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Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel Mesh "Striker V1" Lower Half Mask - Black (Two-Strap Model)

17 Customer Reviews

by Jaime S. on 01/07/2017
"Great mask. I had to cut it to my face because I'm only 12, so the face shape/head is smaller then a grow man. Im buying a bunch of these and putting cool designs on them. Im thinking the Joker (White, Red smile). But these are great because you can bend the mask to you're face better. They look cool, they work and are nice to wear. Thank you Evike!
by Mason E. on 04/01/2016
"This mask has not failed me yet! I got this mask a long while ago. Even though I bought this two strap model it only came with one strap on it which was kinda weird, it still works perfect though. It will fit your face pretty well although the strap might rub on your ears some if you don't set it right when you put it on. It's a strong mask yet you can shape it any way you would like.

Adjustable in any way

Doesn't fit with most goggles
Doesn't come as advertised
Uncomfortable at times
by Luis U. on 01/25/2015
"This is a good protection for the lower part of your face. I got shot and I didn't feel a thing.
by Troy S. on 07/28/2013
"This product is great, especially with Avengers goggles and a cap. I've been using it for a bit, and it fits better than an I4 and is easier to sight in with. love it!
by Henry T. on 07/02/2011
"this product is well worth the money. it feels a bit odd at first but the wire mesh allows you to adjust it to the shape of your face. once you do that it fits perfect works great with arena flakjaks and a boonie hat!!!
by Amory M. on 03/24/2011
"I just got this mask, and it is great. I cannot feel anything when I breath. It is kind of hard to get it to be perfect for your face. It took me about a half of an hour to get it right. Unfortunately, it turns out that I have a pretty small head... so the strap will need some tinkering.

nice feel
complete ventilation
looks good

if you talk while wearing this it might fall off ( this might be because the strap does not fit me)
the strap on the back might be kinda bigger than normal

however, the Pros greatly outweigh the Cons.
by Albert G. on 12/12/2010
"Makes me look like Hannibal Lecter but it does the job protecting my face from getting pock-marked in CQB games, I usually run w/ this under a shemagh to cover my neck giving me almost full frontal face and complete neck protection.

Pros: Adjustable to fit face, breathable, so far the mesh has been keeping the bbs out

Cons: For people w/ smaller diameter heads, the velcro strap doesn't go far enough along the strap to secure properly, it's also been dented pretty bad in a couple places after taking some nearby shots so I'm worried about splintering bbs but it's nothing you can't bend back into place
by Erik F. on 09/19/2010
"Good bit of kit. I got mine and use it regularly. Airsoft pellets can chip or break teeth, so I never go out without covering my mouth, and this is ideal. It's comfortable, lightweight, and doesn't affect speech or breathing. The thing that makes this particular item stand out from other faceshields or similar lower-face protection is the fact that the mesh does not redirect your breathing. With a wrap or solid faceshield, hot, moist air is redirected up into your goggles, causing them to fog. If you're having fogging problems and wear a faceshield, try this item.

My only gripe(if it can be called that) is that it hurts to wear if you adjust it wrong. It comes folded flat in the box. The first thing I did was unfold it to match my face. Don't do that. It will ride on the bridge of your nose and your chin, and it's uncomfortable and will leave a blister or mark. Fold it so that it's a bit too narrow for your face, and the flat parts will ride comfortably on your cheekbones.
With that done, it's a flawless item that I wear every time I go on the field.
by Tien N. on 09/15/2010
"I got this a few weeks ago and it rocks but if you're too close and you get hit with an AEG at 350FPS don't be surprised if it gets dented and you feel a little bit of shrapnel from the BB's. Some smaller/lo-profile goggles will leave a small gap on the bottom but that can be fixed by a good fitted pair of goggles.
by Matt M. on 09/06/2010
"I just bought this on Saturday during the labor day evike sale. I got to say it looks good, feels good. In my opinion it's way more breathable, which is good. Since it's metal mesh, people can still see your face, not really ideal if you want to conceal your identity. I wear a muti-use matrix balaclava underneath the half face mask, it covers my face without restricting airflow. These also look good with them flakjack goggles.

5 star
by Wallace M. on 08/31/2010
"Highly recommend these if you are looking for something ergonomic with good air flow.

Protection is great (obviously, the holes on the mesh is smaller than your bb, and it is very strong.)

Con: None, unless where you live is freezing code and you want something to keep yourself warm.
by Andrew R. on 04/25/2015
"The Iron Face serves its purpose and protects very well. I've had no problems with bb penetration or anything along those lines.
-Sturdy metal used for mesh
-Fairly comfortable
-Low profile
-Could use another strap going up around the top of the head
-Slips a bit too often, not very adjustable.

Overall a good purchase; it'll save you a tooth or two. The major issue is the lack of adjustability. If you can, rig some sort of an extra strap to keep the mask secure.
by Kent H. on 02/16/2014
"This is a pretty sweet mask, but it needs some fixing up on comfort issues. First, the grommet holding the strap to the mask itself isn't adjustable. Second, the cloth isn't the softest ever, so it digs into the top of my cheeks (could be just me). It can sometimes slip and push itself up into your eyes if you don't have it adjusted properly. Anyway, it's a great mask, looks cool, and is comfortable after you adjust it, and is awesome for the price.

Looks cool

Strap isn't as adjustable as I would've liked
Top of mask can dig into top of cheeks
by Diego S. on 01/21/2014
"The mask is generally excellent for what its made for. But for any fellow lefties out there, here's a warning. The mask is slightly bigger and molded in a different way to fit the shooting position of a righty. Some molding can make it just as useful on the other side, but the mask ends up looking like its in an awkward position on your face

Very good ventilation
Great protection

Made mostly for righties
by Rebecca C. on 08/23/2013
"I got this mask recently and I must say it is amazing. it will definitely hold up to protect you against any gun and it is very cool looking. it fits my safety glasses perfectly. if you are having trouble fitting it on your head I think it's because the back strap is supposed to go towards the top of your head rather than directly behind it and u will probably have a little trouble with it fitting your face but all you need to do is bend it to the shape of you face tight enough where it can almost stay on without the use of a strap. if you have a problem with your facemask fogging up than this and some safety glasses will be perfect for u. also if you are a sniper like me u will want this so you can actually look down the sights. only complaint I have is I noticed some dried glue glopped up around the sides which takes on a kind of cheap appearance. anyway great mask for the price and if u want it, GET IT!!!

p.s. if your glasses still get fogged up I heard shaving cream can solve that for a short while.