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Matrix Lightweight Rip Stop Jungle Boonie Hat (Color: ACU / Large)

7 Customer Reviews

by Peter S. on 01/01/2017
"Confirmed; this product is a hat. It has the authentic military tag with precise sanitation instructions, and performs the task of being a boonie hat well, shedding water without soaking your head. It does come tightly rolled up, so ironing or a similar means of compression might be in order if you want to eliminate creases from the brim. Toggle is made of some kind of faux leather that may be replaced with a slipknot at your discretion.
by Michael W. on 04/26/2016
"Great product as usual. Well made and comfortable. I would recommend this to a friend.
by Brett F. on 12/02/2011
"This is a great buy for starters. What I don't understand is why people wear helmets to airsoft other than a look. there is no practical reason to buy a helmet. It would be hot and it would get heavy after 4 to 5 hours in the southern California heat. If your thinking about getting a helmet don't this is way cheaper and its not like a BB is going to kill you if it hits you! Real helmets are for bullets not BBS! Get a boonie hat ! this a great boonie hat good material and its got webbing and its really nice for airsoft or anything like mountain biking or mowing your lawn. ANYTHING!
by Vaughn B. on 09/25/2011
"This item is made with a very durable cotton it will last you along time and it wont let you down whenever you want to use it you can there are no limits.


chin strap string
by Campbell T. on 07/06/2011
"I found this to be a quality hat. Great material with a nice band around the top for mosquito nets or for fishing hooks. This can be used for hunting, air soft, paintball, fishing, hiking, climbing, and practically anything outdoors. The pictures here don't really show the actual quality of the fabric. Works amazing in water without any ripping! 5/5 with a great recommendation!
by John F. on 07/21/2016
"Good hat. The adjuster for the string is made out of a cheap leather so i cut it off and replaced it with a spring adjuster. Other than that great hat.
by Andrew R. on 04/25/2015
"Yep, it's a hat.
- Very light
-Decent head protection
-Adjustment isn't particularly amazing
-Brim of the hat isn't as big as pictured
-Kind of expensive at $10

Overall a good addition to my jungle operator outfit. Probably would not recommend for $10 but if you've got the cash, go ahead!