Reviews: Matrix USMC Style Digital Woodland Marpat Battle Uniform Set - 2XL

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by Ryan S. on 2015-02-04 18:28:56

That's all ive got to say...
this is by NO means of the word 2xl
I got...well in a word...screwed out of the to-good-to-be-true price of the bdu...when I got it first off the pants even say on the tags they are only up to a 31" waistline and 36" chest for the shirt!
So now I'm also more than likely gonna be screwed out of my money on a stupid cross draw vest to match. So do not buy if you are bigger than the measurements I provided.....I recommend going to an actual army surplus store that lists their measurements.

Aside from that. If your smaller than the measurements. This is an awesome bdu. Very authentic. I'd have gave it five stars if it would've actually been 2xl.
good luck finding a digital woodland camo bdu in an actual 2xl size.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)