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Model: ACC-6335-Skull

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by Micah M. on 2015-01-08 15:30:02
"The Lower face mask that one can buy for their helmets do tend to draw other peoples attention. I ordered this and put it on my heavy loadout, and to say the least I look VERY intimidating.

I do wish it were a bit more flexible than it is, but it is high grade material and is very nicely shaped and such.

-Looks scary
-Made well
-Good for some patches (if your a patch-a-holic)
-You will be the center of attention
-Ties your helmet together
-Protects your mouth and nose from being hit
-GREAT for winter play

-The velcro it comes with is kinda bad
-If you have a bigger head it is really hard to adjust it to fit well
-Can cause your goggles to fog up easier
-Had to use 4 screws with washers on either side to put this thing in place to keep it from falling off
-It can get deformed pretty easily, so store it wisely
-Helmet can be hard to store after attaching this
by stacy s. on 2015-01-04 21:18:20
"Sorry about the late review now evoke hasn't never did me wrong before but when I had received My lower face mask it isn't Wasn't made like how it was in the picture now I'm not meaning to complain or anything an I'm not saying that it's Evikes fault either
Pros its a very different look I guess u could say an will definitely draw people's attention on field or cqb
The material Of it feels nice an strity I haven't got to test yet in game
An cons I don't have any other than my mask wasn't made correctly

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)