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by Chris S. on 2010-02-18 18:34:27
"Very good mask for the price

-Very durable(feels like a rubbery plastic very strong)
-Flexible(molds to your face)
-Feels like nothing is there you almost feel free
-Adjustable Strap in the back of the mask
-It can take a bb at point blank at 550fps and probably higher +++
-More than one color choice I chose tan
-The price is very good
-Goes perfect with goggles
-Has rubbery padding for under your eyes

-(this isn't really a con but it has a smell of those masks you get at Halloween)-I like it
-Nothing else
by CJ E. on 2010-02-14 04:09:22
"I got mine recently. It's a decent mask, but I had to cut some of the material away for it to sit comfortably.

It has four straps that meet at one point on the back of your head that hold it on. It is very comfortable and completely adjustable - one size definitely fits all.

Under the eyes, there is a pad of rubber that prevents the edge from digging into your face. A nice touch.

The OD is perfect color, meaning perfect OD, do not try to use this with a Ranger Green (AKA ACU) loadout as it will not match.

It will mesh together perfectly with most goggles. I have the Hero Arms goggles seen in the goggles section under tactical gear/apparel, and they fit well with it, as do Arena Flakjaks. And I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure ESS NVG goggles will fit as well.

The cheek weld with my M4 is a bit off now, but nothing that prevents me from aiming properly. I also use a crane stock, so it may be easier with CTR/MOE/LE stocks.

Another thing to note is that it's not metal as the name would suggest - rather, a thin, bendable plastic. It'll take a ton of BBs without damage, but it's not metal.

Overall, I'm not like IMPRESSED, it is what it was advertised as - an ergonomic, protective face mask. Much better than any paintball mask I have worn. 5/5
by Christopher M. on 2010-02-09 21:00:10
"I just tried it on and fits great. It doesn't feel uncomfortable and it doesn't get in the way like those noob paintball masks!!!

The only thing is if you play at certain venues they will not allow you to use this with goggles because some places require a full face NOOB MASK!!! I think it's domb but I didn't make that rule.

I would still recommend this for anyone who plays for one: It's only 10 bucks, they offer it in OD which is perfect for any situation

Two: It does work, but please still use goggles

Three: You can use this under your matrix woven shemagh and can't tell its on.
by Taylor A. on 2010-02-01 15:30:49
"It's a good mask. I am using it with G&P USMC goggles during the winter, and it makes my goggles fog up a little. I ended up using a scarf. The mask it self is easily made and easily adjustable. I have very long hair so it's hard to fix on, for people with short hair/shaved head this mask would be best.

Good for people with short hair

Fogs your goggles depending on other factors
Bad with long hair
by Denny B. on 2010-01-30 07:29:55
"Great face mask, might be a little small for some though. Not enough ventilation holes, so drill more and you should be good. Doesn't interfere with using weapon sights of any type.
Does exactly what its supposed to do, minus the ventilation thing.
Very good buy.
by Peter S. on 2010-01-20 16:56:42
"First impression i had of this item was, "wow kinda looks ugly". But like they said, dont judge a book by its cover. it actually fits pretty sleek and fits with almost all goggles. The fit is pretty good and feels solid enough to take hits and flexible enough not to restrict.

1. mixed with a good pair of goggles and you have yourself a full face mask.
2. Flexible but durable.
3. Protects all necessary parts of your lower face.
4. Looks pretty BA.

1. The inside of the mask is like rubber and not foam so after a while it'll leave an imprint on your face. Doesnt bother me much though.
2. If you have bad breath, you got yourself stuck inside your own gas chamber, good luck.
by Steven N. on 2010-01-18 15:54:49
"Outta the bag my first impression was: Wow...this is is it going to fit my face??

Putting it on in front of a mirror i noticed that it's very comfortable. The mask is designed to be a big baggy so when you get shot the kinetic force gets distributed evenly so it's designed not to touch your face around the mouth and cheek areas.

The inside of the mask has two gel pads for comfort that's a nice feature, two adjustable elastic bands secures it to your face.

VERY GLASSES FRIENDLY For me it fits in a way where breathing doesnt fog up my glasses.

Highly recommended for those who wear prescription glasses and cant find a pair of goggles or full face mask

Displaying 25 to 31 (of 31 reviews)

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