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Model: Vest-CD-CS-TN

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by Stephen D. on 2013-06-29 22:14:46
"Really nice rig that has quite a few features. The mag pouches built in work well but i cut off the bungee straps because it was hard to insert mags. The chest piece is removable and has velcro to keep it closed. Getting the vest on and off isnt quick but it works. I haven't used the hydration carrier yet but it seems it is built well and has drainage grommets in the bottem. For those who say that its too big and cant be adjusted use the velcro attached to the adjustment straps and loop it through the molle on the side. And for the chest part i made it so the straps are crossed and snap on the opposite button. Im 5'6 and have a small figure but this vest fits great. All around a good vest for the money and if desired you can attach more pouches via the molle
by alarick l. on 2013-03-10 15:08:11
"this vest is perfect for me when i'm wearing all my gear. that being said, all my gear includes a thick winter camo coat that i can wear underneath, so not so good during the warmer months, since it is kinda large on me, even with all the cinches tied down as tight as possible. size aside, everything is perfect.


plenty of molle space for loadout customization
built-in bladder carrier for long days on the field
thick enough for decent torso protection
large enough to comfortably wear a coat under in the colder months


large enough to comfortably wear a coat under in the colder months.
by Darla T. on 2013-01-30 08:45:58
"Deffinately not the best vest I've ever owned but its alright. for the money i think you can find better. I'm 6'5 230 lbs and the vest doesn't fit me all that well. its actually kind of big on my shoulder and then the waist is kind of small and can't be adjusted that much. the vest isn't very good for running as it wiggles a lot and a terrible vest if your in fast paced combat as the mags are hard to get out. overall the vest is very comfortable but for the money id say get something else.

Built in bladder pouch
Lots of MOLLE

Very Loose
Not Very Adjustable
Mags are hard to get out
Hard to snap the buttons together in front
by lilliana m. on 2012-07-03 13:14:42
"great vest for the money.

hydration pouch
lots of mag space
lots of molle real estate
breathes well
not very adjustable. Im 6'1" 175lbs and i have tightened all the way and bounces around way too much when running during combat. not for smaller players.
m4 mags are really hard to get out of pouches, but ak mags work perfectly
no velcro panel
by Deana B. on 2012-04-01 18:17:11
"This is a GREAT vest.

lots of molle
Light weight
Hydration carrier

No hydration bladder

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)