Reviews: Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Gen2 Metal Mesh Lower Half Mask - Camo

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Model: Mask-Strike02-LC

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by Henry S. on 2015-03-09 11:39:43
"Awesome mask, it feels like its free floating on tour face and has full protection of ears face and chin and looks cool. You can also bend it it your desire incase your goggles don't fit. Overall its totally worth your money.
by camden m. on 2015-03-04 14:38:24
"Okay, if you're a sniper, dont buy this. I made this mistake. Its okay but its annoying unless your scope sits high up. Also, its not tan, its od green. Not the most comfortable thing. Im 14, 5'8 and it is still to big. It hurs your ears too. took me a good 15-20 minutes to form it to my face. That was a pain! Be very careful of the goggles you choose. I guess overall, 4 out of 5
by Elijah S. on 2013-08-20 12:35:08
"Okay so this is a good buy. For me anyway since I am 16 as of current, this was necessary to buy anyway. For $25 it does what it's made to do and it does it well. It covers a good majority, well actually a good portion of my whole head. It covers all the way up to the ears which is where its ups and downs begin for me. The bright side is that since it covers the ears, you don't have to worry about that one lucky shot nipping a peice of your ear right off or worry about getting a helmet or shemagh to cover it up. Also this perfectly fits underneath my bulky flakjack goggles which I was not expecting because of my goggles bulkiness... Now if you're a dummy like me, in which I am still fairly new to airsoft, Buying a helmet that is not the MICH 2001 or anything similar, was probably my biggest goof. The ear peices of the mask fights viciously with the ear covers of my Mich 2002. Which sucks horribly as I wanted to have a full head covered monster setup. (not really like monster but the helmet + goggles + mask = protected wall.... In a sense anyway) I had to do a lot of forcing for this to hold on to my head with my helmet and googles COMFORTABLY which was very challenging.

Does what it's meant to do
Easily sports my flakjacks
Is good with a light setup for your head
Straps are easy to adjust

Fights horrendously with my MICH2002 and goggles all together
Have to force positions on it to make it fit comfortably but hurts your ears a lot
Pinches my nose hard with everything I have on (but I was respectfully a newbie at this time, I still am)
BB actually did shatter through and peirce my upper lip but that isn't really a con, it's just those rare possibilities that are out there.

I would say it's worth the buy, don't let my negative experiences affect your opinion. If you have a multicam loadout and want a good face mask, believe me that this is a good choice. I am sure the most of you are more experienced than I am and can figure this out quickly. If you're gonna do this with a helmet, make sure it's a MICH2001 or any similar style. You want earless as this is mask already features ear covers. (something I blindly overlooked...) I would still recommend it though to anybody.
by James C. on 2012-02-15 16:17:26
"Great Mask! I have been using it for several months. Allows you to breathe freely and hear clearly, matches my desert camo perfectly. Stays securely on your head and is lightweight and comfortable. Goggles fit perfecty above the mask. Great design.
by jason p. on 2011-11-28 08:45:24
"I got this about a month 1/2 ago it blends perfectly with my multi-cam, is very comfortable(it's bendable to contor to your face),is very sturdy made of a surprizingly thik metal mesh that is painted with flat tan so it doesn't shine,and has no breathing restiction.
I suggest you bye it it's a must to cover your face i go out coverd head to toe in multi-cam and have been unable to find a good way to cover my face that doesn't restrict breathing or cause fogging untill now.

blends well

you don't have one yet!!!
by Chad S. on 2011-05-01 14:58:27
"This mask saved me from several nasty welts this weekend. All I can say is I am now a believer in mesh masks. Not only does it provide face protection, it also completely covers your ears as well. Paired with my Revision Bullet Ant goggles, I had no problem with fogging or securely fitting the mask actually over my goggles (which helped on the field when I wanted to take the mask off to take a drink without removing my eye protection). The quality is very good and the adjustable hook and loop straps make the mask comfortable to wear on long games. Another great feature is the internal padding along the jaw line and chin. This padding keeps the mask from rubbing or annoying your face (especially nice if you sport a goatee).

Overall, a great buy and well worth the $25 price.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)