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Matrix Special Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest w/ Built In Holster & Mag Pouches - ACU

43 Customer Reviews

by Caleb W. on 11/28/2008
"ACTUALLY IT HOLDS 8 i have 1 and it has 4 mag pouches that hold 2 each
by William W. on 11/27/2008
"It will hold at least 6

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill show u 5 characters!!
by nicholas s. on 11/23/2008
"im 5,1 or 3 idk realy no and im about 108-113 will this vest fit me?? o and will this vest hold we tech pistols without realsing the mag
by Sebastian L. on 05/08/2012
"This is a pretty good vest for the price. Mine came without the holster attached and instead more magazine pouches, but I really dont mind that. For the price it is great!
by Kevin S. on 02/05/2012
"I don't have a good pistol yet, so I can't really talk about the holster. But all in all, this vest has proven to be pretty good.
It's fully adjustable.
Magazine pouches hold 2 M4 mags each.
Very cheap

Very strong odor from the shoulder pad, made me nauseous when I first pulled it out. It took a few weeks and half a bottle of febreeze to go away.
Haven't been able to get a pistol to use the holster yet. XD
by Avery F. on 12/20/2011
"This vest gets a 4/5 for me. The belt is great, although the holster has problems with my friends M9. Mine came with 6 mag slots, Com pouch, misc pouch with a shot shell holder on the flap, MOLLE on the back.
It would be great with beginner CQB players on a budget. Although I'd get a full MOLLE vest if I could.

MOLLE on the back
One size fits most. (Me being 5,9 and 120 lbs, said friend being 5,4, and 170 lbs)
Great price.
M4 style magazine pouches being common. (Maybe a con for some)

Holster isn't very good
by Amory M. on 12/17/2011
"i like this vest pretty well, although so far i havent found a way to wear this and a three point sling at the same time completely comfortably. it works, but some pouches and straps get in the way, but it is still completely functional. also, im a pretty lean guy, 5'11", 140lbs, and i cannot tighten this thing enough to get it a snug fit. everything kind of droops off of me. again, still, it is still completely functional.

All in all, a very good vest, probably for people who are not stick thin.
by Deanna C. on 12/16/2011
*Looks awesome
*Fits my Ak mags
*Includes 2 extra mag pouches (at least mine did)
*Fits my pistol

*Once I opened my box containing my vest I noticed a very strong odor coming from the sniper shoulder. It smells exactly like a sharpy and it has not gone away. :(
by Kaleb P. on 12/25/2010
"This is Great Vest for $40. The belt is big and hard but can be adjusted to fit anyone smaller than the max length. All the Pouches are great, the holster works like it should. Shoulder pad it for rightys only, but is comfortable.
Only problem so far is the shoulders are not adjustable, so they come a little above my shoulders. Nothing can be moved around except the two pistol pouches on the belt can be moved. Mine did come with shotgun shell holders that were colours that matched the ACU. It can also be adjusted around the middle. It is very breathable and pretty light. I would recommend this vest for people who want to look cool, hold mags/clips and many other airsoft stuff, but dont want to spend 100s of dollars. THIS IS A GREAT BUY!
by anthony s. on 09/08/2010
"i really like this vest i have just started airsoft this summer but this vest it great. i started with back yard fire fights and it deffintly beats only taking what you can fit in your pockets. although i had one constant problem the pistol holster keeps falling off and i almost lost my kjw glock 23 with both mags deep in the woods. but luckly my freinds helped me find it but i do not recoment puting heavy pistols in the holster other than that it held my m4 mags and my shotgun shells and i still have extra room

pros: cheap easy to ajust and alot of room

cons: cant put heavy pistols in the holster
by Jin P. on 08/31/2010
"Alright piece of kit. My only complaint is that the pouches were too damn small to fit G36 mags. Had to slice off the elastic to get them to fit. Otherwise, a good alternative for those who don't want to spend the money on a molle vest and pouches.

Although, I wouldn't recommend this if you're interested in mil-sim or field games. 3 mag pouches just aren't enough. There's another similar vest here that has 6 mag pouches. I would recommend that and buying a stand-alone drop-leg holster for more hardcore players.
by Chuck H. on 06/11/2010
"really great vest. if you have the money BUY IT.

cant feel any bbs coming at you

a ton of mag pouches (just use some for speed loaders and flashlights)
by Joel M. on 09/01/2015
"Love everything about the vest except for the holster, which was the big buying point for me. My 1911 (full metal) is too heavy for the velcro to handle, so it just kind of flops around with the straps. I will probably sow it in place, because I won't really have a reason to move it, but it should be fully functional for more than partial metal pistols.