Reviews: Matrix Iron Face Carbon Striker "Striker" Metal Mesh Lower Half Mask (Tan)

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Model: Mask-Strike01-T
Location: D5-193 WO16-M14 WO3-M11 WO5-M02

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by David C. on 2014-06-11 08:09:04
"I bought three of these, and they all fit and look pretty good. Aiming down the sights is definitely easier with these then with some of the bulkier masks. I would give them a 5 out of 5 stars, especially for the price, however I have two gripes with them.

1.) The first is that there is only one strap. on these. Some of the pictures show two straps, but this is not the case. With only one strap, it can sometimes not hold it onto your favor very well and as a result if you're not careful it could fall off or become loose during a game. I really wish they would just remove the pictures that show more than the small strap it comes with to avoid confusion.

2.) Mine also came with some metal stamped trademark plate right on the face on one side of it. It's nothing too distracting or annoying as it's only about 1/4" by 1/2", but again it was definitely NOT in the photos, so I have no idea why it was there. I would try to remove it, but I believe doing so might leave a large hole on my cheek area where it was and I don't want to risk rendering the item useless.
by Andrew T. on 2013-09-07 16:17:20
"These are quite amazing as they mold onto my face flawlessly. The metal is well made and the strap is surprisingly comfortable. The only issue I've had with these is that the medal kind of grinds on the cheeks but I fixed that by wearing a shemagh right below. My FlakJak goggles sit on these perfectly, aligning well with the nose bridge and eye level. I suggest getting these immediately as they are one of the best meshes i've ever worn!
by David B. on 2013-08-27 12:39:33
"Its Great!But...

Pros: Serves its Purpose Protecting Your Face.
Adjustable To Any Face Size.
No Worries About Breathing & Communicating.

Cons: Hurts Your Face a Bit. Buy Sticky Padding from The Dollar Store.
by gabe m. on 2013-07-27 09:03:05
"great mask fits great and it will work with revision goggles. this is a must have. GET THIS MASK!
by Brandon M. on 2010-09-27 11:45:52
"Just got this mask, and its quite amazing. It's pretty comfortable due to the fact that since it's wire-mesh you can mold it to fit! Not to mention the fact that it's durable, to test it i gave it a few point blank shots from my JG M4 and it didn't even scratch it!

Wire mesh= Excellent air flow and adjustable
Makes you look like a Killing Machine

The edging on mine came detached a little bit by the nose but some crazy glue fixed it right up
by Bruno G. on 2010-09-24 03:30:28
"I didn't buy the mask here but its a nice mask.

only con is that the nose part may hurt between the eyes with googles since it goes up so high. Just add small foam there and you will be fine.
by Justin T. on 2010-09-11 11:43:44
"HAHAH I love it reviews posted before the item could have even arrived to them.

But yes these masks are great. I've taken a WE hi-cappa point blank to this baby and it does nothing.
I got it else where but this is the same mask. Evike just has relabeled them as matrix brand. Over all decent quality well worth If it doesn't fit you at first just take some time to bend it to fit you perfectly. It will take time but well worth the effort. That fact that you can even do this is awesome. other masks you are stuck with however it is.

Webmaster: When item is on pre-order, we already sold out on a batch, pre-order doesn't necessary mean it is a new item.
by Wallace M. on 2010-08-31 16:25:33
"Highly recommend these if you are looking for something ergonomic with good air flow.

Protection is great (obviously, the holes on the mesh is smaller than your bb, and it is very strong.)

Con: None, unless where you live is freezing code and you want something to keep yourself warm.

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)