Reviews: Matrix USMC Style Digital Woodland Marpat Battle Uniform Set - Small

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Model: BDUSet-DW-S
Location: D2-145 WO13-M02

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by Ian B. on 2013-11-15 18:53:48
"I am 5'3" and skinny, and this thing is still a little bulky. I love the vest, goes great in woodland environments. Yes. It is not true digital woodland, but it actually seems better. For darker wood environments or cqb it will outperform normal woodland digital. For lighter greener or browner environments, normal might be better. It does not have fancy built in knee pads or velcro patch areas, but for 35-45$ its a great deal. As long as you don't get any actual woodland digital accessories, it looks like woodland digital to people. I use all od green including, dump pouch, vest, helmet, sling, pistol lanyerd, belt, holster, pouches, and everything. It goes great with green, just do not buy any woodland digital accessories. Trust me they do not match.

Only con is it is kinda big on me, not sure why because normally adult smalls fit me, but whatever, no problem

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)