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Black Owl Gear / Phantom Aggressor MOLLE Ready M4 AK MP5 Magazine Pouch (Color: Double / Black)

20 Customer Reviews

by Juan A. on 11/10/2016
"Awe man what can I say, I had these thinks for about a year now and they are still working like brand new. now my entire vest is filled with these mags pouches( not kidding!!!!) they hold everything I through at it. They even work as a really good holster for an FNX 45 (including a pistol flashlight and a RMR) and the next pouch i used to hold the FNX mags in. They comfortably fit 2 mags but can fit 4 if you like. but it doubles as a Single 1911 Pouch in the way front of the pouch plus a M4 mag, to give it that TACO look But WAY CHEAPER!!!!!! But You wont regret Getting these mag pouches you'll be very pleased with your perches. Good luck !
by Kevin K. on 08/08/2016
"These pouches are fantastic! If you're looking for a solid (multiple) M4 mag pouch that won't shift or come loose in the field, then look no further. The only drawback is that they are fairly snug and, depending on the mag, might limit the number of mags you can carry at one time. I'm sure that it can be broken in over time, but that's also a testament to the quality of this product.

Disclaimer: I have only used this for my M4 mags and cannot comment on how reliable this pouch is with other mags!
by Henry D. on 04/11/2016
"So I bought this item around 1-2 months ago. So far, it works perfectly, however, I must say that if you use the standard M4/M16 mag that looks like the 6MMProShop 140 round mid-cap, you might have some trouble. PTS EPM Mags and G&P "Limited Edition" 130 round mid-caps fit nice and snug while also keeping retention. Now, for the problem, I use Valken 300-Round High Cap Mags and since they are about the same size as the 6MMProShop mag mentioned above, I have some trouble pulling them out of the elastic. The pouch has 2 elastic bands, the one that has MOLLE/PALS on it, and another one behind that elastic band. I put one mag behind the Elastic MOLLE band and the other mag behind the elastic band BEHIND the Elastic MOLLE Band(Sorry for not being clear). The issue is that the High-Cap mag sits really low in the pouch, which makes it harder to pull out.(Maybe not a big problem, but I thought it was worth mentioning)
Looks really nice with Tan/AOR1/Desert MARPAT(Would probably look good even with OD)

MAYBE that mag issue
by Corey W. on 12/01/2015
"Of all the pouches that I have tried and seen the phantom brand pouches are my favorite. The design of the aggressor pouches is truly a step up in versatility and functionality.

Feels nice
Smells nice
Elastic sides with elastic divider between mags
no buttons or snaps
easy removal design
removable top strap
Looks nice

The single pouch holds a thunder B perfectly!

I am ordering more right now!
by Daniel I. on 11/25/2015
"I bought these to hold my MAG 100 SIG 550-552 mags and these thing work great!

First thing you need to do if you plan on using these for the same mags is link them together. When you put them in the pouches linked you will need to use a little force to get them in, don't worry they will not break the mag pouch. Then you leave them in for about three days to stretch them out some. This will not make them so loose that the will fall out, it will just make them a lot easier to slide in.

They are also very rapid on the deployment of the mags.

I love these things!!!!
by Max B. on 07/09/2015
"If you're like me and tried the bungee mag pouches, you know it's a royal pain in the ass to take out and re-insert mags, so I decided to give these a go. These magazine pouches are easily one of the best I've ever used. You can run M4s, AKs, G36s, or SMGs and not have to swap mag pouches. If you want a higher speed setup, take off the retention straps, and you have decent retention with the elastic sides. The MOLLE straps are nice because you don't have to mess with snaps or Malice clips, you just tuck the extra underneath the pouch and it's solid. You really can't go wrong with the price tag, either. Overall a great mag pouch for any occasion.

Pros: adaptable to different mags, good quality, well designed, decent price, durable,
multiple color options

Cons: I got nothin'
by Matthew S. on 03/09/2014
"It's sturdy, band holds mags in well. It's a good buy. I use it for all my mags; 4x M4s, 2x G36s, 4x (maybe 8 max) MP5s, 8x 226s, and 4x P90/AR57.

Fit pretty much any style mags.
Light, and useful.

The strap over the mags, sometimes doesn't want to stay in place. but can remove them as a bonus.
by William S. on 01/07/2014
"Love this pouch.

Works well with single mags. Works well with out the elastic top strap. Works well with two mags. Works well with MP5 mags. Nice solid construction and good Molle straps. Really, I'm just very impressed with how well this mag pouch works. I also use the Molle webbing on the front to temporarily affix a shotgun shell holder when I'm running a shotgun and not my M4 or MP5. The mag pouch collapses nicely when empty so that shotgun shells don't stick out too far.

I'll be getting a triple pouch for my Condor MOPC. It will fit perfectly across the belly and give me more than enough magazine storage. Good stuff.
by trevor p. on 12/09/2013
"best mag pouches i have on my rig! its hard at first to first your mags in there but once you get everything situated everything fits fine. does not sag or droops on the rig, stays right in plays and i love the quick detach covers.
by Ryan k. on 09/06/2013
"I've had these pouches for about 4 months now. Theses are great pouches to hold almost any type of mag a must need if u constantly flip through guns thru out the day.

removable tension strap
fits almost any typ of mag
molle web on front of pouch
kinda stiff when you first get them (no biggy)

Overall great product for the price
by Ross S. on 08/07/2013
"Great pouches. I bought two of these double pouches for my ranger green plate carrier. I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking it might not match up in color but to my relief, it did (plate carrier made in USA, pouches in China). One thing to note. The pictures don't show this, but the elastic on the sides of the pouch is ranger green as well. The pouches were a bit difficult to thread onto my carrier, but the molle spacing on the PC itself is wacky, so it's no fault of the pouches. I really like the fact that you can customize these to your needs. I personally have removed the elastic covers and am running them in an open top configuration. These pouches are very reasonably priced and are of great quality. You really can't go wrong with these things. Highly recommended.
by Kevin J. on 05/18/2013
"best mag pouch ever
you can put it on and take it off very fast
very solid
looks good
highly recommend it
by John H. on 05/05/2013
"These are the most amazing m4 mag pouches I have ever used.

snug fit
easy to pull out
the elastic band barely gets in the way, much better than string topped.
The pouch alone is elastic and will hold your mags in.

you have not bought one yet seriously buy them before they go out of stock
by Austin L. on 04/27/2013
"This pouch is great. It's very versatile and can fit a variety of mags.


Can fit up to:
Two G36 mags
Four M4 mags (I've tried with E-Mags and Stanags, works for both)
Four AK mags (I used SR47 mags, but there the same shape)
I believe eight MP5 mags, but definitely at least four
Two Thunder B grenades
The elastic tabs are removable for those that they're annoying. I usually take the tabs off of my mag pouches, but these tabs were very easy to take off, so I kept them on.

MOLLEing it on is a little weird because of it having hard tabs instead of buttons, but it's actually really secure once you figure it out.
by Brandon T. on 01/22/2013
"Best mag pouches I've ever used.
I use the phantom aggressor double mag shingle/pouch (whatever it is that you wanna call it) on my 1st line rig as a quick, and accessible magazine bearing setup and it works fantastic.
Without the straps, there's enough retention to hold the magazines snug in it's pouch, but not too much to make it difficult, and cumbersome to draw. Running, dropping prone, and jumping will not budge the mags at all, so no worries about losing magazines in game or on the go.
I haven't used the aggressor pouch with the retention straps yet, but they seem to be of a great quality bungee material, and are fully adjustable according to magazine size. This is a very versatile pouch.
Another thing I love about the Phantom Aggressor is the molle system. Instead of the traditional molle system with buttons or plastic strap locking system, the aggressor utilizes it's own unique molle system that is much easier to use. Kinda hard to explain the molle system, but you'll see when in hand.

Great system. I love it. Don't think I'll be using a different type of molle pouch/shingle anytime soon.