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NcStar AR-15 M16 Type Chest Rig - Tan

7 Customer Reviews

by Roger M. on 01/19/2018
"Great all-around vest for the price. If you're looking for a low-profile, bare bones, way to carry mags -- you found it. Nothing to complain about at all. Preforms exactly as expected.
by Zane J. on 06/03/2014
"I just got this vest yesterday and have yet to test it in combat, but in the time that I have fit it and tried it out just shooting around, I'm very impressed. It's made of a very high quality fabric, and can be adjusted easily. I'm 5'8", 160 lbs, and very muscular, and it fit me very well with a jacket, but I'm afraid that if you're very skinny (_29" waist), it probably will be too big around the waist. However, I was impressed at how much stuff can be fit on a vest this small. I fit 6 g36 midcaps in the build in pouches, and mounted two Thunder B grenades on the outside using M4/M16 mag pouches, two speedloaders, and a radio. There should be ample room in the back pouch for a 2 liter camerbak, so no worries there. Overall great value for money, I highly recommend it.

Good Quality
Fits a lot of stuff
Easily adjusted
Looks good

May not fit very skinny people, or people who play in a T-shirt
by Nate H. on 02/23/2014
"when I got this rig, I was surprised at the quality of it at the price. I run an M4 system with mine and I have put a bunch of different molle accessories on it. the fact that it covers you back was a great thing for me, the already attached hydro carrier is obviously a must for the Texas heat during the summer. For anyone that is bigger in size, im 6'3 230 lb, this vest would be great for you with a little extra wiggle room.

plenty of molle
you can use this rig for a lot of cqb situations

the bungee system on the rig was pretty confusing so what I did was cut some of it off to make it work.
I wish it had a chest panel for admin pouches. I've got mine on the left side front of the rig.

This is probably one of the best rigs I have owned. there is so much that you can do with it that even I haven't considered yet. if you want something that is lightweight, carry a bunch of mags, and will last don't look at anything else cuse for the price its well worth it
by Nick P. on 07/09/2013
"Great rig! I was split between the regular chest rig panel for $25 and this, but eventually decided on this since I run an m14 and an m4 platform. (This rig already has built in M4 pouches so i didn't need to worry about buying extra m4/m16 pouches.

Greatest pros:

-for bigger guys (might be a con for some of you)
-molle everywhere
-mesh pockets on the inside behind the built in m4 pouches
-Affordable. C'mon.... $35? steal.


-Bungee retention is really confusing. Mine must've come assembled wrong, because I cannot place m4 mags into the pouches without having to untie the bungee cords first.
-Would like to pay more for an added chest panel on top, but this rig has enough room.

Other thoughts:

Fits people bigger in stature such as myself (6'1", 200 lbs.) as this side adjustments were fully tightened down and i still had plenty of wiggle room. For smaller people, I would not suggest this.

Overall, get this rig! you will not regret it.
by Brent C. on 01/26/2013
"I bought this chest rig set up about a month ago and have used it 3 times since. This thing is almost perfect. its got a built in hydration carrier already so you dont have to worry about that! it holds a total of 12 mags ( which is more than plenty) and it has molle almost every where so you can add more pouches if you want! The reason i say its almost perfect is because the sizing is a little big and is a pain to adjust. Im 5'11 and 150 pounds and its a little big on me. but once you get the hydro blatter and your mags in it weights it down enough so that its not that much of big deal! The other thing is that the bungie straps that hold in the mags are pain in the butt the first few times of use! but once they get broken in they work perfectly! I put a condor admin pouch on it and it looks amazing!! If your thinking of buying it dont hesitate!

light weight
comes with hydro carrier
molle everywhere!!!
holds 12 mags!

a little big
the bungie mag holders are a little stiff at first.

Buy this thing if your thinking about it!!
by David A. on 05/08/2012
"I bought this chest rig in the hopes I could have a fallback from my SDEU vest, something that I could throw on real fast for longer engagements outdoors and have everything I need, at the ready. When mine arrived, I was actually pretty surprised at how well-made the whole affair is, it's pretty robust and durable. Don't be dissuaded by the example image, the product you will receive is actually of higher quality than is depicted on the retail site.

I was unable to find its material care tag so I'm not entirely sure what it was constructed of. I don't think it's Cordura, but it seems fairly comparable in tensile strength and doesn't seem to be cheaply-made. The real test though, will come from putting it through its paces.

As advertised, this is a six-cell, double-shingle chest rig. It will indeed hold twelve STANAG-type magazines or Magpul P-MAGs and there's PALS/MOLLE webbing all over the thing. I would like to have seen it with an admin panel attachment to the front, but there's at least some real estate on the top of the hydration carrier in back for velcro patches.

This vest will fit larger framed individuals up to about 2XL. I'm right around the 1-1/2XL area and a lot of other vests and chest rigs offered here on the retail site are designed more for the Medium crowd, so this rig is an absolute lifesaver. I paired mine off with a Condor H-Harness that carries a pouch for my MP7 mags, a triple-cell singleshingle M4 pouch, two FBs and a utility bag for long-haul games. This rig with or without the H-harness is a lightweight, high-speed setup designed to offer great mobility and loadbearing capability.

...And it fits. 5/5.


Made of durable, lightweight materials
PALS/MOLLE in all the right spots
QD buckles to fast-ditch
Holds 12 STANAG magazines


Would like to have seen an admin panel
Tactical spork, once again, not included
by trevor b. on 05/02/2014
"For the Price you can't deny that this is an awesome vest. Buy it!
Pros: High quality fabric
Good seams
I like the velcro with the button snaps integrated in!
Decent MOLLE
Really good bladder space in the back
Nice adjustability on the straps(high quality)

it hardly fits 2x mags per slot. You really have to wear them in
I can only fit 6 mags
You have to Buy MOLLE pouches for a lot of magazines
Bungee straps over the mag pouches get annoying

Overall I say this is a good deal, And i'm happy I bought it.
A great started vest to work off, and Affordable.