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Condor Gen.4 Tactical MOLLE OPS Chest Rig - OD Green

14 Customer Reviews

by Roy D. on 05/08/2018
"I've heard quite a few people make fun of/smack talk condor, but I've always been extremely pleased with their products and this one is no exception. EXCELLENT build quality and an unbelievable price for what you get. My only gripe with the product is that I'm 5'10 and 170 lbs. with a very very "athletic" build, and I had to basically adjust everything all the way in in order to fit me snugly - how I prefer my tactical gear to ride. However, I'm still going to give this a perfect review because its been that same way with the last 4 PCs and Harnesses ive purchased now, so I'm going to assume most of this tactical gear runs fairly loosely. Great product, 5/5 would recommend to anyone who has a normal to larger build, probably stay away if youre on the thin side, as I am at like the lower end of "normal" (30in waist) and had to play with it to get it to fit how i like it
by David C. on 09/26/2015
"This chest rig is sturdily made and holds a good deal of gear. As other reviewers have noted, this rig can fit more slender builds, but must be tightened to its utmost extent. The straps also allow this rig to be fitted to larger individuals. I am 5'10" and weigh 165lbs and I have a friend the same height as me, but weighs closer to 250+ and we both wear the same chest rig. It's that versatile.
by Calvin S. on 07/01/2015
"To start off, this is a great vest. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 150 pounds, and this is generously sized. I had to tighten all the straps all most all the way. The molle space is 4 x 12, which i use to hold 3 7.62 pouches and a general purpose pouch with about a third of it left for additions later on. So far it is holding up great after 15+ outdoor games with very little wear and tear.

Lots of molle space.
2 built in admin/map poches and + 2 built in m4/ak mag pouches.

A bit big.
by Richard M. on 04/27/2015
"This rig is really good. If you combine the hydration rig and the bib available you get a lot of MOLLE real-estate out of this rig. On the standard MOLLE parts with this W was able to fit a 3x double stack M4 mag pouch in the center a Condor EMT pouch and Condor admin pouch perfectly.

The quality is great. I do a lot of rugged stuff so my gear can wear out quick but this has lasted surprisingly well.

good quality
low cost
extremely customizable

Can't hold a ballistics plate well (just my choice to carry one)
by Kevin P. on 08/05/2013
"Love this thing, can't go wrong for the price (I got it for free _:D) plenty of molle on the front. They sell a velcro insert for the map pocket to become a triple m4 mag pouch, which I wish I had bought. the two mag pouches on the side are pointless for me they're under my arms and very hard to get to. I'm a 31" waist so no wonder. The Shoulder straps are very adjustable, I liked the rig to be right above my hips but I got the hydro harness so I had to adjust it to be a tiny bit higher. The waist belt could never adjust down to my size, but no big deal. If you're huge this should work great. Good stitching, as expected by condor. I think this would make it through a war. Quick detach buckles make it very simple to get on and off. Zero complaints besides the waist belt thing. 5/5 yo get this if you're considering it. Great for the price. Get the hydro harness also. Makes it look way gnarly
by Kevin J. on 05/18/2013
"first chest rig and love it
and looks great
the only downside is its kinda hard 2 ajust
by Bailey B. on 03/29/2013
"Great Chest Rig! This was my first one.

- Lots of MOLLE webbing (for a chest rig).
- 3 inner compartments for BBs, batteries, pistol/rifle mags, etc. Basically a dump pouch.
- Able to be tightened for smaller players.
- Comfortable.

- A bit stiff at first
- Tightening is a bit of a pain.

by Ty T. on 12/28/2012
"So i just got this vest and i think it is AMAZING!! There are only very few problems i have with it. I am 5.5 and 120 pounds so its very adjustable.
-good fit
-very adjustable
-light weight
-looks cool
-if too much weight the front will sag a little
-side pouch stringy things are annoying so i cut them off
-when adjusted tight for me all the belts are long in my back
-very uncomfortable with a hydration pack that i have (mabey mine)
by Blaine B. on 10/22/2012
"I love this chest rig i am 6'3" and weigh 250lbs and i have a gut and i have found that normal vests dont work to well if you wear a vest hence why i got this bad boy and i love the thing. I run a Echo1 MTC2 that uses m4 mags so i have 1 double m4 mag pouch plus 2 single m4 mag pouches for a total of 8 mags on the rig and 1 in the rifle and i use the center pouch for a spare battery and my kill rag i also have a matrix bayonet knife on the strap for melee and i use a 1 point sling to hold the rifle, and i still do not feel that the rig is heavy at all it feels perfect
by SEAN PATRICK B. on 03/29/2012
"Well, I have to say this is a great deal. once you get it fitted, it is very comfortable. I am a VERY skinny guy, so i couldnt get the lower back strap to get snug with me, but thats not a big deal.

The molle space on this thing is great. If you are one for patches and having stuff on your upper chest, get a upper chest attachment for it, but i dont think it would be needed. It doesnt get hot when you are wearing it and it provides plenty of motion. There is one large pocket in the middle of the rig that velcros shut and provides lots of storage for any papers or thin things you might need, like snacks maybe ;)

no 'flailing seatbelts'
doesnt restrict
lots of molle space
Easy to put on

The bult in mag pouches are too deep and velcro shut
the mesh pocket on the inside is hard to get to fast.

In my opinion, the chest rig os more than worth it. Even though i ahve listed cons, they can have alternate uses. you can put a water bottle in the (very) deep mag pouches and you can put your phone or your valueables in the mesh pocket so they wont be hit with anything.
by brenden m. on 03/28/2012
"this vest is awesome its super light even with 6 m4 mags on it and my dump pouch on the back its super durable and i dont sweat all all like i used to with my plate carrier this is perfect for people who like to move fast like me. i also carry a matrix hydration backpack so i have plenty to drink while im on the move.

super durable
low priced
lots of molle real estate
the fact that you can roll up the excess straps is awesome!

cons- was kind of hard to adjust perfect to my body but i got it now just takes a little time

this vest is great id buy from condor anyday!
by Ricardo o. on 12/02/2011
"Just got this and played one game with this and i got to say this vest is awesome! it's lightweight, highly maneuverable, high quality and comfortable, i mean i carry six mags , a tornado grenade and a extra battery and i don't even feel the weight like i would with other vests. definitely a good choice when you want to run a light rig for those recon roles and definitely good for those who want molle and not want a hole in their wallet.
by Jennifer S. on 11/30/2011
"I just got this vest in 2 days ago. I must say I am very impressed. It is fully adjustable and I'm a bigger guy, so that's a plus for me. I have 6 P90 mid caps on mine, 3 double mag pouches. I could put on another single, maybe squeeze in 1 more double, but I do not think there is enough room for a holster on it.

-affordable, at $25
-fits plenty of mag pouches on it
-MOLLE on shoulders, can clip a radio there w/out pouch

-with 6 P90 mags, no room for anything else
-doesn't have MOLLE on the back for a hydration pack, but you know it doesn't from the picture

This is a great deal and I would for sure recommend it. The cons are just little problems I have, you can get a leg or shoulder holster for a pistol, and the Condor hydration pack can be worn as a backpack.
by Dan G. on 04/06/2016
"I'm a fairly compact fellow 5'6", approx 150lbs with a 32-33" waist. I've basically had to cinch down all the straps as tightly as possible to make it fit (its on the big side of things for me) and it does actually fit comfortably now (the straps are rolled & stowed via velcro which is affixed to the ends of each strap). I also bought the bib which comes with two mod straps, it attaches easily to the mcr4 and adds just enough molle to attach the Condor HT holster which I also have.