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Condor Tactical Ammo Pouch / Mag Dump Pouch (Color: Black)

9 Customer Reviews

by Ryan R. on 03/21/2015
"This is indeed a saw pouch, though I use it to stow away tools and other mission critical items in a convenient place. It is a sturdy pouch and fits securely to my gear on a non Molle or Alice belt it holds but slides around as is to be expected. It hold up to my missions and my demands so it earns my approval.
by Demetrius J. on 02/22/2015
"This pouch is great, I've had mine for a good 5 or 6 years, and I have used it a lot. I'll break it down simply:

- Doesn't take up much space (for a dump pouch)
- Doesn't flop around
- Keeps the mags/whatever else you put in it very securely
- Built well
- Can be used to hold many things
- Removable top cover

- Can't hold more than 6 or 7 m4 mags (but will most like hold less as you won't be putting the mags in upright when playing, and even less with the top cover)
- Velcro is hard to open
by Kevin P. on 07/29/2013
"This thing's great. Unfortunately it didn't fit on the front of my Condor operator plate carrier alongside the triple mag pouch... Shoulda counted the straps, and it's uncomfortable for me when attached to the side, so I decided just noto to use it quite yet. Had it attached to the back for a while but honestly I don't want people dumping in my back mid-game. It's pretty bulky, but nicely padded, good velcro, snap closures, and removable elastic opening, in case it gets in the way. I thought that was a really cool feature. I'm sure I'll find something for this. Great for what it is, I'm just bummed I didn't have room on the front of my plate carrier.
by Brandon T. on 11/09/2012
"I bought this to hold my BB's and gas. I thought it was bigger but it wasn't. That's fine since I probably won't be needing the extra gas but i also doubles as a dump pouch! It comes with an attached piece on the top that is sort of like a dump pouch as it lets things in easily, but doesn't let things out. Also the multicam is correctly matched with my Tru-Spec BDU's.
by Taylor D. on 04/14/2012
"Great pouch that will protect your empty magazines. It works really good for my because I have it on the let side of my plate carrier and it makes for nice and smooth magazine swaps. The design of it is pretty much a big velcro flap over it with an almost elastic type material that will keep your magazines within it and they will not be going anywhere. Also it is a coyote tan color that looks great with practically any camoflouge pattern. I definitely recommend it!
by Susan D. on 03/26/2009
"this thing is awesome. you can fit a good bit of mags in here and i put it on my multicam thigh rig. it has a removable stretch cover thing that helps hold the mags in. and it has webbing on the side if you wanted to attach more pouches.
by Nicholas J. on 05/03/2017
"This should be called more a 'utility pouch' than a dump pouch. the elastic is amazing, i use this more than any of my other pouches, not including my main flappy dump pouch. BUT This biggest redeeming quality is the velcro IF you cut off the top part, the bottom is perfect for adding extra velcro patches, it fits my 2 name tapes (us army, last name) along with a standard american flag and a rank insignia sized patch perfectly. ACCESSORIZE YOUR AWESOMENESS! lol.. all in all i'd say 4*... i use this pouch mainly for shotgun shells, which it'll hold 20-25ish. as 30 rounds each thats over 600 rounds you have on you without the hassle of a bandolier losing them all the time. the elastic flap is all you really need on this, the velcro flap will get in the way. the buttons that hold on the elastic are strong enough to get you through even some of the toughest milsims.
by Giann P. on 04/22/2010
"This is an ammo/dump pouch, but there's a few ways of it opening. It has the flap, the spandex-y lip is covered to prevent dirt from going in and that lip is held on by buttons.

My main gripe about this is that it has no MOLLE webbing on the back, so it does hang loosely from webbing, not sure if this was an intended feature, but it certainly doesn't help with the design.

More pouch hunting I supposed..
by Edward C. on 10/04/2015
"Elastic piece is nice if you are using pouch for brass, but actual mags are a hassle with elastic. Velcro s strong but a hassle for quickly dumping mags. Does job well