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Condor Exo Plate Carrier - Tan / Large

9 Customer Reviews

by Edward R. on 02/15/2017
"I purchased this vest for It's design and it's plate holding abilities. I have had it for about 2 weeks now and I have hardly taken the thing off. I love it, it fits snug but not tight on my body. It breathes nicely and it looks bad as with my BDUs.

plenty of spots to attach mag pouches
holds front, back, and side plates.
Plenty of space for patches.
Camelback fits nicely inside it.

It weighs a decent amount even without plates.
It does not come with any pouches
to get a perfect fit it requires two people.

overall a very good vest at a very good price
by Lou S. on 02/27/2016
"What's up Airsofters!
jk not Matt ):
Comfort and/or Adjustment

This plate carrier is awesome. It fits me perfectly without any adjustments. If you need to, the shoulder straps can be opened to tighten them. Also, the bottom panel opens up to reveal adjustable Velcro that you can detach to make it tighter, or to make it easier to take off. The way the vest is aligned makes it very even, which can prevent the vest from shifting around. --------------------------

The vest it self has TONS of Molle webbing, making it useful for attaching any pouches you may (or may not) need. Don't worry, if your not a fan of the shoulder straps have Molle, they can be removed and/or reversed. The fact that it is coyote brown is great for all you MARPAT (Marine Pattern) users. The color also works great with traditional desert camoflauge. Believe or not, this works really well alongside traditional woodland as well. The Carrier sits higher on your body than the defender PC (plate carrier) making it GREAT for battle belts. *cough* condor battle belt is great *cough*
Fitting & Size

Keeping in mind that the whole thing inside and out is adjustable, I would say Large is good for anyone 14+. If you are any younger than that, I would recommend a smaller size. The vest height is about 2.5' and the width when put together is just about 2'.
Plates & Variants

This DOES have places to put in SAPI plates. However, the side and front panels are connected. Ditto for the back. Smaller plates may shift around if you don't have side plates. If you use Large plates or even no plates, you are ready to rock and roll. There is clips on the bottom of the front panel to attach groin pro. This is a great feature rarely found in Plate Carriers. The handle on the back (Used in actual combat for pulling someone) is VERY durable. You can use it to clip a backpack to it with a D ring. There is Velcro on the front upper panel, and a Velcro access admin pouch on the lower panel. Velcro is also found on the back upper panel as well.

There's the specs, and here is my pros,cons

(Pros first. Good vest. Very Good. Much wow)


- Lots of Molle Webbing
- Very adjustable
- Comfortable
- Inner webbing to reduce heat
- Good color
- Amazing quality (Almost un-breakable)
- Very customizable (groin pro, etc)
- Plenty of room for plates


- Not too much Velcro space
- A little too much room for plates
- Shoulder pads may get in way of stocks

That's that! Now go buy it!
by Caleb R. on 05/17/2015
"I got this PC for Christmas and I love it there's so much room for different pouches! I can currently hold ten mags with all the pouches I have on it. Overall this is the best plate carrier I've ever owned it's definitely worth the price
by Jacob F. on 01/18/2015
"would love to say this is a great PC. plenty of space for mags, and velcro for all your patching needs. great PC overall. there are a few patches of MOLLE near the bottom left/right on the front and back that are larger than normal (about 1 1/2 to 2" wide), so if you have a pistol holder a bit larger than normal MOLLE, this will work.
by andrew v. on 02/12/2014
"I want to start off by saying this is a pretty darn good vest for the money if your a bigger dude like me this will fit i'm 6'6'' 285 and i have this thing at its smallest setting and it fits perfect PLENTY of room for anyone bigger then me. It may ride to low for some players but there adjustable shoulder straps so you are able to bring it up some. I originally purchased this because i have previously bought a lancer tactical PC and it was way to small and i got that one coyote purchased this PC in tan and its like a shade lighter then coyote but i would highly recommend this to a fellow player looking for an affordable and comfortable PC!!
by Gabriel P. on 12/27/2013
"This is a pretty nice vest but to make this more of a short review this is basically a more bigger version of the Condor MOPC. So if your looking to see if the quality is good or not, just read the reviews on the MOPC and see for yourself. Thanks for reading.
by Ian T. on 01/09/2017
"I am 5'7", 32 in waist, 13 y/o. This is a great vest, it protects me very well, and it is very easy to put in cardboard plates. The PC is very easy to put on and adjust. The only problem I have is when I lean down it hikes up

-protects well
-tons of molle space
-front pouch in the lower half
-Hikes up when I lean down
-hard to shoulder guns, I place my stock in the middle of my chest
by Kimberley B. on 11/21/2015
"I got this pc a while ago and haven't used it hardly at all because it does not fit to my liking. There is just enough room for the pc to move around when adjusted its tightest. Im 5'9" 155lbs, slender'ish. It holds large dummy sapi plates (the hollow kind) kinda loosely. The way its cut around the chest where your arms go can get uncomfortable when shouldering a rifle. The velcro on the admin pocket is really hard to open (im sure it will be easy once it gets broken in more) and the velcro is loud!

-Good quality
-Coyote brown color
-Decent price

-Large plates slide around a bit
-Drag handle may rub and constantly bump into the back of your neck/head

Overall this is a decent carrier, but I do recommend the medium exo for ones as big or smaller than me. 4.5🌟
by Cody R. on 11/07/2014
"this is very nice beginner pc . i am 6 3" and 230 and this thing fits me big. it does take the 3 mag insert.


Cummerbund is big
i use fake plates and where they sit make it hard to shoulder the rifle
To me it seems to big and bulky but could just be the size