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Model: Gloves-251-BK-09
Location: Y2-886

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by Nick M. on 2015-09-06 19:10:13
"very good material, warm, comfortable, and very durable
by Ben C. on 2014-12-12 15:18:45
"After breaking these in for a good while, during airsoft and out, in the chillier weather, I can finally come to a verdict and review.

Came packaged great, very fancy and conveniently. As expected with leather gloves, they were a bit tight and rubbed slightly on the first wear during a skirmish, though for day-to-day use they were fine. (And yes, these really are a rather nice leather with a few fabric sections!)

Once broken-in, I found that they were quite large in comparison to my hands. So much so that they were quite uncomfortable when trying to aim and shoot with my 2nd gen G17, as was my firing hand with my Krinkov, mainly due to the hard knuckles being placed too far back on the hand and having no padding between the knuckle and your hand, which leads to it digging in and even making a bit of an imprint on the top of the leather. Also, the sticking on almost all of the second knuckle pads has started to stick up, which is pretty tatty considering the price.

However, despite all this, the gloves are overall quite comfy and very useful, also very warm if you plan to use them to keep the cold out, probably better than any fabric tactical gloves. Furthermore the "Touch Tech" works *perfectly*, so you you'll never have to take them off to use your phone or a monitor. The protection on the inside of the hand is also superb. Just be advised these are not the way to go if you want the utmost dexterity and are a POOR choice if you plan to cut one of the fingertips off.

In short, I'd save them for colder weather, sniping or if you're a support gunner. GREAT for lower mobility scenarios or out of shooting, but looks further for dexterity and comfort.

Overview: Pros and Cons
-Very durable feeling
-Good leather
-"Touch Tech" works perfectly on touchscreens
-VERY protective

-Improperly placed hard knuckles
-Potentially poor stitching on second knuckle pads
-Not very dexterous
-Not as comfortable as they could be
-Too expensive for what they are
by lino l. on 2014-03-30 15:32:14
"Pretty good glove they fit nice and comfy.

nice material
lots of padding
actually it works well with smart phones

The "knuckle" protector is in the middle of the hand instead if close to or the knuckles it self.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)