Reviews: Phantom Interceptor Replica Modular OTV Body Armor / Vest - Extra Large (Black)

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Model: PH020-BK-XL

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by Elijah S. on 2014-10-25 19:11:18
"Can not believe there is no reviews on this yet, how long has this been on the market?! Okay, first i'll start out that I am 6'2" at 196 Ibs and this vest fit me perfectly. There was some confusion at first about putting it on but I quickly found out how thanks to the help of the employee at the superstore, (you definitely need to visit. I love it everytime I do), who showed me around this vest. I will be straight up that the front of the vest has multiple layers of the vest attached via velcro so you probably might not feel BBs if you get hit. There is TONS OF MOLLE all over. I got this primarily for a juggernaut load out and because I am a saw gunner. So I got this mostly for protection but the freaking MOLLE everywhere could be helpful down the road. There are a couple things that are a slight annoyance. The neck guard tends to not only restrict my movement of my head as I can't look all around with a face mask on, but it is also constricting slightly to my neck making breathing a little uncomfortable. But you can loosen the neck guard by clipping the straps on its sides to the buttons farthest infront of the neck piece. Also the shoulder pads are a bit awkward to wear but it quickly goes unnoticed one you get into the game. Over all, nothing big.

Fits tall people (yay)
Lots of protection
Lots of intimidation when combined with black smile mask, baseball knee guards, M249 SAW.

Kinda bulky
Shoulder pads and neck guard kinda get in the way
Tends to snag on vegetation in outdoor fields
Lots of intimidation when combined with black smile mask, baseball knee guards, M249 SAW which makes you Public Enemy #1

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)