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Matrix Nomex Hard Shell Knuckle Tactical Gloves - Black (Size: X-Large)

5 Customer Reviews

by michael n. on 05/23/2012
"Very comfortable and reliable! Knuckle armor adds to it! B)
by ian w. on 10/20/2011
"The moment I pulled these gloves out of the box, I was in love! These gloves have a VERY comfortable design, padding on the finer joints, a velcro and neoprene wrist strap to keep them nice and tight, leather palms, and AMAZING knuckle shells. I punched a wooden desk while wearing these and didn't feel a thing, while leaving a dent in the wood.

These gloves are my new favorite piece of gear!!
by Manuel P. on 09/09/2010
i have been using them for comfortability i grip my gun awesomely i love them the hard knuckle is quiet with the fabric on top of them. i have done better with these gloves these arebetter than some cheap gloves definately
by Maureen B. on 12/30/2012
"This gloves are great, very protective and comfortable. The only problem is the palm is a bit loose. I also found these gloves to be a bit larger than normal gloves you would buy at a store (I got medium but I needed a small). I quickly got used to the size problem though. The palm isn't that big of a deal either.


Nothing really but the palm is loose and the sizes are bigger than normal gloves
by Antonio T. on 08/19/2012
"I was disappointed when I got these due to the sizing and sewing. The left glove fits great but there is some inconsistency in their sewing which left the right glove's palm area a bit loose, making a "webbed" area between my thumb and pointer finger, thus making it a bit harder to hold a gun handle.

I take a medium in most glove sizes and these were on the smaller end of medium. The fingers are not quite long enough, im wondering if I ordered the large instead I wouldn't have these issues.

To fix these issues ive tried stretching them out a bit, which is tough with the leather (probably a pro rather than a con to most)

Even with this, these gloves are good for the price. They are thinner than expected but still offer decent protection. They look great and after many skirmishes ive stopped noticing the issues I originally encountered. I recommend these gloves as long as you get the right size which is difficult over the interwebs.