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Condor Gen 5 Tactical MOLLE Recon Chest Rig (Color: OD Green)

22 Customer Reviews

by Sebastian G. on 12/30/2017
"Excellent chest rig. Has stood up to the abuse in the field. I highly recommend. Great price, great item.
by christian s. on 08/18/2017

- Lightweight
- 6 M4`s mag is enought !
- molle on the sides for pistols and dump pouches
- Good fabric

- To many pistols mags (could some space for other stuff)
and that is it ...

BUY IT !!!

P.S.: Look out for being shot in the back .... that hurts lol
by Cylix The C. on 08/15/2017
"Love this rig, I have been using it for 3 years now and the only issue I have had with it are the waist belt coming undone once in a while. The quality is very durable and I have put it through some moderate abuse. I also bought the water carrier module and swapped it out for the back. I also have attached a medic pouch, pistol holster, radio holder, sling, and grenade holder. It does start to get heavy with all of this gear but it does distribute the load evenly to my shoulders. I find this much more useful than a plate carrier.
by Laurie D. on 09/11/2016
"This chest rig is awesome. I'm 11 and have been using this rig for 3 month now, and I love it I've been playing airsoft for 2 years.

-It has a ton of mag pouches and i have a M4 assault rifle.
-I can put my dump pouch and utility pouch on the sides of the chest rig cause of MOLLE straps.
-Super light weight compared to my vest.
-Can put walkie talkie and battery pouch on shoulder straps.
-Great for the price.

-Way too many pistol mag pouches. I had to buy extra speed loaders and pistol mags to fill all of the pouches cause i gotta look swag.
-Would of liked if multi cam color was cheaper though. had to settle with tan instead because its cheaper.

I love this chest rig.
by Brian M. on 09/03/2016
"Great chest rig, price is very good. It will hold a lot of magazines and with the internal pocket, you can hold much more. I hold all my m4 mags, pistol mags, shotgun shells, maps and compass. The only down fall is if you are short like me, it takes a bit to adjust it. The straps may hang some, but that is what velcro straps or electrical tape is for.
by Sandy H. on 12/29/2015
"This chest rig is amazing! This was my first chest rig and I'm really happy about it. I am 13 years old and about 90 pounds and 4 feet 9 inches and it fits great. It does not sway when I run. The only time it moves is when I jump but since there's not a lot of jumping in airsoft it's not really an issue.

Nice fabric
MOLLE space
Shoulder straps have pads.

Pre installed mag pouches (Could be a pro)
LOTS of confusing straps

All in all this is a great buy for the price and I really recommend it.
by Jack K. on 04/22/2015
"First off, I'd like to say that ever since o first started airsoft (4 years ago), I've worn a full vest. Not a PC, but a vest that comes with all the pre-installed mag pouches. You know, the ones that are really bully feeling? Anyways, I was sick of having a vest because it was heavy and it was dragging me down. I wanted something affordable with good MOLLE space, but with atleast 3 M4 pouches. Something that was lightweight, and wouldn't make me sweat and overheat like a vest. And that just so happened to be the MCR5. I love this rig. This is my first time wearing something other than a vest, and I'll never go back. This rig provides comfort, and great upgradability.

-Preinstalled pouches
-Great compatability with other gear.
-Fits all sizes (I'm 5'8" and 117 lbs and it fit perfectly after MAJOR adjustment)

-Preinstalled pouches (this is a preference for most people, but not everyone wants this)
- Confusing to adjust at first. (There is ALOT of excess strap that you can't do anything with. It's like this thing out of the box was designed for a 300 lb man.

These cons however weren't enough for me to lower to 4 stars though. This is a great rig, through and through.
I highly recommend this thing for anyone who wants an affordable and quality rig.
by Zach C. on 09/30/2014
"Just got this today, and it is my first chest rig. It probably holds more if I forced it in, but 3 AK mid caps are fine for me! It has an admin pouch in the middle, and a webbing pouch that rests on the inside of it. It took a bit of adjusting to fit me(im a skinny guy) but after doing a few runs in the old field, everything stayed snug. I currently use the pistol mag pouches to hold random items like knives, speed loaders,etc. Theres a bit of MOLLE space on each side, I hooked up a walki talki to it. All in All, this thing may not have much MOLLE space, but it is definitely still VERY customizable!
by Michael Y. on 06/25/2014
"Love the vest, very adjustable and nice and comfy. If there is one thing I will say, just take off the bungee retention cords since the mad pouches themselves are secure enough that your mags won't even budge, plus is will only increase the speed of your reload. Not to mention that being 6 foot and having a thin build is noproblem with this chest rig. Also highly recommend getting the hydration carrier add-on to cover up your back.

-Lots of mag pouches, even two spare ones on each side
-Perfect for all battles since you can carry 6 rifle mags and 6 pistol mags
-Pistol pouches can even hold the thick Hi capa mags, so therefore they can also hold all other kinds of pistol mags
-Highly adjustable
-Large map pouch available
-Enough MOLLE space on the sides for even more mag pouches or holsters
-Awesome deal

-Might get pretty heavy if you run metal mags, probably should switch to polymer to spare your shoulders and gut
-Not much else

Get this chest rig if you want to hold a bunch of mags for only $36!!!
by jeremiah c. on 03/12/2014
"This chest rig is the best i have ever seen, it fits my AK mags nicely, the pistol mag pouchs are a little tight for my co2 1911, it can fit 8 mags 6 in the mag pouchs and 1 on each side there are inside pouchs for mags BBs ect, i don't use them just becuase i don't like to carry a lot of stuff. there are 2 pockets on back of the pannel, i put my phone, bandana ect.
it is a little big on me but it fits good.
i highly recomend this for some one who want a light weight rig.

-JC airsoft.
by Bradley B. on 01/14/2014
"I haven't actually taken this out in the field yet, but I used it today for the first time, it fits 6 of my AK mags nicely in it, some force is required to get them inside as they are a slight bit too big but they sure as hell wont fall out whilst running around.
I love the pouch on the inside, will mean I wont have to use an admin pouch at all.
I also love the fact that you can remove all the flaps for the pistol mag holders, as I don't actually use a pistol yet.

Also, this vest will fit pretty much anyone of any size, I'm not exactly a skinny guy and this thing can easily fit around two of me.
by John N. on 08/07/2013
"This chest rig did not disappoint me at all, when I first opened it I admit i think it was meant for big people but it can easily be adjusted for someone that is smaller. I'm 5'7 140 pounds and I got this to fit PERFECTLY.

-Very flexible and comfortable
-Extremely adjustable for big and small people
-Has velcro at the end of the straps so you can roll up the extra and keep everything from hanging all over the place
-Has 6 M4 magazine pouches that keeps your mags nice and snug, you don't even need to use the secure band unless you are sprinting (Can also hold mp5 magazines but I recommend putting two in each slot to be more secure.)
-Can hold a pistol on both sides, also has a secure band so it makes a decent holster(Maybe not for a revolver but for pistols such as Glocks and M9 Berettas.)
-Nice big pouch right in the middle that is secured by velcro all along the top so nothing can fall out.
-6 Pistol magazines (I felt this was unnecessary, but sure why not. The more the better?)

-To be honest I haven't really had any cons, this chest rig is really great for the price and I'd pick it over a vest any day.
-I guess one con can be the magazine pouches are all integrated meaning you can't take them off and add your own pouches. (It does have molle straps on both sides if you want to add a real holster or additional customizations.)

Honestly if there was a con I would definitely speak up, but this chest rig is just awesome, grab it you won't be disappointed.
by Darlene W. on 08/07/2013
"Great rig, sturdy, very adjustable.

Holds A LOT of stuff
Looks great
Can take more MOLLE pouches

The MOLLE pouches that come with the rig are already sown on, so you can't remove them or customize them
A pain to get on
by Lorie F. on 07/03/2013
"This vest is great and really comfortable to wear in an airsoft war. Its simple, yet for me it performs the best out of any vest i have ever used. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great chest rig.
PS. I have an ak and my mags fit and hold perfectly in the pouches.
by Kevin D. on 02/14/2013
"Wow, what a great piece of tactical gear, Condor has done it yet again. This chest rig has everything you need to be out on the field without going overboard, some say simplest is best and it's hard to disagree once you strap on this rig. Very light weight, comfortable, durable, and economical, of course it doesn't offer much protection since your whole body is exposed but combined witha sturdy bdu and you'll be fine. I highly recommend this chest rig to players who like to run a lot or not care for lugging around too much weight and great for an lmg loadout.