Reviews: Matrix Nomex Special Ops. Tactical Gloves (ACU) - Medium

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Model: Gloves-Nomex-ACU-M
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by Michael F. on 2013-08-21 18:52:16
"THese gloves are great, but take some breaking in. For one they are long, they go far over the wrist, and part way up the forearm. Most gloves are just at the wrist. So not only is your wrist covered from the elements (sharp objects, dirt, bugs, etc) but it's camo'd too. I've been given away a few times by my white wrists. Now it goes up under my acu sleeves, and my sleeves have velcro tightening to stay around it. The black isn't exactly camo'd, but it's on the inside of the glove. Either way black doesn't stand out as much as Caucasian does. Almost every glove I've ever owned (airsoft, landscaping, mechanic) have been comfortable at large size. This large size is a bit tight. I wish i would've gotten XL. I say with these gloves whatever size you are, get the next size up. Not a bulky glove, more precise. So much so that i would use them for snowball fights (most gloves are horrible in snowball fights). To faster break them in, lightly take some sand paper to the joints of the leather (area around the knuckles, joints of each finger bone). Sadly because they were so tight, my set slightly tore at the part between the thumb and the index finger. Again, I wish i would've gotten the next size up.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)