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Model: AS-10B

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by Jennifer D. on 2016-04-03 09:11:24
"Very good vest overall, especially for the price. My only complaint is the stitching is pretty cheap but that can be fixed easily
by Gregory W. on 2013-07-24 22:14:28
"this vest is very nice i like it. Its hard to put mags in it at first but u will get the hang of it. This vest is very lightweight so it doesnt stop those people who dont like carrying around a large and heavy vest
by Chi L. on 2013-06-02 11:06:10
"Got this last week, been running them thur gameplay scenarios at home, then some of the netting broke but no biggy still very usable. I am 6"1 220lb with belly: Vest fits but not snuck even tighten to max, so I went to walmart and got me a $5 black pillow and put into the back net pocket (I still dunno whats it for), and turns out to be a very good fit.

the 2 upper pocket: 1 fits small M4 mag, other pocket can b used for 2 M9 gas mag
velcro 5 loops strip: kinda ok with small CO2 tanks but they slip out (fixed using ducktape to give grips on tanks)

quick, lightweight
8x M4 mag, or 6x M4 mag with m9
Mags fits snuck

netting easy to tear if not careful
belt strap gets in the way around corners (some stiffness)
Loose fit unless stuffed up

overall I like using this and I will recommend to friends but personally I will pair this up with a pistol pouch and molles for more mag pouches
by Michael P. on 2013-05-28 16:43:00
"Just got this vest today and so far i like it. Its thin and it has holes in it (Built like that) for air to circulate or to breath.

comes with pouches (Saves Money)
reasonable price

pouches are hard to put 2 mags in

Other than that its very good. worth the money
by Kain C. on 2013-05-25 20:12:53
"I got this a few days ago, it is a good vest. Although it seems small to me. It does not have a lot of drag. What I think is it should come with a belt piece to add to the belt loops to gives it more drag.
Pros :
light weight
lots of pouches

no low drag
loose(even when tightened)
by Paul B. on 2013-05-22 12:21:49
"Overall, this vest seems very reliable. It does come with a small pouch mounted on the loop above the water pouch, possibly for a radio.

This vest, at first, could NOT hold 2 M4 magazines per pouch. They were bound horizontally by a elastic band, which could easily be cut to allow for that increase in space. I'm sure that this band will stretch to accommodate 2 M4 magazines per pouch given enough time, or enough force.

Once "tightened", the vest was still fairly loose. Given that I am 5 foot 9, and weigh 125lbs, this does not mean much. Near the bottom of the vest, however, are belt loops that can be used to add extra support to it. I would highly recommend using a belt.
by Kurosh K. on 2013-05-19 14:25:22
"I'm giving this a fair deserved 5 stars due to a couple of reasons. It's lightweight (if that's what you're going for), it's perfect for a smaller guy (me), and the price is amazing.

If you're looking for a CQB vest that holds a few mags that you would need and aren't looking for a heavy vest or too much protection (the vest is pretty thin) then this is definitely what you should go for.

Has a good amount of mag slots
Fits smaller people

No MOLLE webbing (of course)

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)