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Condor Gen 5 Tactical MOLLE Recon Chest Rig - OD Green

5 Customer Reviews

by Zach C. on 09/30/2014
"Just got this today, and it is my first chest rig. It probably holds more if I forced it in, but 3 AK mid caps are fine for me! It has an admin pouch in the middle, and a webbing pouch that rests on the inside of it. It took a bit of adjusting to fit me(im a skinny guy) but after doing a few runs in the old field, everything stayed snug. I currently use the pistol mag pouches to hold random items like knives, speed loaders,etc. Theres a bit of MOLLE space on each side, I hooked up a walki talki to it. All in All, this thing may not have much MOLLE space, but it is definitely still VERY customizable!
by jeremiah c. on 03/12/2014
"This chest rig is the best i have ever seen, it fits my AK mags nicely, the pistol mag pouchs are a little tight for my co2 1911, it can fit 8 mags 6 in the mag pouchs and 1 on each side there are inside pouchs for mags BBs ect, i don't use them just becuase i don't like to carry a lot of stuff. there are 2 pockets on back of the pannel, i put my phone, bandana ect.
it is a little big on me but it fits good.
i highly recomend this for some one who want a light weight rig.

-JC airsoft.
by Bradley B. on 01/14/2014
"I haven't actually taken this out in the field yet, but I used it today for the first time, it fits 6 of my AK mags nicely in it, some force is required to get them inside as they are a slight bit too big but they sure as hell wont fall out whilst running around.
I love the pouch on the inside, will mean I wont have to use an admin pouch at all.
I also love the fact that you can remove all the flaps for the pistol mag holders, as I don't actually use a pistol yet.

Also, this vest will fit pretty much anyone of any size, I'm not exactly a skinny guy and this thing can easily fit around two of me.
by Lorie F. on 07/03/2013
"This vest is great and really comfortable to wear in an airsoft war. Its simple, yet for me it performs the best out of any vest i have ever used. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great chest rig.
PS. I have an ak and my mags fit and hold perfectly in the pouches.
by Bradley B. on 06/06/2014
"This is the first vest I've ever bought for Airsoft. I like the vest a lot, it fits both my AK mags and my M4 mags just fine. I would recommend this to any new Airsoft player with a budget, but there are better vests you can buy with more money.