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Matrix MOLLE S.D.E.U. High Speed Airsoft Tactical Vest (OD Green)

17 Customer Reviews

by Patrick M. on 03/09/2018
"This Vest is amazing!!! A must-have for any riot loadout or juggernaut. My one concern is that it is very very insulated, and thus I overheat. But still, very high quality, insanely protective, 10/5 stars.
by Deanna V. on 04/04/2017
"This vest is great. Just got it a couple weeks ago and was surprised by its bulkiness, but it felt awesome to wear. After using it in a field style battle, it proved to work very well and was very light and mobile for me.

1. SWAT style
2. Tons of molle loops
3. Plate insert pouch in back
4. Light
5. Intimidating
6. Neck guard is very useful
7. Just feels awesome to wear

1. Really hot inside
2. Back part of neck guard cannot be removed
3. There is no front insert pouch to put dummy plates inside (kind of weird)
4. No velcro on back for ID patches or anything

Overall great vest but just don't buy this intending to be super mobile in a game unless you don't mind clumsy gear.
by Simon M. on 06/22/2016
"A great vest for the money!
I've just got the vest today, and it fits nicely for me. I was suprised how bulky it was, but it looks awesome and is definetely worth it.

Good quality
Very cheap, considering what you get
Looks amazing
Plenty of hook and loop points on the vest
Very modular, you can take almost everything off to turn it into a normal plate carrier
Protects your neck very effectively

Very bulky
Thick, so gets extremely hot very quickly (good thing if it's cold though)
One size doesn't fit all it seems, it's almost a little short for me, and I'm not a big person. (170cm, 65kg)

Overall, this is a great purchase.
by Paul C. on 05/09/2016
"(Lets get this outta the way if anyone's wondering: This isn't really a 'Juggernaut' Vest, It's more of a 'Heavy infantry' or support vest)

This vest is freakin' GREEEAAT. It's comfortable, Intimidating, Light weight, Nylon Fabric, Molle accessible, and over all, Bad-ass. It's relatively cheap compared to most plate carriers. (surprisingly...) And it's perfect for multiple loadouts like:
Swat team, Riot control etc. and i love the Arm & Crotch pad attachments. Great peace of armory.

Relatively cheap
High quality
Pretty cool
And Adjustable, Luckily.

Can get hot
Shoulder pads can get snagged on doorways
Kinda bulky
It still is expensive, I mean, It's worth it, But expensive.
And a lot of people over 6' tall complain about it not fitting them, so be warned.
by Andrew G. on 02/08/2015
"I absolutely love this vest/armor! Many nice options to your load out.
by Gregor A. on 08/17/2013
"I loved this vest, absolutely amazing. Light, comfortable, protective, versatile. Its good at covering spots that I don't like being exposed, like the neck, upper arms, and crotch especially. Wearing this with my other gear makes me feel like a PMC soldier, or like the guys from Army of Two which really is a mental boost to my game!

Another good thing is that there's MOLLE webbing EVERYWHERE, which is also sort of a downside since there's MOLLE webbing where you really cant use it. The fit is very good too, as a 6'4" 170lb slender man, it fits nice and snug everywhere, but not too snug. There's no bouncing or extra room inside.

Pros and Cons:

-MOLLE, everywhere
-Great fit (on my body type, see above)
-Good protection
-Looks badass

-A bit too much MOLLE (i.e.: under the arms)
-Gets pretty toasty inside, but its bearable
by tmdk t. on 06/01/2013
"Gonna try to do a very thorough review.
This is one of the best vests I have ever owned.. It is a average vest size. My son is 5'-2" and 94 lbs and it fits him well. It has everything he needed. As in lots of molle webbing and soft Velcro panels for his pouches and patches. I myself am 5'-7" and the vest is perfect for me. By that I mean I am free to move any limb without it restricting my movement. My son on the other hand, it fits him nice when he's standing. Burn if he were to sit down on a couch with the vest, it would produce some slack and space over his shoulders. He is very slim as well. Very comfortable and well padded. The shoulder and crotch guards I had no need for, so I removed them(yes they are removable). Now for the pros and cons.

Tons and tons of molle
Very comfortable and well padded. Could barely feel the hit from a 500 fps sniper.(may be a con, because you may have to rely on the sound of he bb hitting you to call yourself out)
You get the whole package of a Bomb squad or EOD juggernaut-like vest that includes shoulder and crotch guards for $75. Good price IMO.

Heat. There's no mesh inside the vest so you may get hot quickly.
The crotch guard has the plastic Velcro on it. So it may attack your pants. (Pretty much why I don't use it)

All in all 5/5. Best vest I've ever had.
by Kurt W. on 02/19/2013
"I bought this vest a few months ago, and I think its GREAT! I got it because I wanted something like the Marine Corps IMTV, but i didnt want to pay 500 bucks for a real one or close to 100 for a flyye industries one with little MOLLE webbing. Theres foam padding on the front and back so it looks like it already has plates in it. The neck guard is great and the fact you can take part of it off is cool too! The crotch guard is a nice touch, but the MOLLE webbing on it is a little much. The sholder pads add a juggernaught look to it (although I dont use them). As for the fit, its great! Im almost 6 foot tall 130lbs and the vest part stops at about an inch from my waist, but I have the crotch guard half on the velcro to fit properly. The amount of MOLLE is rediculous! (in a good and bad way) the front fills up quick, Id recomend the mag pouches that allow you to stack more on them. Over all Id recommend this to everyone!

MOLLE everywhere
Neck and crotch guard
Sholder pads
Verlco for patches
Able to customize the vest to fit you and your style

Unneed MOLLE in places
Not a true O.D. (its a little dark)
Can be a little difficult to put on at first
by Nick Z. on 01/28/2013
"This vest is amazing! it is comfortable, light, and protects you fairly great! The sides of the arm protection digs in to your armpit a bit but once you put on a pair of combats its not too noticable. The crotch pad can be flipped up inside the vest and held in place with this little velcro strip inside. One thing players with full face masks need to note is that the neck guard gets in the way and makes it hard to look downward. Other that that its awesome. Also, it had a pocket in the back that looks like you could put a mock plate in.
by dakota m. on 09/08/2011
"I got this vest a while ago and took it into some firefights and i have to say it does very well. i thought it would get hot very fast but it stays pretty cool. it is a little tight on me and im an adverage size person its not that bad it just means it wont bounce around when you need to be somewhere on the battlefield. the only problem i have with it is after a while the neck guard diggs into my sholder and it isnt confortable fighting like that. i recomend getting a plate insert to get rid of that or making a cardboard insert.
by Daniel C. on 11/21/2010
"This was one of the better airsoft investments made toward carrying everything needed critical to a battle.

So there is a lot of MOLLE on this vest. Get creative! Customize your loadout to your best of your abilities for what suits you on the field.

The vest is easy to run and maneuver in.

The vest has an intimidating look.

It is also very durable and can withstand any weather condition so you can go places where you normally wouldn't

A prime example of this- is that you can go through thick vines, bushes with openings, and deep foilage without bruising/scratching yourself up in the process.

Yes (just like in the last post below) you're bound to get hot with the vest on. Honestly, you get used to it after a while.
And get a MOLLE camelbak for it- or set up a part of the vest to hold water. (you're supposed to have water to begin with anyways)

Other pointers: The crotch protector, neck protector and shoulder pads are capable of coming off.

If you're looking for a Juggernaut (Modern Warfare 2) or future soldier set up, this vest is a good start for your loadout.

by John M. on 09/22/2010
"I received this vest in early September and was very excited to get it. Iíve wanted one of these for a while now since Iím trying to make a load out for the Global Defense Initiative from Command & Conquer 3 and 4 and this looked like it would do just that. After I unpacked it I was amazed at the amount of MOLLE loops on this vest. Theyíre every where, even on the back of the neck guard. I also liked the idea of having a groin pad since there have been a couple of shooting incidents at some of our matches that I didnít want to add my name to. After admiring the vest, I tired it on and it fit wonderfully. It was very flexible even though it didnít look like it and it was lightweight at about 3.4 pounds. The shoulder pads are tricky to get on by yourself but thatís what brothers and teammates are for. I then decided to test the built on rescue handle to see how sturdy it was so I asked my brother to drag me across the floor. Iím not a lightweight myself but that handle didnít feel like it was just gonna give out. After that I then decided to take a look at the built in back pocket for the water carrier. I have a civilian Camel Back which is colored blue so itís not really the ideal thing to have when youíre sneaking trough the woods but the back pocket combined with the neck guard allowed me to hide almost the entire set up and I could store the mouth piece in the neck guard for easy access. When I was done messing around I couldnít wait to try it on the field.

That chance came a couple of weeks later on Sept. 19 when my local airsoft group managed to get a match together after about a month after some of the admins and most of the seasoned members had to take temporary leave for various reasons (college & jobs). Even with 80+ degree heat that day, the combination of full ACUs and the vest still wasnít the miserable sweating hell I had suspected it to be. It was warm enough to make me sweat but it was no big deal. As a matter of fact since my camel back was filled with ice water, itís location in the back pocket helped keep the vest cool and even after I ran out of water, the heat was still tolerable. The vests flexibility also still made hits noticeable even though I couldnít feel the full impact of the bbs and even if you donít feel the vest flex from hits, the bbs still make a nice loud pop when they hit. This vest performed beautifully that day but there were a couple of issues with the vest.

The first problem I have with the vest is that the hooks used to clip the shoulder pads to the torso are made of plastic. Although they do not appear to be in any immediate danger of breaking, my family has a history of discovering ways of breaking things, especially plastic ones. I just wouldíve preferred some type of metal personally. The second issue is more pressing and should be known to any possible buyers and it concerns the groin pad. There is a patch of Velcro on the inside pad and on the inside of the vest for easy storage but the stiff hook half is located on the pad and it started to eat away at my pants during the match. I would recommend either that you should remove this patch entirely or, you could go to the store and buy some spare Velcro to cover the spot on the pad and keep your pants from ripping apart.

In short I love this vest and canít wait to get more pouches and patches for it to complete my load out. Itís very good in action and the cons are negligible. This vest is worth the $75 and what ever else you pay for more pouches.

-Back pocket for water bladder
-Sturdy construction
-Groin pad
-Insane amount of MOLLE loops
-Plenty of Velcro for patches
-Looks cool and stays cool

-Plastic hooks on the shoulder pads
-Velcro on groin pad can wreak your pants
-You will want to wear this more than you have to.
by Daniel C. on 01/05/2010
"This thing is absolutely a vest of its word: High speed- high maneuverable vest
Comfortable =) Could one sleep in this? Most likely.
To be getting MOLLE for it. And to rock out!
This things great and versatile. You feel protected in every way, shape and form. Good feeling =)

Just loosen up the lower (crotch) protector via the strap so you don't get a wedgie
And always hope there will be a friend there to put the shoulder pads strapped and tight
Because the pads are very difficult to put on

Otherwise this is a must get. 5/5
by Jude M. on 10/05/2009
"I bought this vest and i was stunned when i took it out of the box. It very comfortable even for a small person like me. I'm 5'7 and 120 lbs and it fits me perfectly. The only downside is the shoulder protectors, they are impossible to get on and are uncomfortable. I didnt want to use them anyway however. there is literally molle everywhere on this, even the neckguard. All in all, an amazing vest, the best that i have every worn.
by Matthew B. on 02/15/2011
"I bought this vest around January and I have used it just running outside and shooting tests. I would first like to say that it is very snug and you feel very safe wearing it. It does though restrict your movement a bit but that is to be expected as more protection = less range of motion.

When being shot by a 350+ .2 gram bb you can feel that you are getting shot but its no where as painful as being shot just with a t-shirt on

The major downside to this vest is that its not quite long enough for me. It says one size fits most/all well I guess I am outside of that range! It comes down to around my navel and the crotch guard doesn't quite make it to the crotch region and the strap tends to be a little tight as well. Now mind you I am around 5'7" and weigh around 240 lbs. Even when my stomach is sucked in it sits at the same spot, so its probably my broad chest that gets in the way. Stupid bodily proportions! haha!

Ok the tl;dr version:

Pros: You will feel very safe (of what it is covering)
Plenty of Molle
Fits snugly
Fairly easy to take on and off (could be easier)

Cons: Does not cover my whole stomach
Crotch protection doesn't protect crotch
Range of motion is cut down