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Matrix Special Forces Neoprene Tactical Gloves - Black (Size: Small)

9 Customer Reviews

by Nathaniel N. on 07/30/2012
"I just got these gloves today and i love them!

Doesnt restrict movement

The fake leather sort of smells (not a big deal)

These gloves are very good for what i paid
by Abraham G. on 03/10/2011
"When I first bought this glove, I thought it was pretty pricy, but when I went to the field man did this thing do a world of good. Some guy snuck up from my side and shot the snitz out of me and one of the bbs got my hand. Luckily i was wearing this glove and it protected me. BUY IT. Can change mags easily with it but it doesnt have much ventilation so take it off when you dont need to wear it.
by Ryan W. on 11/07/2008
"Really nice gloves considering the price, the only complaint I have about them is the Velcro strap isn't quite long enough for me (my wrists are slightly skinnier than what the gloves were designed for), but at least this allows for breathabilty, even though it's not that needed since your hands stay at a pretty good temperature the whole time. Dexterity and handling equipment is nice, and to top it off, it protects pretty well against those bbs that hit your knuckles.
by justin d. on 07/09/2008
"Very nice gloves. They provide protection, and are pretty comfortable. Not to mention that they look cool aswell
by Andrew T. on 06/06/2008
"These are great gloves. They have a thin padding on the back of the hand for protection, they are very flexible and not constricting plus they allow you to still feel what you are touching which I find as a benefit. The only draw back to these gloves is that they have no ventilation so expect to take them off often to let your hands air out as they may get all sweaty. A minor issue so I would recommend this to anyone.
by Alec L. on 06/28/2015
"Lack of style. But very good. Also affordable. Hasn't break or torn yet.
by vinh t. on 02/16/2009
"Great gloves!!!

Good grip
Low Profile
Makes you feel like you have more control of your gun

Don't get it stuck on velcro because it will pull out the threads.
Ventilation could have been better.

by Scott L. on 12/10/2011
"decent gloves, but you need some beefy hands, even for the small sizes. neoprene protects from hits and does a world of good. the finger tips on mine will not let me cycle the trigger, as in i can pull the trigger but it wont go forward all the way. the easy way to fix this is cut the pointer and thumb off the glove and sew the ends. easy to grip your weapons and reload. i recommend spending a few extra bucks for matrix style gloves.
by Paul H. on 11/02/2008
"Go to a store such as Target or Kmart, find a latex glove box, back of the box will have a hand/glove size measuring.