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Matrix MOLLE S.D.E.U. High Speed Airsoft Tactical Vest (Color: Tan)

10 Customer Reviews

by Forrest W. on 08/01/2014
"I'll start by saying I am fairly small, only 5'6" and 155 pounds. I was worried about picking a vest from on online retailer without getting a chance to try it on.

I could not be happier. It seems to run small which is perfect for me, and the adjustments are easy. After trying on several with buckles and belts on the sides, the velcro is the way to go. The vest itself (without all the extras) is very comfortable and fits my form well. Even with the extras, your movement isn't really restricted and the strap for the crotch guard can be adjusted so it's not so awkward.

Overall I'll gladly give this vest a full five stars and would definitely buy it again if I thought it would ever fall apart (short of taking a knife to it, I don't see it happening). My ONLY complaint is a bit personal. If you have any sort of beard be it as thick as a lumberjack's or as simple as a goatee, that extra neck guard will ruffle your chin fuzz. Still worth it for that extra bit of protection and look.

PS, I think I saw someone else say it, the photos are a bit deceiving for the color. It is very tan. Not nearly as bleached white as it looks in some of the photos.
by Steven B. on 06/16/2014
"So I bought the tan one of these, and I have only a couple minor issues with it; otherwise I LOVE it.
1) The neck hole is small for me, so getting my head in and out cannot be done easily, I can't have anything on my head, or it will come off too. (Note that my head is of the larger variety)
2) The shoulder pad elastic straps slip down sometimes, and this leaves the pads' corners sticking up, uncovering my arms
1) Small neck hole, can fit large foam machete/knife without a pouch.
2) MOLLE real estate- AWESOME amount.
3) Patch room- AWESOME amount.
4) AMAZING level of protection- I have not used the extra neck or lower protector yet, and I still feel safe charging into a room of enemies with the earlier mentioned knife.
Side notes:
1) Very tan- picture looks greenish- the vest is tan.
2) Seems to get hot and sweaty fast- however, I live & airsoft in Arizona
Great protective vest, plenty of room, the cons aren't even that major of issues- and i just discovered it has a built in hydration carrier- it just keeps getting better...
9.9/10 WOULD buy again if given chance.
by Giovanny G. on 07/07/2013
"Awesome Vest! A lot of stuff you can put on it. Size well I'm 5.4 ft and it my waist is exposed so if you are a big person I think you should get a bigger one I don't know.
by Ian M. on 06/26/2012
"Just got this in yesterday, I must say it works pretty well, I will also warn if your skinny it won't fit %100, and is slightly short, barely passes my belly button and I'm only 5'10", I'm 130lbs and when I wrap it around there's excess room on each side, but that's better than having it tight with it flapping on the sides, the slight space helps ventilate too cuz this makes you sweat pretty good even when your only wearing an under shirt, so if your playing in warm weather make sure you get the tan one, the black one will over heat in minutes out in the sun, the arm protectors are actually pretty comfortable, the neck guard is too but I wear a cactus hobby mask and can't look down with the neck guard so I took it off, padding isnt too thick but not thin either, is perfect almost, the molle is amazing, industrial strength Velcro, reinforced stitching, the only slight annoyance is how the arm protectors are attached, clips to D rings, some other way would be nicer, and quieter too, all in all 5/5
by samer s. on 03/16/2012
"i buy this and play airsoft juggernaut!!! it is anazing and looks sick.
by Joshua S. on 04/07/2010
"all i can say is wow! this thing looks like a beast! molle everewhere, and where theres no molle theres velcro! the only problem i can see is i got friends who like to play 'tank' and something like this wouldn't be very helpful... they'd claim they weren't shot and stuff like that. all in all this looks like a pretty good deal
by Sheelone V. on 03/12/2010
"This vest is awsome. Its extremely light, comfortable, and keeps you warm when your playing in the cold. Lots of molle, I like to be tactical so this is what I need. I suggest wearing it with the shoulder protecters off when your playing in warm weather because you will overheat, get exhausted and get gunned down when your running sluggishly. The groin protector might feel awkward or funny for a while but I suggest wearing it all the time, trust me ;)

Just got back from a match and this thing is wicked, It stops bbs extremely well, took a shot to the chest with an ARES Intervention and I barely felt a thing, no pain at all, unless your the kinda person who plays to get hurt for the fun of getting hurt, I am too but anyways Great vest, solid design, tactical....BUY IT!!!!
by Ralph V. on 02/13/2010
"First of all this vest is friggin sweetness!!! It has a crap load of molle, and is extremely light, alot of protection and velcro for patches. My airsoft team is modeled after the Umbrella Corps Special forces or U.B.C.S. and is extremely distinctive to what you would expect highly trained soldiers to wear. Rockin Umbrella Logo patches is friggin sweet especialy when everyone is gawking at how awsome you, your gun, your vest, and especialy patches look!! just got back from an airsoft tournament and my vest deflected a shot from an ARES Intervention and I didnt even feel a thing. Groin protector helps a bunch, I almost got my "Stuff" shot at like 400 times, I swear everyone aims for that spot!! I recommend this vest to serious players who are commited to airsoft and want to have a total tactical loadout!! :)

Great feel
Shoulder pads
Neck guard
Light weight
lots of Molle
Velcro for patches
Umbrella Corps Roxxxxsszz
Groin protector( protects my "stuff")

when you bend down sometimes the velcro disattaches itself from the other velcro which is pretty
annoying especially when ur getting shot at!! :(
Shoulder pads are particularly annoying but do provide alot of protection
by Jude M. on 10/05/2009
"I bought this vest and i was stunned when i took it out of the box. It very comfortable even for a small person like me. I'm 5'7 and 120 lbs and it fits me perfectly. The only downside is the shoulder protectors, they are impossible to get on and are uncomfortable. I didnt want to use them anyway however. there is literally molle everywhere on this, even the neckguard. All in all, an amazing vest, the best that i have every worn.
by Joseph E. on 02/13/2015

I received this vest within a week of ordering. I am currently awaiting return approval from Evike. I am 6ft3in 215lbs with a 24in head (hat size 7 3/8)

The Pros:
-The velcro flap system used to secure the vest to the body is simple and easy to manipulate.
-Material is strong
-Lots of Molle attachment points
-Velcro on shoulder for mounting patches
-Fits snug on average size person (150-200lbs)

The Cons:
-Shoulder pad attachment clips allow the pads to flop about when you are trying to put it on.
-For people with head size like mine (see above) it was very tight getting my head through the neck hole.
-Does NOT have pouches to hold SAPI Plates. One pouch on back, probably meant for hydration system.
-Does not come with Molle pouches like other similarly priced vests