO much MOLLE space, it looks bare when you but this alone. I purchased mine with some M4 series mag pouches. If you with to make the vest look just... even more intimidating, buy two double M4 open top mag pouches, a radio pouch, and and an IR American Flag to put on the velcro on the front. Cons and Pros:

Very sexy look
Mostly fits everyone, (I am 10 and it fits me well)
MOLLE space
Goes PERFECTLY for any Ranger loadout
Carry handle on back of vest

Heat (Recommend a combat shirt)
A little bulky, I sometimes have a hard time tying my combat boots.
by Michael C. on 12/29/2012
"I got this vest/plate carrier a few months ago and it is great! Tons of MOLLE space on the whole thing, unfortunately for myself, i carry the M4. My friends all carry DMRs and SAWs, so, i was nominated to carry everyones gear and magazines on my back, along with all my pouches on the front. Regardless, it is an amazing vest/plate carrier.

OD Green looks good
Can sustain a lot of weight
Fits me great (Im a runner so, I'm not the biggest guy ever)

For me, it got bulky when i weighed it in at 30 lbs
Generates a lot of heat after a while, but its all just training for me :)
by GARRY T. on 11/27/2012
"so i got this vest about 3-4 months ago and all i have to say is wow. this vest is just full molle and all the pockets i have fit the vest. the vest held all 4 of my double stack m4 mag pockets, id pouch, double pistol pouch, hydro pack and an utility pouch with ease. as you may already know, there are 4 integrated m4/ak/g36 pouches on the sides. this is a great vest for any milsim player or if your just getting in airsoft and don't know what you want yet. oh btw the Velcro is great and the vest can hold 2 SAPI plates.

its 40 bucks right now
very tatical
soooo much molle
Velcro is easy to take off

hot... i would suggest a combat shirt but you should already have one if you get a vest like this
by Nick D. on 08/07/2012
"Oh I just love this vest! You could not ask for more MOLLE, and extremely adjustable. Easy to take part.

Lots of pouch room, MOLLE is everywhere
Easy to adjust
Fits all

by Christopher B. on 04/30/2012
"I brought this vest for its maiden voyage on a 24hour op two days ago and it performed very well. The vest has very good molle and it has plenty of real estate on the front back an sides. It is a little hot but it isn't too bad it is very light and all you need to do is break it in a little bit.
Real estate
Light weight
Heavy duty
Name brand
A little hot
by alex c. on 04/23/2012
"I just purchased this Plate Carrier on Friday 4/20/2012 and I must say I'm pleased with it. MOLLE up the wazzoo I must say. I'm currently waiting for my Admin Pouch and 2 3M4 pouches for this beast.

The only down side I will say is... that it is a TIGHT fit for Bigger People. I got it to fit and its secure its just really tight.
by Taylor D. on 04/14/2012
"This plate carrier is amazing! It is like literally the most adjustable one I have ever seen. There are just layers upon layer of velcro straps and buckles that are there for you to form it around your body. Also if many of you are looking at this vest but can't really see exactly what type of tan it is--because of no pictures, it is coyote tan, looks legit! Condor really did a good job with the vest and impressed me also with all the other pouches I bought to. What I also like about Condor is that; like i previously stated, is that their "tan" is coyote tan which I think is much better and matches more types of camoflouges. Anywaaays this vest is great and I think it will practically fit anyone because I am 5'6" and around 115 lbs and it adjusts to me great and still is breathable. So far I have not used it in a match yet but I already can tell that I am going to have a great time with it.
-Very adjustable
-Coyote tan FTW
-For any size person in my eyes
-Great quality
Cons: Nooone
by Coulton H. on 10/07/2011
"This vest is amazing! It has TONS of molle real estate (all around sides, front and back). If your smaller of a person dont worry because im 14 and small for my age and it fits just fine. Its also is adjustable so for older people it will fit you to. A little spendy but if you have the money definetly buy it because it is well worrth it!

lots of molle space
fits me (im small)
every aspect about it is adjustable
built in pouches that are unnoticable

expensive but you get what you pay for and more
by Angela W. on 10/06/2010
"this vest in great, very thick and sturdy, the reason the thicknes is so great is because it supports your back unlike the crossdraw vest, the velcro side parts and cumberbun is perfect, when you get hit you cannot feel the bbs hit you but you can hear them so thats a plus for all you wimps haha, the velcro is extremly high quality and stays in place, im five foot five inches and the vest fits perfectly. MOLLE sraps are beyond good, lots of cushon (but not too soft) its heavy.

good MOLLE
supports your back unlike cross draw vest
very durable
lots of room for MOLLE gear
by darby g. on 01/05/2010
"i have recently bought this, some pouches, mags, and it has been great. There is plenty of room for many different pouches and the vest itself is great quality. An easy 5 stars in my book.
by Josh W. on 02/25/2009
"I have had this vest for almost a year. Wanted to give it a test drive and a beating before I made my review. Really nice sturdy design! Can take a beating and hold all your battle rattle together. Leave a little extra space when wearing in combat. The tighter it is the hard it makes it on you to breath.
You should also look into a harness to help keep it in place. I have a harness, belt, tactical thigh holster, and a mag dump to keep it in it's place with out having to worry about it riding up on me when proned and crawling in the grass. To be honest about the plates. There isn't a need for them with the vest. It's just useless weight and less movement. You don't feel them through the vest anyways.
For the price it is a good addition. Great for A.L.I.C.E. Clips or webbed pouches. Just wish there was more patterns to choose from.