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Condor Ronin Chest Rig (Color: Black)

6 Customer Reviews

by Suzanne R. on 08/29/2016
"this is an awesome rig!! I'm a kid and it can adjust very small for me. it is also a good chest rig for any one out there big or small.

light weight
you can put on your own patches and mag pouches
very easy to move around

it still is a tiny bit loose on me but that will change very soon
by Kevin M. on 03/25/2016
"This is the best rig. To demonstrate, an imagined Q&A:

You: This Ronin Chest Rig looks nice, how do you like it?
Me: It is the best. Also it is $33.
You: Cool, what do you like about it?
Me: It's good at being the best, and also being $33.
You: ...Can you give me any details?
Me: No thanks, I've already eaten.
You: What?
Me: Did you notice how much Molle storage it has, off to the sides so it won't impede lying flat? And the straps adjust in all 3 or 4 of the dimensions. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable, the buckles are solid, the color is a nice tan that blends with about anything, and there's velcro. There's also a hydration pouch back piece that can go with it. I really support your decision to buy this rig.
You: Thanks?
Me: Exactly, who needs multicam, anyway?
You: You should've just stuck to pros and cons.
by Vonda K. on 12/29/2014
"Great rig, 8 molle loops wide on each side.
I can fit everything I need for a milsim event with a small backpack and a blackhawk strike reversible molle belt panel and a drop leg
It may be different for others because I use an mp5/smgs.
by Devin J. on 01/14/2014
"super comforibal and adjusts to any body type when cusomized with pouches every thing is where you want it to be nothing gets in your way very compact
by brandon s. on 11/09/2013
"Lieterally the best vest/rig I've ever owned. I believe this is my 5th one in the 4 or 5 years I've been playing airsoft, and this vest just has it all. It's really light, has enough molle space to carry enough for standard games or even Milsim if you travel light (3 x 8 molle rows on each side), and fits great. Time for the obligatory pros and cons.


fits securely (I'm 5'11 160 lbs, and I had to tighten everything about 80 percent of the way to make it fit tightly, so not a vest for really small people, but should work for most)

Lots of Molle room, considering how slim it is (3 rows that are 8 molle spaces wide per side)

Nice color. It's a nice tan that fits well with other Condor pouches.

Velcro space on the shoulder area.

SOOOO adjustable. There are five different straps to move around as you please, so this'll fit most average or large people.

The price! $33 is great for this thing. Throw on all your pouches and you can get this thing full loaded and ready for any scenario for around $100.

Looks great, and perfect for just about any use you can think of!


I have nothing to complain about. It's an awesome vest for only $33 bucks.

I entirely recommend this.
by Leisa B. on 05/12/2014
"I have owned this rig for about two months now and it is very comfortable. It is an inexpensive way to carry magazines and supplies without the weight of extra fabric or fake/real plates. Also very adjustable: it fit me (6'2" 320lbs) and my brother (5'9" 190lbs) with room to spare for both of us.


-Shoulder straps are slightly uncomfortable

For the base of a starter rig, this can't be beat!